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I was wondering if anyone could confirm whether the following is true: I was recently about to purchase a 4 door sedan and I had narrowed it down to two vehicles (The Mazda 6 and the 2003 Accord). However, I was told by a friend that she had heard from a reliable third party that the Mazda 6's engines were not really reliable and had to be changed after 50,000 miles. Has anyone ever come accross this in any articles or come accross this same info? Please let me know because reliability is definitely a major issue in determing which vehicle to purchase.


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    Your friend's "third party" source is wrong. While Honda probably makes the best engines in the business, Mazda's will do just fine. It's possible that someone, somewhere, had an engine failure at 50,000 miles but the odds against such a premature failure are stratospheric.
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    The Mazda 6 V6 is essentially the Ford Duratec.

    Now before you get all panicky, the Duratec is damn fine engine.

    Let me find the link to the 2.5L Duratec that recently turned 250K miles over at Contour.org, on the original engine, BTW.

    http://www.contour.org/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=gen- - eral&Number=259048&page=12&view=collapsed&sb=5&am- p;am- p;o=&fpart=1

    Ok, so while that is one datapoint, it seems to debunk the idea that you need to replace the engine every 50K miles.

    BTW, I have 51K on my 2.5L Duratec.

    The Mazda engine is a 3.0L version of the same engine. Essentially it is the same block bored larger. Even uses the same crankshaft, IIRC. The heads may be different now as Mazda has a variable valve timing system on the version in the Mazda 6. However, the 3L engine has been in use in the Taurus since about 97, IIRC and you haven't had lots of them going at 50K. (Now with the 3.8L pushrod V6 you could bet on a head gasket failure prior to 100K.)

    The one thing you needed to watch in earlier Duratecs was the waterpump. Just like BMW, Ford used a plastic impeller in their pumps and they tend to crack and seperate from the shaft.

    Fortunately, the pump is on the "back" side of the engine, driven by a pulley on a front bank camshaft, and you can remove and replace the pump "guts" in about an hour. Napa sells the front of the pump with a metal impeller. Take the battery out, remove a hose and say 4 or 6 bolts, clean up the housing you left attached, and put a new front on. Put any hoses removed back and top up with 50/50 mix of coolant and water, and you are back in business.

    Plus, no timing belts to worry about.

    Finally, the Duratec made Wards Automotive (an Auto Industry Insider publication, you probably won't find it in your local B&N book store) for three years during the 1995-2000 time period. The engine was a collaboration between Ford, Porsche and Cosworth and was first used in the Ford Mondeo. The Mondeo was reworked for the US as the Ford Contour and Mercury Mystique. While those cars had their problems, the Duratec engine really wasn't one of them.

    I suggest you pick your friends more carefully, or at least discount their automotive expertise ;)

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    Your "friend of a friend" doesn't work for Consumer Reports, by any chance? ;)
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    You seemed to know much about the V6, what do you know about the 4 banger?

    Design by Mazda? Made in Japan? Reliable?
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    Don't know much about the 4 banger. However, seems Mazda has made pretty good 4 poppers in the past, and Ford's 2.0L Zetec (plus all of the smaller variants found in Europe) are pretty decent and reliable engines, so I wouldn't expect the 2.3L to be a reliability nightmare.

    The 2.3L is finding it's way into the Focus, TODAY even, in those states with stricter emissions standards. I think you can get it in CA, NY and somewhere else as an ULEV (or whatever Ford/EPA calls it) engine. Peep here: http://www.fordvehicles.com/Cars/focus/features/specperformance/ the 2.3L is mentioned as a footnote

    But since I don't own one (yet) I don't know much about the 2.3L engine.

    However, it does sound pretty sweet in the proposed Mazdaspeed Mazda 6. I like the idea of the lighter 4 banger in the Mazda 6, with a little turbo boost blown through to increase the power output 8^)

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    the water pump was an issue in all Contours/Mystiques both the V6 and Zetec.

    Are you saying the new Mazda 6 has the old design plastic impellers?? I hope not after all the Ford failures with this?
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    I'd have to say I've not heard nearly as many waterpump failure stories on the Zetec as I had with the Duratec. (And I hang out over at www.contour.org)

    I'm sure Zetec waterpumps did/do fail, but not at the same frequency.

    From what I understand, in 2000 Ford finally got a new supplier or a new spec for the waterpump plastic. But it is still plastic.

    However, given the ease of changing that pump, I'd just say drive a duratec for a couple of years and change the pump with one with a metal impeller when you do your first PM on the cooling system.

    If you are a belt and suspenders kind of guy and have a 4 cylinder engine with a timing belt that drives the waterpump, have your mechanic change the pump when you get your belt replaced. You won't add much to your labor costs since much of the work is already done to get there, so why pay for that labor if you believe the waterpump is prone to failure.

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    I had the one replaced in my Zetec at 60,000 with the bett and made sure it was a metal impeller. I believe I ordered that from a Ford dealer in TX wholesale too and it was metal.
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    You couldn't even sell a car in America if the engines died at 50,000 miles--unless of course it were an ultra high speed exotic.
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    I agree with tboner. Ford does have a history of making good engines. From personal experience, I've driven an Escort, Tempo GL, Aerostar, and a Mark VIII. I've never had a any engine problems with any of them.
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    I think that 50,000 mile breakdown thing came from mazda rotary history. I dont know anything really about the rotaries relibility, but i've read rumors about the apex(?) seals going out on those. I would bet its some misunderstanding on the type of engine.

    as for reliability, im a college student with a '86 626, 126,000 miles on that four banger and it still runs ok. I would bet this new mazda engine is going to last longer than mine.
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    I had an '86 626 that had 244,000 miles on it when I traded it in 3 years ago.
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    see, not even a few hours and my car has been shown up by another that has gone twice my cars mileage. I plan to keep my car forever... so far, so good.

    anybody hear about that mazda 6 4 cyl drag racer that has 1000 HP?

    I'm sure the engine on the 6 will be bulletproof, and if it isn't, well... why did you have to shoot a gun at it?
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    I think you're referring to very old rotary engine issues from the early 1980s. Mazda got those all worked out, and a modern rotary is an easy 150K engine. There were some detonation problems with the 3rd gen. twin turbo engine, but that was a pretty ferocious powerplant and rather stressed. New rotaries? No worries.
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    Is this possible and practical? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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    I've just started a neighbors M6 with the V6 after standing for 2 years. Immediate start, good oil pressure, idles evenly but a nasty rattle from the top, sounds like a very loose or broken lifter. Before I start pulling valve covers any ideas?
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    A Mazda6 standing for 2 years? Kinda impossible if you ask me...

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    My guess is he means MX-6, not Mazda6.
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    Try running Rislone in the engine for until it clears up. Any car with hydraulic lifters tends to do this after sitting for 2 years.
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    I noticed on the 6i sticker that the engine is assembled in Mexico. Anybody has any experience on engines assembled in Mexico?

    I had a 1980 Mazda 626 which had 120,000 miles on it before I got rid of it. I also have a 1991 626 which has over 165,000 miles on it now. The engine still runs good and quiet. But these engines were made in Japan. Wasn't going to consider buying another Mazda until the 6 came out. Need to find out the reliability on the Mexican assembled engine first.
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    I am looking for a K&N air filter for my 6S. The 2003 K&N guide doesn't list it yet, but I thought that maybe it uses the same filter as the 2003 Ford Taurus w the V-6. I think it's catalog number is 33-2150. Can anyone confirm this to be the case. I would just take my filter out of my car and check it against the one I think I need, but no one around me carries it in their store and I don't want to special order something if I don't know it's the right one.
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    Do you really enjoy changing the oil on an air filter? Do you enjoy washing the dirty, oily filter and having to wait until the water evaporates until you have to re-oil the messy thing?

    Those are good reasons that the entire automobile manufacturing industry dropped such filters, in favor of much-finer filtration pleated paper filters, over a quarter of a century ago.
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    are pretty much a waste of money and time. If there were any benefits why dont all cars come equiped with them. Another silly marketing gimmick in my opinion.
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    Can someone that knows for sure -- tell me if the 2003 - 6s, 6-cyl. has a timing chain or a timing belt???
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    But a belt should not decide what car you get.

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    the accord V6 has a belt as well...
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    The Accord V6 has a belt. The new K24 I4 has a chain as Honda has gone with reliability over a little more noise.

    The MZ6 3.0 is a sweet engine.

    Mark. : )
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    The car just came out. By the way....I am a Service Director at a Lincoln-Mercury-Volvo-Mazda dealer.
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