Lincoln Continental Hesitation

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When I'm in drive the car will surge, want to go. When the ac it jumps harder. When I accelerate it stutters , but not always. Sometimes not at all. It doesn't feel like a tranny slip. I notice continental owners talk about " sluggish tranny's" I wonder if it is really that or something else. I haven't checked the fluid yet. That is probably stupid.  Thanks in advance for the Tips.


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    I am experiencing somewhat similar problem on my Lincoln MKX. When I have to accelerate hard, such as on the access ramp to merge into high speed interstate freeway, the engine stutters - - partially - not totally - - perhaps like it is intermitantly not getting enough gas - - or instead like the spark is not intermitantly getting into the cyclinders so that there is not proper combustion. I live in a small town, so this is not a problem for the vast majority of my normal driving.

    But it shows up every timel I visit my daughter who lives in a major city, with all the heavy high speed interstate traffic.

    I have mentioned this to the mechanics at my dealer at least 3 times, and the response I get is like they don't have a clue - they are not even anxious to put it on the hoist and take a look. I am starting to sense that they (mechanics) have previously heard about this, and that it is something that Ford / Lincoln is well aware of, but Ford/Lincoln is so far refusing to admit that it is a problem.

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    Has anyone scanned the car for codes?
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    What year Continental?
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