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I was having the same problem with the creaking in the left hand side of the dash board. I brought it in to the dealership and they fixed it on the first try. I am still having problems with starting it every once in a while. It hesitates when i turn the key and i have to hold it for a few seconds. Did anyone else get that problem fixed yet? I brought it to the dealership and if they cant fix it im calling the main honda place and talking to them about it..


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    The dealer cant seem to find a problem and hasnt given me a reason for it..Sign this petition if anyone else has this problem!!
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    Wish I could help you out with the starting problem, but it seems many owners have been experiencing the same thing.

    1) AS far as the friver seat goes, mine does the same thing, it may be inherint in the design.
    2) Door not sure what the problem is
    3) THe center console has been redesigned. Give your dealer a call.

    Good luck
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    I have brought my honda back 3 times already for it not starting up all the time, and the dealer said he ran several tests, and has started the car through out the day and it hasnt happen to them. He said if it doesnt happen for them they wont know what the problem is. He said to just record when it happens, and keep and eye on it and if any recalls come in they will let me know about it. I am very unhappy w/ my new honda. I had creaking problems and bad exhaust smells and they seemed to fix those problems. I told the dealer that i was going to go higher up them then to get my problem fixed and he told me not to. He said they would like me to deal with it w/ them. But they know that if i complained about it to the Honda corporation they would be on there [non-permissible content removed] about fixing the problem and satisfying there costumer.. So I suggest that if no dealer is not helping you out, then to call the number in the back of the honda book, and talk to them about it. If no one complains to them they wont know about the problem!!
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    Here is the answer to this problem...bad fuel pressure regulator.

    Here is the link to the TSB (Tech Svc Builletin) which you should print and take to the dealer.

    This is a known, and frustrating problem on new Accords. 01480-3093.pdf
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    For some reason that TSB looks abit funky, as in fake. Maybe its just me but the past TSB's looked a lot different
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    Please go to and make a search by yourself for 2003 Accord. Second TSB is for starting problem and points directly to the document mentioned before.
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    Thanks for the responses. I went to the dealer and they told me there was nothing wrong as far as the start problem goes. The dealers don't have any TSB from what they told me. I talked to Honda on a # the dealer gave me and they said they may be working on the problem but a TSB won't come out until they have a solution.
    They ordered a new track for my power seat and a new center counsel door to fix the rattle.
    I will check the links above and go back to them with that info.
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    That is not a TSB from Honda but a complaint from an owner, which was then posted to the site.
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    Thanks Mike. That's what I found out after talking to the Dealer. The dealer told me to call honda and then honda told me to call the dealer. After honda told me to call the dealer I asked for a supervisor as I was obviously getting the run around. A case manager will be assigned to my problem with the starting and will call me in 3-5 days. The dealer won't replace my fuel pressure regulator without the OK from Honda. I will see what the case manager has to say.
    What a hassle. I am regretting passing up the 0% financing on the domestic cars now as the only reason I went with a honda was to avoid problems like this.
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    cont.. I guess the 240hp and the interior kind of made a difference also to give credit where it is due.
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    Good luck !!! Keep us posted!
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    I also had (have?) this problem. It was very apparent in winter. Very often car would not start from a first crank at all and required second attempt. Also all starts where very long. Now I have better situation. It takes about 2-3 seconds to starts, which is still annoying. I tried something which am not suppose to do. I kept gas pedal very very lightly pressed. The car started immediately.
    Please keep us posted if replacement of fuel pressure sensor helps.
    Good luck.
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    I brought my car back for 4th time for the hard start. The first try it stalls out , requiring a 2nd try. I brought the dealer everyones complaint on this website and printed them out and showed him im not the only one havin this problem, He said he couldnt find anythin wrong. So i had to bring it back today because when they were fixin my creakin problem in the dashboard and they scratched it all up. They had to order a new piece. This is my first honda and i've just about had it w/ them. Well today he told me that someone else had the same problem w/ it not starting up, and they said that there aware its a problem now and there calling the factory to see what they should do about it. So hopefully they come up w/ the answer. Because I had it with there BS!
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    Hi everyone,
      I was the one that started the petition mentioned above, the situation right now is that I have about 100 video clips of me starting the car over a 2 month period. About 20 of them show the starting problem. I'm going to contact Honda soon with my evidence of the problem and will try to get it settled, I will post results soon.

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    hope they get the picture ;)
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    Besides the starting problem, does anyone have the bad rotten egg smell too that comes thru the vents? I brought it back for that and the guy said to try different gas stations, but that doesnt make a difference, i tried that
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    still waiting on hearing from honda. I have not had the car back in yet as one of the parts for either my center counsol or the seat track are on back order. They are going to look at the starting problem again at that time. When it goes back in I will post a message.
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    Moolman, I appreciate your dedication to this issue. Thanks for all your hard work, keep us all posted!
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    For some reason (#6 of 20 )up above, says that it was posted by me (lisa021)I just realized that now, and i wanted to say that i did not write any of that. I dont know how that happen, or why its under my name? I dont even know what it is.
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    just in case some lowlife guessed it. there is also a chance that a friend/visitor who was using your computer was able to post as you because you have auto-login enabled. two ways to fix that... train all friends/visitors, or disable auto-login and just enter name and (new) password yourself each visit.

    the chances are small, but why not just change it and be done. could also be a computer fumble on the edwards end, but I haven't seen them boast ^h^h^h^h^h apologize about one yet.
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    It is possible that if you post the URL of another page on Edmunds, and use that URL as a hot link in YOUR post, then the person clicking on that URL might actually start posting, unknowingly, as your identity. Is that what you did? To avoid this, trying eliminating the script between the two @ symbols in the URL as you paste it into your post (just use the delete key between the two @ symbols) and then make the post. That should insure this doesn't happen.

    But don't worry, they don't keep your identity. Once they log off, it's done.

    If these posts distress you, let me know where they are and I'll delete them for you.

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    Message #6's title is "Starting Problem by lisa021". It was posted by a user named treoster who was responding to your original post.
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    nontrivial software, nontrivial issues, I guess.
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    Thanks guys
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    Any word from the company on the starting problem? Besides the creakin sound in the dashboard, the bad exhaust smell, and the starting problem, I now have a new one. The weather stripping on my driver side window is coming off. I have to have a new part put in. I so had it w/ this car. I want my money back
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