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End of Lease Options

bobbydbobbyd Member Posts: 14
edited June 2015 in Audi
Hello All. I have a dilemma regarding my upcoming end of lease. This was my first lease. I have an Audi A6 Prestige which has 34K miles on it. I have 36K miles on my lease. With 6 months to go, I will obviously be over by about 4K miles if I continue to drive.

I'm about ready to get my AudiCare 35K check-up. Does anyone know if I will be required to get new tires, brakes or any other maintenances items before I turn my car in at the end of my lease? Someone also nudged my bumper and my parking sensors give me an error on the display and a long beep when I first go into reverse, but work fine. I guess I will need to get the bumper reset. Any thoughts on that cost?

I'm really trying to figure out what costs are involved with buying my car early (before the lease ends, if possible) and what repairs/expenses (parking sensors, tires, brakes, etc) I can expect when turning in my car.



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