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Extended Warranties



  • Hi Zueslewis, q45man,
    Thank you for replying to the post.
    Yes, I need to supply more details.
    Yes, the dealership asked me to supply them with all the service reciepts of oil maintenance.
    I supplied them with all reciepts, maybe tad bit longer 5-6k consistent changes.
    Car: 98 Ford SVT contour
    Engine: 2.5 liter 6
    miles: 92,700 miles
    bought used: 57,000 miles
    extended warranty: 3 years, 36000 miles warranty.

    rod bearings and piston wrist pins and piston rings, bores?:
    where not mentioned, sorry dunno :(

    started hearing rattling noise,above 4k rpm, in engine area.
    brought in,
    said $400 labor would be charged if not covered by warranty company.
    warranty company:
    sent inspector out (after 2weeks)

    After many calls to warranty company and dealership, same response was:
    Warranty covers only "breakdowns"
    "the bearings were not spun"
    so it is not considered a "breakdown"
    "bearings look worn" from normal wear
    another answer was "driving habits"

    Is there anything, umm anywhere to dispute this warranty practice?
    It's just so contradictary.
    And obvisouly does not sound correct to me.
    When I read a warranty's covered items(internally lubricated)
    I would expect them to be covered if they go bad.


    2k not bad, but I still owe 4k on the car, and plus 2k, means it worth 6k total to me.
    If I was to trade in, 6k would just break even for me.

    I heard AAA could possibly be some support?
    Please help.
  • Did your Contour have a head gasket replacement recently? Coolant mixing with oil will most definately destroy engine bearings. Just asking. And engine bearings are internally lubricated, not a "wear item", nor should they fail at 97,000 miles. I would fight this one.
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    The question is not your oil habits [well 5-6k is probably adequate for more than 100k] but the ones from new to 57k when you bought it. I could have been grossly mistreated prior.......good/decent habits thereafter cannot correct problems.
  • I purchased the vehical and the warranty at where it is being serviced right now.
    I did ask for service records when I purchased the car, but did not recieve any records.
    If the dealer is required by the warranty company for service records, I'd hope they would be able to provide these records better than I.
    But the answer is, no, I do not know how this car was driven or maintained before me. :(

    But how can this be disputed?
    Or how are extended warranty plans controlled for "scams"
    What can I do to fight this.

    Umm, how can I prove bearings should not wear out below 100k?
    OR prove that these are not wear items and should be covered?
    Thank you.

  • landru2landru2 Posts: 638
    Wow, you just got that one in 300 miles before the warranty expired. But I guess it dooesn't matter if they won't pay anyway. :^(
  • It's been at the dealer for 3 weeeks.
    If I need to move it, I'd use my AAA privilages.
    They can tow it just about cross country I think. :)

  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    then it starts costing you (AAA Plus members).
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    The problem is the bearing did wear out [as per you] and this is evidence of serious abuse or a in 100,000 error at the factory.

    Just sue both the dealer [who sold the policy] and the extended service contract company in small claims court SEPARATELY.......maybe you'll recover something?

    That's the problem service contracts are written without inspection on a gamble that the used car will last to 100k or they can figure some way to not pay out much!
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    service contract company sets its own rules. They have an adjuster. If the adjuster says there's abuse or neglect, end of story. There's nothing to sue them FOR. In essense, the contract was violated if there were signs of unusual wear or abuse due to neglect.

    Private service contracts are NOT warranties, by law and as the law precribes for recourse. Without a warranty, all you have is the question of whether a covered area claim was paid or not. If the service contract company says the circumstances don't meet the standards for coverage, you're in the wind.
  • Where is "abuse" written in the contract???
    How in the world do you measure "abuse/neglect"?
    In fact, I passed their abuse standard.
    I've given them all my service reciepts, which pass and qualify for non-abuse.
    And they have not mentioned "oil change frequency"
    as any reason at all.
    What is "unusual wear"
    And how is this measured.
    I've given them my service reciepts.
    So how can they have a base to stand on?
    What and where is their base???
    An illusionary term, with no measurement???
    Getting outraged by just typing this.

  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    what is Schedule A maintenance for your car? If it says 3,000 mile oil changes (versus 5-6K for Schedule B), they have an out. You have abused the car, in their opinion.

    The thing you're not getting is THEY DO NOT HAVE TO ESTABLISH ANY STANDARDS. They wrote the contract. If their adjuster says your situation doesn't meet their standards, you're done.

    That's the primary difference, other than legal recourse, between private and factory-backed service contracts.
  • Who is the adjuster, or what is an adjuster?
    Can I contact, or dispute with them?
    Is this the inspector who took the pictures?
    Please help.
    Thank you.

    Oil changes were not mentioned as the reason.
    Just "normal wear".

  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    by most private service contract companies. In some cases, if the contract company has dealt with the dealership before, they may not use an adjuster and may rely on the service manager's opinion.

    If someone took pictures, he's your adjuster.

    A failure is a failure - "normal wear", to me, is ridiculous if it's within the mileage standards of the service contract.

    Then again, it's their contract - they can pretty much say and do what they want. This is why I slam private contracts at every opportunity.
  • Pull out your contract and see what it says about dispute resolution and your alternatives. It's easy to get side-tracked in anger and frustration, which won't help you at all.

    I haven't paid attention, so I don't know what warranty company your contract is with (not that I'd want to). But, it may help you to run a search on your warranty company in this board. Some/one/? of them is/are just flat not paying anybody. If that's the case with your company, it may be time to take your financial beating and cut your losses.

    You may be able to find an attorney who can help. Here's a link that may get you somewhere, maybe: Zues may be able to steer you toward other legal referral systems. With $2K at stake, the cost/benefit just may not be worth it.

    You may simply be screwed. But you my also be able to make life a little uncomfortable for the warranty company with a series of letters to the BBB, your state's attorney's office, the dealership where you bought the warranty, NADA, and anybody else you can think of.

    BTW, it seems like extended warranty holders (3rd party AND manufacturer sponsored) regularly run into crap with significant claims. It doesn't help now, but in future purchases I think it's better to put the bucks you'd spend on the warranty aside and fund your own repairs.
  • Where I'm going to eat the 2 freaking k.
    It would cost me around $800 just to tear it down and put it back together without any repairs, and 2k for complete fix, so I'd be paying half cost for full repair if I just had them put it back together. The dealers asking what I'm going to do.
    Now a question is:
    If I pay for the repairs, is it basically game over?
    I have no chances of fighting this after the repair and getting reinbursed?
    Should I hold out as long as I can until I figure this out?

    I'm using their loaner car and they are obviosley wanting to know what my choice is.
    I havn't done legwork outside of calling the extended service co. and dealer a million times, and posting in here.
    I will check the link you posted earlier rivertown.

    But, is it game over once I pay for the repairs?

    Please send some direction.
    Thank you very much.

  • I don't know for sure, but I'd be surprised if your claim dies simply because you pay for the repair.

    Your contract say anything about disputes?
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    The best extended service contract company I ever saw sent out inspectors before they accepted new customers, spent hours going over car, testing things. Made the customer use [pay for] Synthetic ATF and flushed all syatems {cost $500] initiation fee.........and charged another $2400 for a 40,000 mile contract.[from 60K>100k]

    They [TRW] did it right but got out of the business [in 1998]due to losses! They covered too much on some untested models.

    Not sure you ever said what you paid for the contract?
  • $1800 for the warranty.
    I don't have it in front of me.
    It's actually in my car.
    I cant tell wha tthe process is for disputes yet.

  • Good Luck!
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Since they are not coverign the repair, why have the dealership do the work? have the car towed to another garage to have the work done. That could save you a good bit of money.
  • Great suggestion, but they are already going to charge me for the teardown and assembly of $900, since the warranty didn't cover it.
    So I might as well pay for the whole repair of $1800 instead of 900 and then move it somewhere else who might not be able to charge less then $900 to repair it??
    Would it possible to repiar for < $900?
    I dunno.
    Thanks tho.

  • I got a transmission replaced at the dealer, using a third party extended warranty. And the dealer themselves, Dodge, warrantees that repair for 3 years or 36,000 miles. In fact, I had to have it replaced again since, and the dealer warranty covered that.
  • Someone suggest checking into Nonbusiness Bad Debt for tax purposes.

    Here's the skinny: I talked to my tax person and they said that you can claim this on taxes as a Nonbusiness Bad Debt. You will need: Original contract, proof you paid it and then proof that it is useless.

    I told her there's no way WG is going to send anyone a letter saying: so sorry we screwed you and you're now out of luck. She says you don't need that. She says I can use my article that I was in, in the Chicago Tribune (others might be able to use the same article) then get a written statement from your mechanic saying that they called in to make a claim and service was denied because of NWIG being found insolvent.

    You won't get back all of your money, but whatever tax bracket you fall into is what you will get back. So if you fall into the 15%, 30% etc. you will get that percentage of the total amount up to $3000 for this year and then next year you can claim the rest if it is more then $3000. Call your tax preparer to confirm this. I use Jackson Hewitt.
  • Has anyone been keeping up with the NWIG website. According to a court appearance on 9-4-03 by all companies involved the judge has ordered the reserve accounts do not belong to the debtor (NWIG) therefore funds should be disbursed.
    Please read it. I called WG and they are currently in a meeting to discuss what this means. I was also told by my mechanic that they were told to resubmit claims for people who already have a claim #. Wouldn't you know it? Our car broke down too late to get a claim #. They stopped giving them out at that point.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    <moderator_kh> Tonight's topic: Warranties - are they worth it? Are any of you customers of extended service contract companies, or looking into one?

    <steve_> did everyone see the CNN link about the Rip Off room?

    <Guest 2> Anyone know if you can warranty an Audi thru the dealer after the warranty runs out?

    <steve_> here's the CNN link - lots of edmunds editors quotes... not a good article in favor of extended warranties:

    <moderator_kh> is it manufacturer's product, or third party?

    <carguy1234> Do dealerships get paid the same amount by the manufacturer for warrenty work Vs what an indivudual would pay out of pocket for the same work (not covered by warrenty)?

    <steve_> good ? carguy

    <moderator_kh> Guest2, it depends on whether the manufacturer offers a program, but it is likely to be very expensive now if you turned it down at purchase.

    <steve_> i bet it's less

    <moderator_kh> Well, manufacturer's warranty work is done at a set rate, set by the manufacturer.

    <carguy1234> I have a friend that is getting hassled (by a Chrysler dealer) for doing a warranty job, because they claim they don't make anything on warrenty work.

    <moderator_kh> But extended warranties? I don't know. I would guess they have lower, contracted rates with shops.

    <mookie14> I'll never buy a internet warranty again

    <moderator_kh> carguy, I bet they don't make as MUCH on warranty work.

    <djoller1> True, but $1700 makes you almost want things to go wrong to get $$$ invested back. Does not cover hassle/safety of breakdown. Do you know of any consistent, commonly know issues with Volvo post-50K. God knows I found enough with a GM car I have.

    <mookie14> they knew what they were doing - i'm sticking with gm

    <moderator_kh> djoller, I've never owned a Volvo so I'm not that familiar. I know that many people recommend that, if you can simply set aside a certain amount of $ per month for auto repairs, you are more likely to do better than buying a third-party warranty.

    <moderator_kh> Djoller, do you plan on keeping the car for at least another 3 years?

    <carguy1234> Right, so they will try to put out of pocket work ahead of warranty work. You may have to wait longer to get service I mean.

    <djoller1> Yes, want to keep car for many years yet...

    <moderator_kh> You shouldn't. Chrysler would not be happy if this is the case, and your friend should call Chrysler and let them know which shop is doing this.

    <moderator_kh> I have a Chrysler, (2), and have never had a problem like that.

    <steve_> I drive mine forever and don't believe in ext. warranties - i just pay as I go, and hope nothing too outrageous happens

    <steve_> i do prefer to buy a car with a factory 5/60 drivetrain warranty though

    <moderator_kh> steve, I don't drive mine forever, but I also have never purchased and extended warranty...

    <Guest 2> I am leasing the car for 39 months & the warranty ran out at 36 months. I would like to purchase it next month but am concerned about dealer repair cost.

    <moderator_kh> AND I have never wished in hindsight that I had.

    <ghislain> Just bought a 2003 Siveradio wth ext warranty 5year/120000KM which is really 2years 60000 KM because Manufacturer is 3y/60000km.

    <steve_> me neither... yet :)

    <moderator_kh> mookie, tonight's discussion is really about warranties, and we're not automotive maintenance & repair experts.

    <moderator_kh> ghislain, are you happy with the peace of mind that purchase gives you? Did you get a good price?

    <djoller1> Yes, I plan on keeping the car for MANY years...

    <ghislain> yes but at quite a hefty price; $2400 cdn for all inclusive with zero deductible

    <carguy1234> Aren't the mfg's warranties priced such that they will make money overall, meaning most people will not some out ahead buying the extended warranty?

    <moderator_kh> Welcome to chat. I'm sure your expertise will be helpful to our members tonight.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    <zueslewis> hey, folks, any room?

    <steve_> i read somewhere that only 30% of the ext. warranties sold lose money for the mfg...

    <zueslewis> wassup? or is that passe?

    <moderator_kh> djoller, then it might end up a worthwhile investment for you. May I ask who is offering the warranty?

    <ghislain> had bought an ext warranty on my 99Montana; was a 3year lease so

    <zueslewis> That sounds about right -

    <moderator_kh> ghislain, that's really expensive for two years!

    <djoller1> Only info I have is directly through my Volvo dealer...

    <zueslewis> and probably only 5-10 f private contracts lose money

    <zueslewis> that's 5-10 sorry

    <steve_> don't know about CA but in the States you usually can cancel an ext. warranty and get most of your money back... if you have buyer's remorse you may want to check that out

    <moderator_kh> djoller, if that is through the manufacturer, it sounds pretty good if you are at all worried about unexpected costs.

    <zueslewis> percent - I'll get this right yet!

    <ghislain> well they call it five years but the first 3 are covered anyway; I object to their sales terminology

    <steve_> agreed

    <ghislain> so I call it a 2year warranty which in fact is what it is

    <djoller1> thanks for the input. have a good night....

    <moderator_kh> ghislain, I agree. You paid for the 3 year warranty when you paid for the car, period. The additional 2400 CDN is the cost of the additional two years.

    <zueslewis> there are coverages in the 5 years that don't exists in the basic warranty, though

    <moderator_kh> Oh?

    <steve_> like loaner cars?

    <zueslewis> rentals, of course, trip reimbursement - most warranties (basic) don't cover either

    <moderator_kh> OK, I guess that *is* more, but I wouldn't be that interested unless it covered items not covered by the regular warranty.

    <steve_> i guess that's why some people drop AAA when they get an ext. warranty

    <steve_> but that's something else I've never bought :)

    <zueslewis> dropping AAA really isn't great, unless you only have one car..

    <moderator_kh> Yeah, but I also haven't purchased that :)

    <steve_> lol, ditto

    <ghislain> on my 99 Montana I had purchased an extra 12000km to cover me from 60000 to 72000 km for $700. Turned out to be a good investment, hasd to replace th e water pump and a head gasket would have cost $1800. that one turned out to be a lemon thank god it was a lease so I just let it go when the lease was up

    <moderator_kh> I guess I'm living on the edge.

    <zueslewis> In PA, they just adopted NJ's lease lemon clause - helps a BUNCH more people

    <steve_> i just wish every mft would do like hyundai and vw and do a 10/100 or better drivetrain warranty

    <moderator_kh> Well, I think sometimes these things are like rolling the dice. Who can know what will go wrong on vehicles?

    <zueslewis> I don't have it, either (AAA)

    <steve_> busted cd changers are expensive... A./C stuff

    <zueslewis> I can't predict it, but I see plenty of it!

    <moderator_kh> Zues, what's the lease lemon clause?

    <zueslewis> I actually miss selling warranties - on the dark side, they made me lots of money!

    <zueslewis> In PA, specifically, leased vehicles were not "owned" and registered solely in the driver's name, so you couldn't file a lemon law suit on one - that is, until the first part of last year.

    <steve_> but now you can sleep at night Jim :)

    <moderator_kh> Oh that's good. You shouldn't have to pay for a car, even a lease, that is a lemon.

    <moderator_kh> Yeah, I would have a hard time selling warranties - I don't think I'd be very successful.

    <zueslewis> in NJ, you always could - it only mattered that you had registered the vehicle in your name (in some way)

    <zueslewis> It was easy, after a bit - especially when the desk man gave me some leg in a payment!

    <moderator_kh> I would just not be assertive enough, especially since I do not now, nor have I ever, been a member of the extended warranty party.

    <zueslewis> There's a better argument FOR it than against it - once the objections come out, you just respond with facts and explain your position.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    <zueslewis> OK - I got a while if I can help in any way. Wanna buy a GMPP??

    <moderator_kh> GMPP?

    <moderator_kh> No comprendo.

    <zueslewis> General Motors Protection Plan

    <moderator_kh> Erm, given that I own a couple o' Chryslers, I don't think it would do me a world of good.

    <zueslewis> Like Ford's ESP - Extended Service Plan (factory backed).

    <moderator_kh> And I have the super-secret special extended warranty.

    <zueslewis> Ahh, DaimlerChrysler Added Care or Maximum Care - I was the warranty king, according to the sales guys.

    <moderator_kh> Nope - my bro-in-law is a dealership relations manager for Chrysler.

    <zueslewis> I have a Chrysler product, too

    <moderator_kh> Yeah, a PT right?

    <moderator_kh> But yours is v. bad.

    <moderator_kh> If I remember correctly.

    <zueslewis> AND, I just settled my lemon law case for NOT MUCH.

    <zueslewis> PT GT (turbo) - run away!

    <moderator_kh> That stinks. I would hate having a lemon. Only one I had was way back in the 80's - Mercury Sable - but I didn't know any better.

    <moderator_kh> I thought transmissions just usually died at 60K.

    <zueslewis> I had a '97 T-bird that had 6 sets of brake rotors, an engine, and a transmission in the first 13K miles. Oregon didn't support consumers very well, and a lawyer wanted a $3K retainer - I dumped it.

    <moderator_kh> Bummer. Did you get rid of the PT?


    <zueslewis> No, still have the PT

    <moderator_kh> pandrew, not yet tonight, but go ahead.

    <moderator_kh> Are you planning to get rid of it?

    <moderator_kh> pandrew, do you have 1Source?

    <moderator_kh> Welcome to tonight's chat. Our topic is extended warranties.

    <zueslewis> No, I'll keep it - I'll be doing a Stage 1 turbo upgrade, wheels (already did tires) and a two-tone scheme. I'm stuck with it since DCC did nothing and my wife likes the little bugger. I'm getting a truck or a Cobra - haven't decided.

    <pandrew> I am not happy.. They have paid one claim, but I have questioned them about exclusions on the TSB . They say that 'manufacturer TSB' are not covered

    <zueslewis> That TSB subject really irks me -

    <pandrew> They think that 'Ford anoouncing responsibility for a defect' means thay get out of paying. Ie. any TSB is not covered. I find this ridiculous

    <zueslewis> EVERY problem out there (at least 90 has a TSB, so does that mean they won't cover much of anything?

    <moderator_kh> That's a good way to get customers really unhappy, and almost wishing manufacturers wouldn't issue TSBs.

    <zueslewis> I agree, pandrew - just another way to profit from not allowing claims.

    <moderator_kh> A TSB is not the same as claiming responsibility!

    <pandrew> Thats whats they tell me so far. Seems my contratc taken out 2 years ago is worded differently from the sample I oufnd on the internet

    <moderator_kh> I know, I have been reading thru the 1Source discussion, and it's a real shame.

    <jfr121> Hi! Just checking out the chatroom. I was one who purchased a warranty gold extended service contracts and have been following the discussion in your forums. It has been an interesting experience to say the least!

    <pandrew> seems that this is a ''weasal' clause. How on earth could a customer know what's in a TSB anyway

    <moderator_kh> jfr, have you been able to get any money back?

    <zueslewis> A TSB is a diagnostic suggestion or a message that "all our cars do that" - either way, it's not any way for a company to get out of paying a claim.

    <jfr121> I contacted the Discover Card people and they told me they would credit my account for the amount of the service contract. I have not seen it on the bill yet.

    <moderator_kh> or, "how to fix a common problem" that is not necessarily a manufacturer's defect.

    <moderator_kh> jfr, I sure hope you're able to get money back out of it. I really think it's horrible that so many people are paying money for nothing.

    <zueslewis> Also, I've had problems with manufacturers (in my line of work) thinking a TSB is a get out of jail free card. Hey, guys, if we just call it "normal", we can get away with it!

    <pandrew> absolutely. My contract states that Ford would announce responsibility using a TSB. Thats might mean that Ford would pay, if Ford stated they would (t hat to my mind is a recall). Otherwise TSB are simple guidelines and ways to repair failed items. Part do wear out and normally a TSB might help a dealer establish how to repair this item in an apporved way I think

    <moderator_kh> Yes - for example, it is normal for my minivan liftgate to lift spontaneously as I'm driving. It's not a defect; it's a feature!

    <zueslewis> Here's an excerpt from one of my reports: the manufacturer&#146;s publishing of a technical service bulletin on the xx issue does not relieve them from having a minority of vehicles that are defective

    <jfr121> I hope I get the money back too! I researched many of these companies and thought I did a thorough job. Even checked with the BBB and didn't see any red flags. Oh well, live and learn!

    <pandrew> seems that American manufacturers go out of their way to issues TSB 's whereas japanese do not.

    <zueslewis> does not relieve them from being liable for a vehicle with uncorrected mechanical problems.

    <zueslewis> When looking at potential used car purchases, appraisers may choose between the vehicles with the minority of the vehicles with these issues and the majority of these vehicles without these issues. In that light, there is a huge value difference.

    <pandrew> My take is that you take a warranty for a vechicle which is average of below average (eg. Ford) and you do not if the vehicle is above (eg. Toyota)

    <moderator_kh> jfr, you seem to be taking a pretty healthy attitude. I mean, this is the sort of thing that could eat you up with anger, and take over your life. This ultimately costs you more than the money.

    <pandrew> Seems to me,

    <pandrew> 1) you can ask directlty for your money back ( I have just done this)

    <moderator_kh> zues, so basically, it could be a defect in some cases, but not in all cases.

    <pandrew> 2) get a portion back thru ending the contract

    <pandrew> 3) go after them using BBB (if that's to be believed)

    <zueslewis> "defect" is a word that is defined by a judge, not a manufacturer

    <jfr121> What's done is done. Luckily it is not my last dollar so I can still eat and pay the bills, but I am not a happy camper with warranty gold at all.

    <pandrew> 4) ask the credit card company for help (since you did not get what you thought you paid for)

    <moderator_kh> BBB isn't really a method for "going after" them. That would be your State's Attorney General

    <moderator_kh> BBB is more of a monitoring service.

    <pandrew> I live in Canada, any ideas for 1source

    <moderator_kh> pandrew, wish I could offer more, but unfortunately, I can't.

    <zueslewis> Yeah, the BBB doesn't do much, except post complaints for consumers to read

    <moderator_kh> I don't know what recourse is offered through Canadian law.

    <jfr121> BBB was recommending warranty gold long after their debacle started so I don't know what good they really do for the consumer.

    <zueslewis> I've never heard of them ruling in a consumer's favor on a lemon law situation - they also don't have the authority to enforce a ruling on a manufacturer - their authority is limited to local business.

    <moderator_kh> jfr, it's based on consumer feedback, so if they weren't getting complaints, they can't post them.

    <pandrew> Probably none. Since I have this thru the internet and I did not appear to get what I thought I paid for there may be a chargeback using the credit card company.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I know most stories here are negative, but I'll offer at least one positive experience.

    My wife took her car in for a recall the other day, and we have a Subaru Gold extended warranty. The warranty gives us the benefit of a loaner, but they really rolled out the red carpet for us.

    Last time we got a minivan loaner, this time it was a Mercedes C240 4Matic station wagon! Our car is a wagon and we have two kids, but still, I expected a Cavalier or a Neon, not a Benz!


  • Hello,
        I am a US service member living near a base in Germany. I'm interested in buying an US spec Echo used for the reasons of reliability and and fuel economy. The choices (or choice at this time) is very limited. I'm seriously considering buying used stateside, like from an Ebay auction, and then shipping to Europe. The only problem is that the warranties don't apply in Europe, so I would be driving "naked" so to say. Does anyone know of a European company which I could buy a warranty from? What do people think of my plan? Thanks.

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