ABS ESP traction lights on.

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Hi I just bought my 2005 dodge sprinter.On the way home the rear end went out had it fixed.He did not unhook anything but when he put it back together the ABS,ESP,TRACTION Lights came on and will not go off brakes are like new but now they are spongy we have bleed them and still spongy.Hooked scanner to it and it scans till it reaches the abs and then it says no communication and stops.Does anybody have a clue what my problem is? Thanks for your help.


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    In very general terms, lack of communication with the ABS system indicates that either the ABS module is bad or that some other module is hanging up the BUS (which handles the multiplexing). Of course, you need the right type of scanner for the Sprinter. I can't say how the bleeding was done so I don't know if the spongy brakes is related or not. For instance, if you were pressure bleeding, you need exactly the right type of master cylinder adapter or you'll get air leaks.
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    Ok thanks I will check that
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