Am I getting a good deal on this Q50 Premium AWD with navigation lease?

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I wanna hear people's thoughts on if this is a good deal for a lease:

MSRP: $44,305
Sale Price: $36,587
Gross Cap Cost: $39,339 (includes $769 in infiniti maintenance plan and acquisition fee of $700)
Cap Cost Reduction: $198.80
Adj. Cap Cost: $39,140
Residual: $24,367
MF: 0.00 (due to religious reasons, I cannot pay interest)

Down Payment consists of the following:
Cap Cost reduction: $198.90
1st month payment: 383.88
Documentation Fee: 193.43
Security Deposit $400 ( this combined with the cap cost reduction got the money factor to $0)
License Fees: $196
Total Drive Off costs: $1,372.21

Monthly Payment: 383.88
Down Payment: $1,372 ($400 I will get back at the end of the deal)




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