No overdrive, skips 1st gear, instrument cluster dead

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Hello we have 1999 Suburban with 218k.  Recently the instrument cluster went out, no gages, dash lights, nothing and at the same time it started to skip 1st gear and won't go into overdrive. I spoke with 2 techs and one said they might need to take my transmission apart and replace things for upwards of $1500 another said I would need to replace the solenoids (sp?) I then spoke to a third guy that said it could be as simple as a sensor on the transfer case or a wire shortage in the shifting column. I'm just wondering if anyone has had similar issues, or that can point me in a good direction. Some of the simpler things I can pay a co worker to help me with... I'd like to do that before handing over money for a new transmission. 



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    Did any of these shops do a computer scan? What trouble codes came up?

    There are a number of possibilities here, all of which require careful diagnosis. One thing that comes to mind is the condition of your battery, alternator and cable connections and grounds. Then checking the fuse box for any blown or loose or corroded fuses.

    Might also be a failure in the Communications Bus--which a scan tool might pick up as well.

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