Using heat and a/c

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I'm interested in a Ford Fusion hybrid. I have a colleague with one (a 2013) and asked him about it. One thing he mentioned was that to run the heat in the winter it has to run the gas engine the whole time and it notably reduces fuel economy. Is this true for the Fusion hybrid, or other hybrids in general? What about the a/c, does that require the gas engine to run?


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    It's not true for all hybrids because the Prius for instance isn't designed to run almost half-time on EV.

    Maybe what you could try is switching to the "EV later" mode, thereby getting your ICE (engine) warmed up quickly and then switch to auto EV and see if that makes a difference. However, since you don't own one, you can't try that yourself. It might be good for you to talk to an actual owner about this----but essentially, your friend is correct in principle. Whether it's actually that detrimental to MPG is another story.

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