Can you help me identify these cars?

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I was going through old family photos and stumbled upon some pictures of cars, and I would like to identify what they are.
Here are a few images of them:
photo car1.png
photo car2.png
photo grill1.png

The last I could only see the grill of the car and not sure how good that will be in determining what model that is.


  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,302
    The top one is a 1963 Plymouth, Fury or Belvedere I think.
  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 47,894
    Middle us a ford LTD. about a 1970.

    Bottom one a mid 60s Pontiac. Maybe a bonneville.

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  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,327
    Yep, '63 Plymouth at the top. I think that Ford in the middle is a '69 or 70. The '71-72 had a bit of a beak, courtesy of Pontiac designer Bunkie Knudsen, who moved on to Ford. And even though that pic is taken from the side, I think you'd still see the beak a bit up front, plus the associated sculpting on the hood.

    The Pontiac at the bottom is a '66, full size, but I can't tell if it's a Catalina, Star Chief, or Bonneville.
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    Agree with the other guys on the '63 Plymouth; the '66 Pontiac is either a Catalina or Star Chief Executive since it has a side molding--the Bonneville and Grand Prix only had wide trim along the very bottom of the sides.

    That Ford is an LTD, either 1971 or 1972. I'd need to see the rear end to tell for sure. If it had the optional body side molding, I'd be able to tell too but it doesn't, so I can't! The '71 was a new body (the '69 and '70 had the same body, but again, the '71 was new), and the '72 was virtually indistinguishable from the '71 from the profile.

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    Was the '71-72 all new? I had always thought that the '69-72 big Fords were all the same design, just with them getting a more pronounced beak for '71? And my first thought with the LTD above was that it was a '71-72. But it doesn't look like it has enough of a beak!

    Now that I look at pics of the '69-70, versus '71-72, I can see some differences in the sheetmetal. For instance, the '71-72 has more rounded fenders, where they're a bit more squared off for '69-70.

    I guess the beak just doesn't show up as much as I thought it would, from the side, as in that pic posted above.
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Member Posts: 15,354
    It's as 'all new' as cars were back then--I believe the '71 big Fords were completely new sheetmetal. It's more apparent on the two-door hardtop--rear quarter windows noticeably different.

    As a car-crazy kid, the first car I can remember that didn't have a massive facelift in the third year was the '73 full-size GM line (Chevrolets, in my case). I kept waiting every year--no new car until the '77's! Worth waiting for though, as I liked that era big GM.
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