Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    I think Edmunds has a No Mocking rule so I couldn't possibly have broken it.

    If you work at a Lexus dealer, you are and will be affected by Lexus corporate policies. Because the owner of your dealership, the person that signs your checks, is affected by Lexus HQ.

    What Lexus Customer Service would do, I presume, is contact your dealership concerning the received complaint from any Lexus owner and ask for clarification on why he/she was treated that way, if indeed the incident was accurately reported to them.

    Pretty simple. Not mocking...just informing, like you, eh?
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    Where does it go? Number one, like I said, it doesn't matter to me what other dealers. But, when I go home and take my cape off (although we probably wear smocks from the messes we get into) I am a consumer as well. And my opinion, which is worth probably 50 cents too most, is that there are dealers that do that. No idle threats. Just looking at it from the other side of the fence
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Member Posts: 811 take, telling the prospective buyer about the Lexus' top ratings for reliability...then, when they mention shopping your price, having to tell them as the closer -

    "Well, hey now, you really need to buy where you live, 'cause all those times you'll be coming back for service, routine or not, you'll need to get courteous, professional help and a free loaner and we don't offer that level of service on a Lexus purchased somewhere else..."

    I'd guess at that point you check the female out first to see if she gives hubbie The Eye to let him know she doesn't really want to shop anymore and gee wouldn't it be great to get that Free Loaner all those times I'll be coming back, bottom line, it's a strategy that works or it wouldn't be used after all these years, right?
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    Good luck. Have you ever seen how these guys who transfer new cars between dealerships drive other peoples new big investment. They drive like idiots. Like it's a joke. Usually 30mph over the speed limit on the highway and on local roads they treat the gas pedel like it's an on/aff switch.
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    Don't mind rgnmstr...

    He had a Bad Experience a few weeks ago at a Lexus dealer, got upset because the salesman didn't like his joke about RX330s flipping over or some such nonsense. Anyway, he got frustrated and and went out and did a Strange Thing - bought a Lincoln LS, the wish-I-had-the-Jag-version-but-this-is-cheaper choice.

    Probably the paint is flaking off of it by now so he likes to post on this board about How Bad Everything Is That's Connected to a Lexus Dealer Anywhere, Anytime.

    You got a great deal on your new RX330 and I'm sure it will arrive in perfect condition. If by some chance there is a problem, notify the selling dealer and they will arrange to have it repaired at your local dealer. No problem for you.


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    I recently bought a RX330. My dealer (IL) got mine from another dealer (IN). When I picked it up it had 9 miles on it. My understanding is that most dealers trade or transfer cars by using a trailer. I do a lot of interstate driving and I see it all the time. They do not drive them. That was true with mine. The distance from the two dealers was about 175 miles. As I said, my RX330 had only 9 miles on it when I took delivery. I think that if you know that you are getting a vehicle from another dealer, ask how they will get it to the dealership. I would agree that if my new RX330 was being driven 175 miles from one dealer to another I would have waited a while longer or considered another color, options or even another dealer.
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    ...going from the original importing Lexus dealer at Point A... to my selling dealer 90 miles away at Point B to install chrome rims... and finally they delivered it to my door at Point C, another 100 miles. All driven; no trailer.

    Not a single problem with the vehicle.

    The retired guy they hired to do all the driving was great...and he might not remember where he was that morning...but at least most Lexus vehicles these days come with nav systems!

    For the long distances, I agree that trailers are used most of the time.
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    My dealer is in Iowa. My RX was in far upstate Wisconsin. They put it on a trailer but only after I made them commit to it in writing.

    I have had the transmission update installed and I want my dash rattle addressed but otherwise no major problems.
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    I would think that an 800 mile transport RX would be shipped in a closed trailer and paid for by the buyer. I almost bought an RX300 in 1999 from CA going to IL then got local dealer to agree to better price. If I would have bought from the dealer in CA they were going to transport in a closed transport truck. This was not a dealer trade and I was paying for the transport. My feeling is that most dealer trades should be or are in many cases made by putting the cars on trailers vs just having someone hired by the dealer to drive from dealer A to dealer B expecially if you are talking more then a few miles. This would be more of a consideration with Lexus because there are not that many dealers in many states.
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    Here is the message I received from a dealer after I request a quote on RX330 Premium Plus with options. Do you think it is a fair deal? Any hidden things I should look at? May be I should be careful about " documentation ~ ". I just feel it is too good to be true.

    " ... We are offering all 2004 RX330s with AllWheelDrive and the premium plus package (in stock) for over $3,500. off of the list price!!! List price is $41,688. Your price is $38,168. plus tax, license and documentation ~ Offer good until 11/30/03 ..."
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    Looks like an excellent deal; to protect you from wasting your time, just ask for an out-the-door price, all items included, on this $41,688 sticker vehicle. Pretty simple.

    Documentation Fee varies all over the map depending on the state (some have an exact charge, no more, no less) and some allow the dealer to set whatever the market will bear.
    Your out-the-door price should include this fee and all others.

    That deal would be in the upper 10% of the Good RX330 Deal category in terms of pricing...unless that Doc Fee is unreasonable (anything above $50-$75 IMO).

    Good luck! Let us know how it turns out.
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    Jeff: I guess you would find the typical market-driven Documentation Fee of $299 here in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area to be intolerable?? Absolute nonsense! No, that is not an exaggeration, either. Dealers charge it, and too many people are willing to pay it. Of course, most don't find out about it until they are already in the Finance office. The typical dealer response is, "Sorry, but it's a fixed charge pre-printed on EVERY contract. No exceptions."

    The fixed $45 Doc Fee was a nice perk I discovered when I purchased from Crown Lexus (in Ontario) instead of Scottsdale Lexus.
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    I bought a RX330 on Sept 12 and still haven't taken delivery! I got a AWD with Premium Plus and RSES. It's white with ivory. I'm in Northeastern PA and the dealer is saying the RSES is causing the delay. I was told up front that it would take about 2-3 weeks longer with the RSES for a total of 6-7 weeks. I'm working on my 11th week.

    I've been told many times, "It will be in this week, promise." On 10/17, I was told the car would be in by 10/31. On 10/31 I was told the car was schedule for delivery on 11/10. On 11/11 they just didn't. On ll/17 I was told the car was built on 11/12 and scheduled for delivery at the dealer on 11/24. Uhhgg!!!!

    If the car was actually built on 11/12, anybody have a good idea on how long it should take to get to the 1 Lexus dealer in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre market?

    Gee, you'd think I was buying a Chevy :-(
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    If the car was built on 11/12 it takes over a month. If it was shipped 11/12, it will probably be there in three weeks or so. RSES should not have taken that long anyway. But you will enjoy it once you get it. Keep us updated
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    Thanks for the response. I sure hope it's not another month before I get this truck.
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    Thanks, Jeff and whoever responded. I will let you know what turns out at last.
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    <<<Don't mind rgnmstr...
        He had a Bad Experience a few weeks ago at a Lexus dealer, got upset because the salesman didn't like his joke about RX330s flipping over or some such nonsense. Anyway, he got frustrated and and went out and did a Strange Thing - bought a Lincoln LS, the wish-I-had-the-Jag-version-but-this-is-cheaper choice.
        Probably the paint is flaking off of it by now so he likes to post on this board about How Bad Everything Is That's Connected to a Lexus Dealer Anywhere, Anytime.>>>>>>>>>

        Cheap shot little Jeff. I never knocked the Lexus. Only the dealer's attitude that I had an experience with.
       Your post tells how little you know about the LS vs the Jag. I bought the version I wanted and I could have bought either. I only cross shopped against a BMW 540. I never lookwed at the Jag. The LS was the car they made to handle. The Jag is the cheaper version that floats down the road. As far as the paint flaking off that's funny considering most reviewers state the car is near German quality. Something the Lexus has never been acused of.
       By the way if you had any reading comprehension you would know that I never made a joke at the dealer.
       I'll bet your a skinny little guy who keeps his mouth shut in person. But your hell behind the keyboard.
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    Let's drop the personal swipes.

    tidester, host
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    Cut the hostile act; neither I nor anyone else cares what Ford model you bought.

    What I do care about was the bullying tactic you used to scare the lady in No. CA that just happily purchased her RX and was waiting for the trailer from Washington State to unload it.

    Telling her it would likely arrived damaged wasn't called for and it was plain erroneous. Do you now need to spoil everyone's excitement at buying a new $40k vehicle?

    I understand that the Lexus sales rep decided to take the next in line and you got upset; happens all the time and it's happened to me. But is it now your responsibility to track Lexus boards and deride everyone that's made a recent purchase of the marque that caused you embarassment?

    Waste of've never owned a Lexus so go back to the Ford/Mazda/Lincoln board and talk about it's race-inspired suspension. Zoom zoom zoom.
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    <<Cut the hostile act; neither I nor anyone else cares what Ford model you bought.
    What I do care about was the bullying tactic you used to scare the lady in No. CA that just happily purchased her RX and was waiting for the trailer from Washington State to unload it
    <<<<Telling her it would likely arrived damaged wasn't called for and it was plain erroneous. Do you now need to spoil everyone's excitement at buying a new $40k vehicle? >>>>>>>

      Once again you seemingly can't read. I never "bullied" the lady. I only posted my 25 years experience being on the road and being passed by new cars with dealer plates on them like I was standing still. And I drive pretty fast on interstates. Bullying would have been to make suggestions telling her what to do LIKE OTHER PEOPLE DID.


              I have no idea what your talking about here. A "Lexus rep deciding to take the next place in line" I don't know any Lexus reps.
         As far as going to the Ford/Lincoln board I enjoy reading various boards to see what's going on with different cars. Maybe if you did that you would drive a better one.
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Member Posts: 811
    Since the RX330 is my wife's car, what car(s) do I drive, Mike?

    Whichever one it is, I certainly don't need to drive one advertised to the unknowing as containing a "race-inspired suspension" as a pseudo ego boost. Zoom zoom.

    But all this is beyond the point you originally the next time you decide to let a dealer's sales rep make your car-buying decision for you, let me know as I find it highly amusing.

    Perhaps your newspaper boy or crossing guard determined which house you live in? Gosh, a world in which all the major purchasing decisions are determined by the good or bad actions of others.

    One last note - in those 25 years of being passed by dealer-plated cars...did it ever occur to you that not all of them were being delivered to new owners?
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    Have you ever seen how these guys who transfer new cars between dealerships drive other peoples new big investment. They drive like idiots. Like it's a joke. Usually 30mph over the speed limit on the highway and on local roads they treat the gas pedel like it's an on/aff switch.

    I think we mostly agree that any long range vehicle transfer, such as the one in question between these Oregon and California Lexus dealerships, would be performed via trailer, not by a joker with a lead foot who is racing the RX at the speed of sound. I tend to agree with Jeff that the initial post had some unnecessary scare tactics to it. Regarding the guys who DO drive a bit recklessly, don't forget that each dealer will have several demo, loaner, and program cars that are always out and about.
  • rgnmstrrgnmstr Member Posts: 226

        I didn't see the original poster mention the long distance transfer. I agree anything over about 75mi is done by trailer. I guess since I live in an area that has a few state lines within an hours drive in any direction is why I always see new cars with out of state dealer plates bombing down the road. They can't be out for a test drive. If I put any fear in the original poster's mind it was not intended.
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    I just purchased a Millennium Silver RX 330 AWD with the premium plus package, navigation system, heated seats, 18" wheels, towing package, cargo mat and wheel locks for $40,500 in the San Francisco Bay Area. MSRP was $44,038.

    I absolutely love my new Lexus!
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    I am new to this forum...and wondering how much off MSRP I may get for an AWD RX330 in SF Bay Are.
    SYK, may I know what is the dealer in the Bay Area that you purchased the car from? I am still looking but haven't decided yet. Thanks.
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    $41,688 is the MSRP of one popular package/options, Premium Plus plus heated seat, 18" wheel, Towing Package,Wheel lock,and Cargo mat. You can usually find this combo in the dealer's stock. In previous message, I said one dealership gave me $3500 of MSRP in the email. I wrote back said I need some time. Then another dealer emailed me asking me what package/option I want so it can give me a quote. I did with the combo I mentioned earlier. I got an email back with a very good price, almost too good to be true, around $4500 off MSRP. With that email, I stopped by the dealear ship in Saturday afternoon. I didn't contact the person who gave me price via email, instead I contact the person who I talked with before the email quoting thing happened. I think I should contact the sales person who I met frist. Also, he spent some time with me before. I said I got a internet quote, do you still want to me work with you or the internet department. I ask this question because I respect him. Also, I wanted let him know that internet price will be the starting point if he still want deal with me. He said no problem and will use that price. So far so good. Then I mentioned what if I need NAV system. Here comes the supprise. I was quote $5000 more. I know even the MSRP of NAV is two grand something. Right away, I figured the internet price is a good price. When a sales person talk to customer face to face, he can start really high price and drop down slowly. Before you stand up and are going to leave, he can drop a little bit more to keep you there. In short, the deal won't be broken that fast. But in eamil quoting, if the price is not acctractive, the customer can simply ignore that dealearship completely. The deal can be broken within mouse clicks. So, the price has to be good. If you go to the dealership in person, then they will try to get as much as possible from different option/pacakge, trade-in, finance, etc. So, here is the suggestion, if you want to get the price from email. Make sure you know what exactly you want. Ok, back a little bit. Because I don't really care about NAV, so I stick to my original combos. As I expected, they give me a can't-believe-it trade-in price on my Camry. Knowing their intention of making some money on that old car, I opt out trade-in so I know I get a real good deal.

    Alouth that internet price is quite good, I can't just accept it. I said you guys make $1300 over the invoce.( I actually forgot the destination $625 in my calculation, actual profit is some over $700). The sales manager showed me right away the invoice price from which shows that the dealer only has $300 bucks over the invoice. I said, I want you make more than 300 bucks for sure. I never used, I didn't know why their invoce is different form mine that I got from Kelly Blue Book. I said I need to find out why the difference and come back tomorrow. I was happy they didn't push me to stay. Late that night, I found out that the invoice price of includes local and regional fees from the manufacturer to the dealers. I can't find the exact figure for that particular dealership. It is something over $400 in average from I kind of believe it. Even there is no such fee for this delear, overal 700 something is about a little below 2% delear profit. I guess it is qite fair price.

    Yesterday, I walked into the delear and offered a price slightly below their asking simply to round the number to my lucky number. Whole process was quite smooth before and after the deal. I am a happy customer.

    Today is my birthday. I always buy bithday gifts for others, relatives and friends and couldn't remeber I ever did to myself. I did this time, a Lexus RX330 for my birthday. Happy birthday to me !

    Yesterday, I went back to the delear
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    "The invoice price of includes local and regional fees from the manufacturer to the dealers."

    I guess these are fees manufacture charge the dealer such as advitising fee. So, its invoice price is higher than the bare-bone price from Kelly Blue Book.

    I am not talking about manufacture's incentive to the delearship which I think none for Lexus.
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    So did you end up placing an order w/o NAV and opt for the AWD Premium Plus($41,688 package)? What was your total amount off of MSRP, and what is your final purchase price (before tax, title, lic.)? Also, what dealer are you working with?
  • idrivelexusidrivelexus Member Posts: 11
    I ended up paying $37168 for the AWD Premium Plus($41,688 package). Out-of-door price is few hundred dollors over 40K. I still think $287 Lic Fee is low, but was told it is true. If not, that has nothing to do with dealer. The dealership is Coliseum Lexus of Oakland, CA. Ask for Roxi.
  • idrivelexusidrivelexus Member Posts: 11
    Your price is quite good coisdering yours is fully loaded. The dealership makes some money on each options over invoice so your price is quite close to mine if I add those options to my current configuration.

    Happy driving Lexus !
  • melissafloridamelissaflorida Member Posts: 22
    I just bought well rather leased a 2004 RX 330 with the Prem Plus with the Rear Entertainment Center, Heated Seats, 18 Wheels, Cargo Mats, Locks, MSRP $41,968.00 I got for $ 38,500.00. I tried getting a lower price from 3 other dealers and no one would beat the price only match it. It took me a zillion emails to get this. I got it in Black with Ivory Interior.

    In addition, it was hard to find one with the DVD Rear Entertainment with out having to get Nav too which I did not want.

    Good? Bad? Average?
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    That was a VERY VERY VERY good price you got ($4520 off of MSRP)!!! Unfortunately, I already took delivery of mine back in August. For the same package, I paid $38,400 before TTL, so it came up to about $41,800+ out the door. Coliseum Lexus was one of the 3 dealers I received quotes from back then, but they were not willing to do better than what I finally settled for at another dealership. Looks as though dealerships are more willing to discount nowadays, compared to a few months ago. Congrats!
  • rx4merx4me Member Posts: 58
    Is that for a FWD or AWD?
  • idrivelexusidrivelexus Member Posts: 11
    Thanks! I think the price is only one part of the whole picture. Yes, you might pay a little more than what I did, but you have enjoyed driving it for few more month than me. Does it worth it? There is no absolute answer. Just like people who camped outside the theater to see star war movie. They think it worth it. Others think differently. Also, now it is Lexus December To Remember event. I asked the dealership what that means. It has nothing to do with rebate. The dealership gets more veichles from the manufacture this month. Price might be a little better now than then for obvious reason. It is just hard to time these things. I myself maybe just a little lucky. As a matter of factor, even a few thousand will not change a person's life. It affect us more psychologically than financially factor. So, whoever already bought the Lexus, just enjoy it!
  • idrivelexusidrivelexus Member Posts: 11
    First, it is about 3500 off the MSRP and should be consided a not a bad deal for sure.

    Second, if you are in Florida, don't compare with the price in California. Demand and supply could play some roles.

    Third, if you tried many emails back and forth with multiple dealers and can't get lower price, common sense tells you got a quite good price.

    Last, forget about the deal, enjoy the new car!
  • melissafloridamelissaflorida Member Posts: 22
    It is for a FWD. I feel like I got a good deal. It will be here end of December.
  • nsearch2nsearch2 Member Posts: 1
    Got a price of 39 drive out for RX330 (that includes TTL) with premium package. Is that a good deal?
  • lexshopperlexshopper Member Posts: 2
    Anyone in the Chicago area care to share details on their recent RX330 purchase? I am currently in negotiations for the AWD premium plus package, ($41,688 MSRP) I received an initial quote of $38,970 plus TTL. Based on other posts, especially by idrivelexus, it seems much better deals are out there. Even though idrivelexus is in Calif. which is probably highly competitive, it think Chicago should be comparable.

    Thanks for your help.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,087
    which dealership?
  • fsc1555fsc1555 Member Posts: 42
    did u pay 38,168.00 or 37,168.00.
    you got 2 prices posted. thanks
  • tvkwtvkw Member Posts: 9
    How much did you pay for the dealer doc. fees at Coliseum Lexus of Oakland. Did the dealer add any other fees? That sounds a very good deal. Thanks
  • idrivelexusidrivelexus Member Posts: 11
    fsc1555, I don't remember I put two prices. But, 37168 is the one.

    tvkw, doc. fee is $45. Haven't bought new car for a while before this one. I was concernced about all hidden cost. But, it turns out not bad at all. Tax,Doc.Fee, Lic. Fee, and CA Tire Fee, that's it.
  • rx4merx4me Member Posts: 58
    Did you get the same exact package and price as idrivelexus?
  • tvkwtvkw Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for the info. I guess I need to find Roxi in order to get the same deal.
  • indiana97indiana97 Member Posts: 58
    Many of you seem to be getting good prices when looking at MSRP vs amount paid over invoice. I am curious if those who have posted are buying outright or are they trading cars. If there are trades involved it will be important to know how much you are getting for the trade at one dealer vs another. Many dealers will give you what sounds great off MSRP but will give you less for your trade. So in reality, you may not get as good of deal as you thought. There wouldn't seem to be many RX buyers out there who don't have trades. I have always found that getting a fair price for my trade is much tougher. It requires skill,doing your homework and "sticking to your guns". Getting the dealer to come down off the msrp is the easy part. When I recently bought my RX330 I had dealers as much as $4000 apart when trading in my 2002 BMW 330. Two dealers were close in price but not my local Lexus dealer. I wound up not buying from my local Lexus dealer (have bought 2 previous Lexus' there). I bought my RX330 from a dealer about 125 miles away. Just went for my 1000 mile check at my local Lexus dealer and the service manager was great, no questions re: why I did not buy from them, etc). I was treated just like I was when I bought there in the past. (Dealer I bought from will come and get my RX for service if I want them to)I declined based on location and didn't really want someone else driving my RX. If I go for my next check and they (local Lexus dealer) offers me a loaner great, if not, that's ok. If I needed to, I could rent a lot of cars for $4000 over the period of time I will have this RX330 while it is being serviced. I will post again when I go for my next service and let you know if they offer me a loaner or not.
  • idrivelexusidrivelexus Member Posts: 11
    You are absolutely right, indiana97.

    I did plan to trade-in my old car, but the deal was so bad that I had to decline. Now, I have to deal with the hassles I might encounter during the sale of this car by myself.

    There is never an absolute good deal. Life is full of trade-off except winning lottery. That is luck and the luck is outof our control any away.
  • syksyk Member Posts: 4
    I purchased my car from Lexus of Serramonte. They were the only one in the area who had the specific color/configuration in stock and price I was willing to pay. Other dealers responded to my email inquiries with (1) $41K+ offers (2) offer lower than $40K if I purchased the current color/configuration in stock and (3) offer met my price but needed to special order.
  • wolfman12wolfman12 Member Posts: 8

    Could you please give us some more details as to the deals that are being offered at Naperville? How much above invoice? For what kind of vehicle? Loaded(Mark Lev/NAV/RES), base or any kind?

    Any info is greatly appreciated.
  • fsc1555fsc1555 Member Posts: 42
    what other fees we do pay for ?
    we have a dealer inventory tax around 80.00, state tax, license around 70.00, title fee around 28.00, state inspection around 22.00 and documentary fee at 50.00.
    Im not sure about the DEALER INEVENTORY TAX and we are in Texas.
    thanks for any input.
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