Scraped 20" Wheel- Lease Inspection Question

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My husband scraped the heck out of my front passenger wheel and it's due to be inspected for turn in soon. This looks to be a common problem with these wheels and I'm wondering what I'm going to get dinged during inspection so I source an alternative replacement or just swallow the cost. I saw the guidelines and clearly the scrape is much bigger than allowed.


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    Dang.... maybe search for a wheel repair shop in your area? Might be able to fix it for $100-$150.

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  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    I do not believe these wheels can be repaired. They are a plastic chrome insert bonded to the aluminum wheel. You have to replace the complete wheel with a new one or a good condition used one. These wheels look great, but you have to be so careful with curbs, etc.
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