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    Just wanted to go on the record that our '06 H3, bought in September 2005, has been the most trouble free vehicle we've had in 30 years...since our 'beloved '71 Toyota! The H3 has lived a hard life as my wife's daily commuter; short trip stop-n-go driving, 3 miles each way...hardly gets warmed up...rarely sees the freeway. Occasional trail excursions...where it performs superbly.

    In 6 1/2 years and we've yet to spend $200 on repairs. the original AC Delco battery for about $150. I finally replaced the air filter last year for $25 a WIX). I've replaced a couple tail lamp bulbs too. That's it! And about half of our oil changes have been free with coupons from Hummer.

    My biggest regret is not buying an H3T pickup in 09 before GM shut down the Hummer lines. Would have been a perfect vehicle for us.

    The H3 forums don't get much traffic any more, so I hope this helps those here researching whether to buy that used H3.
  • tired_old_davetired_old_dave Member Posts: 710
    Good for you. Sorry you missed out on the H3T.

    Bought our '06 in September '06. While I won't question your lack of repairs and required maintenance, we are planning to keep ours as long as possible. We test drove an alpha soon after they came out but didn't bite. Life got in the way never got another one with $10k off and was waiting for the local dealer to find more H3's and ended up with the loaded wrangler.

    GM should've spent a few more dollars and made a v8 possible from the beginning as well as strengthening known parts. Hoping a new trailblazer or equal vehicle will receive the benefits of lessons learned again by GM.

    Funny, I replaced the same rear taillight bulb twice already.
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