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Hummer H3



  • ctrjkctrjk Posts: 5
    Very pleasurable experience purchasing my H3 Hummer at Karl Hummer/Chev in New Cannan Ct. Their salesforce works with you and normally will accept suppliers/gmid certificates. Suggest you check them out. :)
  • Hello first post on here...just purchased my mellow yellow h3 2 weeks ago, already have close to 500 miles on it and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! After over a year deliberating on what my first truck would be that put out at least 16mpg,i can truly say that am so pleased that i waited. Had it narrowed down to the Durango & Commander both big, nice styling, practical family features (ie: reclining second row seats)but even had some sales reps told me on the side that resale and the mpg werent great even with the smaller engines. Some minivans are alos nice but I live upstate where we get alot of snow and sometimes even AWD doesnt cut it, besides not too many minivans feature AWD.
    So the H3 fit "just right"...My only gripe so far (knock on wood) is that it is tight when trying to use the power buttons on the side of the seats. But other than that I find it to be comfortable, safe feeling, i love the way it sits higher than even some larger suvs, the turning radius is great, it offers side impact bags which a lot of trucks still dont, it is even a smother/tighter ride than some sedans ive owned. Its true like some people have posted that GM has pinched with some features and the worse thing is that earlier on the luxury & chrome packages included the lighted vanity mirrors, universal link & the chrome crossrails, now they are offered as additional options at a higher price than origianl. Coming from a Lincoln Continental, on a luxury pakage i would have liked an average mpg in the computer or an adjustable headrest, bakup sensors or a couple of other bell & whistles, but remember we didnt all get this to be a luxury vehicle, which cant rumble through snow or trails. Neverthess it is a very good looking interior and the contrast stitching on the leather seats is sweet looking.
    But you know it has another intangible that i didnt anticipate that cant be measured...i've had caddy's & Contis, an older muscle car and still own a older convertible iroc, but let me tell you that i have never gotten so many stares and jaw droppings and comments in those vehicles as i've gotten them in my first 2 weeks of ownership of my yellow baby.
    I'll be very honest i am a pretty humble guy, but i have to admit that i love the gawking lol. I just turned 40 and without realizing it, i just bought someting that is making me feel like a little kid again with a new just cant put a price on that feeling! :)

    ps to all who have asked on this board, the GMD discount is legit, i got my certificate from someone on this forum(for which i am very appreciative) around first and ask if they accept, here in NY/NJ, all the the dearlerships I called accepted it and the great thing is that its a set price...dont take their word for the price,ask for a copy of the invoice...good luck to all
  • sage5sage5 Posts: 3
    I was told that the lighting on the roof top was discontinued for now because of water getting in
  • walcwalc Posts: 11
    Just back from a 1400 mile Thanksgiving road trip to the Canadian border of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.
    H3 was great to drive.
    Alleged lack of acceleration power is a myth. I never felt I needed more "oomph" and I was cruising at 75 mph on some big ( for the East Coast ) mountains.
    Performance on snow and ice was excellent.
    Averaged 400+ mile range per tank of gas. In 4400 miles, I haven't burned any oil.
    After 4400 miles, I continue to love this vehicle. :D
  • ctrjkctrjk Posts: 5
    Just Purchased on Saturday and it was a great experience at Karl Hummer in New Cannan Ct where they accepted the GMID and Supplier discounts. Does any one know about a H3 Hummer discount which Edmunds is advertising for $500 between Hartford and Boston = Can you supply information please. Great ride so far and very happy with the dealership :)
  • any particular dealership you would recommend in NY/NJ? I'm ready to buy an H3. Thanks!
  • ctrjkctrjk Posts: 5
    Try Karl Hummer for a great dealer and they accept most discounts = alot of Hummer dealers Do not especially if you want a sunroof where the supply is low. Glad I have mine great large sunroof. If you need a certificate there are ways to obtain for a savings of approx $3200 plus
  • ctrjkctrjk Posts: 5
    H3 Hummer should have a Temperature gage for the heat and a/c control. If any one is interested I have a great idea for a dash temperature display to enhance your H3 Hummer or even other vehicles that do not have temperature
    controls to view .
  • Hi Bordeaux2! I did a search as the guys suggested for the GMID certificates and yours was one of the discussions that came up....Congrats to you on your H3....wishing you many
    happy driving days! Question for ya everybody else does I would like to find a way to make these vehicle more affordable too....Not being a GM employee how does one go about finding someone who will share their benefits of being an employee? Kinda like what
    happened to you.....any suggestions would be great. My husband would definitely be more willing to get the car if we can get a little financial discount.....since HE already has HIS new H2....gotta have the H3....any help or suggestions would be great.....Josh's Mom
  • My wife and I both work at GM. We can get 4 GMID (GM IN DRIVEWAY) certificates a month. We can help if you are interested in a hummer. You need to make sure your dealer will take GMID first.
    Let me know if you work out a deal.
    Paul Francis
  • im not femiler with GMID. but it sounds like we might need one . still working on the wife. but after she drives it soon im shure i.ll have my h3
  • I'm interested in 20 inch wheels for the H3. Vogue has a wheel called Spark which is awesome but costs around $3000 for a set of wheels and tires. Any suggestions?
  • Hi We are looking to purchase a H3 and I have been reading about the GMID Certificates that saves everyone so much money - can you tell me how you get one? :confuse:
  • I live in Illinois and I am looking to purchase a H3 - I have been reading so much about tge GMID Certificates can you tell me how I can get one? :(
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    You must get a GMID authorization number from a GM corporate employee; they're allowed two per month. It will give you what amounts to the GM Suppliers discount which seems to be about 10% off MSRP. Not all dealers will honor it. There have been some posters here previously who helped forum members with getting their GMID authorization. Do a search on GMID and you may find e-mail their contacts.

    We've had our H3 for troublefree 3 months and love it.
  • Hey All,
    I will negotiate the lease term below:

    MSRP: 35935$ (this includes the destination charge of 565$, I haven't seen this here so far. Is this ok?)

    Selling price: 32342$ (10% down with GMID)

    0 down, 18k and 24 months, therefore:
    Res: 70% and Rate: 5.9% ( I have seen somebody got 4.6%, can somebody confirm that?)

    This makes: 440$ + tax per month

    What about GMAC Acquisition fee (700$ to be counted in the expenses above?) and Security deposit (1 month of lease payment?)? Other expenses?

    Thanks for your advises.
  • Paul,

    Currently driving a Demo H3 and plan on buying really soon. How soon can I get a GMID certificate?

  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    Check with post 376 and follow the directions there to get the GMID certificate. Hope this helps, it helped me big time! ;)
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    Check with post 376 and follow the directions there to get the GMID certificate. Hope this helps, it helped me big time! He got it to me in 2 days ;)
  • Ray
    When you are sure your dealer will take GMID make your deal and email me, your birthday and last 4 numbers of your SS#. I will get the number as soon as I get your info and I check my email.
    You will love the H3
  • Paul,

    Sent you an e-mail. My Hummer dealership will accept the GMID Certificates. Looking to buy within a week. Let me know if you can help. Thanks.
  • Paul: In reference to the GMID discounts. If you have a waiting list , I would like to sign up- I am currently seriously looking at the H3. Do you know the percentage discount ? Thanks-Look forward to your response.
    Jim Burke
    Ada, Mi
  • Hey there! I am currently considering an H3. I need room for windsurfing gear, sails, masts, booms, etc. that would require the distance from the rear hatch to the passenger side front seat dash.

    Does the front passenger seat on the H3 either (1) fold all the way forward or (2) recline all the way back on top of the second row of seats folded forward? I need to lay stuff flat from the rear hatch up and on top of the front passenger seat.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!

  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    ..... I mashed the accelerator, and guess what? Nothing happened. It was like a snail weighed down buy it's own shell(ironic). This thing has the power of a 100 year old tortise. I did however like the interior, which is a huge step up for GM. Everything has a quality feel and durable materials are a plus. Then something else happened: Sticker Shock!!

    The fully loaded version I picked-out closed in on $39K. I wouldn't have a problem with that if it didn't have a 5-cylinder Colorado engine in it. Why did they not put the Trailblazer's terrific 4.2L I-6 engine in it? It would've made all the difference in the world.

    So I ended up staying with my beloved Jeep and got a Commander LTD 4X4 HEMI for less than the cost of the H3 WITH the GM incentives included. Surprisingly, with gas costing so much nowadays, the H2's are really moving much better than earlier this year, especially the SUT.

    All-n-all, the H3 is a very capable truck looking for a new engine. Other than that, it is much better to handle than the H2 and the interior is nicer too, IMO.
  • I know you should not have to immediately throw money into a new truck, but I hear a $200 cold air intake system does wonders for horsepower/acceleration on the I-5 engine.

    Also, a MagnaFlow exhaust on top of that makes this a pretty good performing vehicle.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "The H3x uses the H3's luxury package as a base and adds unique tires, wheels, and center cap. The chrome trim includes chrome tube steps, chrome appearance package, and a chrome fuel door."

    Hummer Beefs Up Lineup (Inside Line)


    Steve, Host
  • Jim
    Still have two left unused till end of month. We will get 4 more in Jan. Let me know if you need one.
    Paul Francis
  • Paul,

    I'm looking at purchasing a H3 soon, would it be possible to get a certificate within the next couple of days?

  • Paul,

    If you still have any left I was looking to buy an H3 this weekend my Friend is picking his up tomorrow and the dealer takes the discount. I am hoping I get this ASAP since I would like to sign all the paperwork tomorrow. Sorry for late notice but can you help?
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