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Chevrolet Cobalt



  • amen and thank you, finally, someone with an answer..

    another thing i would like to know, the 145 HP on the cobalt ls coupe, is that a lot for that kinda car, i know the cobalt is light, and is weighed 50 50

    but like the civic is like 115 and the corolla is like 135, im just wondering, would u all stay with the LS and pay less or shoot for the SS and pay about 3 thousand more,do u think the LS is enough getty up or would u preper the SS rocket

    im not sure right now, but i think an LS with the sports package and sound would be cool,
    but on to one more thing if you got the LS coupe, would u get stick or automatic and why?
    ive never really had an stick, but i heard they are real fun, and u get better acceleration
  • I'd suggest you drive both LS and SS and decide if you like SS that much better. I would definitely get stick transmission. I know alot of people who learned to drive stick rather easy, without paying somebody to teach them. If you don't have kids and don't need to save $$$ for their education, go with standard SS. Employee pricing is probably tough to beet these days. Plus you'll probably get good experience buying it. I'd also recommend you test drive Mazda 3s for a comparison. The advantages of stick are fun to drive, better gas mileage and faster start due to lower first gear ratio and closer gear ratios. Personally I will not buy an automatic car for myself ever. Though if you are stuck in stop and go traffic often, you may want to consider AT.
  • is the mazda 3 similar in performance, i looked at it, and to me it is heavier, and 4 door, im lookin for somen simple that can lock me in, and i just like the two door,

    however i have been lookin at these mazda'a and each tim ei see them i think man, they are cool, but i look at the back and it just doesnt do it for me, but i heard they were real fun to drive. i understand the SS is fast in zero to 60 and all but by buying an ls version, and driving it like a normal humin being, r u gonna miss out on a lot?
  • cobaltlscobaltls Posts: 5
    The LS is definatly better than the SS in my opinion. I just baught one last week. You pay around 5k more for the SS. You can get the LS and buy a aftermarket supercharger for 2-3k and have A LOT more hp and torque than the SS. Plus the SS comes with a 2.0L engine while the LS comes with a 2.2L. Once I get my supercharger on mine i'll be pushing around 250. While you get a STOCK SS and you get 205. Cost effective and better on the tracks.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I too prefer the 4-door after initially eyeing the coupe. I look at it this way, the 2-door maybe more sporty, but the 4-door is more roomy.

    The 2.2 L is slightly more powerful than its competition, especially the torque. The car has a respectable little over 16-second quarter mile time. An optional 2.4 L that powers the Malibu and HHR will be available after summer that puts out 170 hp. From what I understand, and actually heard last year, Chevrolet will have an optional, dealer installed, supercharger available for this engine.

    Additionally, the Chevy Cobalt is ripping up the competition on the drag racing circuit. They have set many speed records including top speed runs, and a blistering quarter mile of 6.9 seconds in pro-fuel. The pro-fuel Cobalts use the same engine block from what I have read, but the Ecotech block is modified with different cylinder sleeves because of the extreme heat, horse power used at this level of competition.

    I like a manual shift in a small car for slightly better mileage, performance, and having more control of the car. The 4-speed auto which has been around for many years, has been noted as bullet-proof, and is very smooth; best for city driving.
  • wouldnt u just crush the srt-4 with a 2.2, and 255 hp,

    i think that is what i am going to do, i think i came to a conclusion the cobalt supercharge is gonna kinda be a waste, i like the sport cloth seats anyway.

    but the only pickle i am in now, is the performance coupe comming whenever the hell it is supposed to come out. if i added a supercharge to 170 it prob make more than 255, but then u have to think, when is enough enough, it is my belief that a front wheel small car can become overwhellmed with too much, after all, the fwd has enough to do on its own. i dont want like understeer or nothin to be a constant pain in the [non-permissible content removed].

    also, u wont get the cool SS thing on your car :cry: but F it, mabye with the ls it might shock people on the road, another dissapointment is the 16 inchers, which is plenty big enough but the 18 rims look sooo cool. tires and rims arent cheap,

    i like the LS idea but here are some things i am thinking
    will wheels handle the high horse

    where the heck do u get a supercharger, do you have to buy it from a mag or site, and have a shop install it, or does the shop have it,

    here is the big thing, my friend just got a mits lancer evo, yes it is sick, but im a chevy guy, i cant go forighn and buy an sti or anything, i want to build somen up to compete with it, he put in some stuff, his evo is 390HP, but im not sure of the weight, i dont want to race him, i just want to be able to shut him up when i talk about my car competin with his.

    so the ls is prob the way to go, theres more than just a Supercharge, i can do, cant i mess with the air filters too?
    just someone come out and make a decision for me, after all the chevy deal thing last till aug 1st? should i wait for the SS coupe or buy quickly on the rally yellow LS im peakin at the the dealer, o the decisions, ahhhhhhhhhh

    just some1 make one for me
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    If you want a real reliable car for everyday driving I would stick with a stock LS. A modified car requires more maintenance, is generally not as reliable, and costs more to maintain.

    I can't tell you what brand supercharger fits on a Cobalt. You may want to go on a search engine and type superchargers to see what companies come up.

    I don't believe the supercharger option from Chevy is going to be a hugh boost in horse power. As mentioned in a previous post, there is a Cobalt accessories catalog available from GM. It costs over $20, and contains just about every part you can think of-pistons, rings, different cam shafts, headers, etc.

    A speed shop can install an aftermarket supercharger, but I doubt if there is much or a guarantee, if any.
  • cobaltlscobaltls Posts: 5
    cobaltfan, I have a 2door cobalt LS coupe, and I dyno'd it the other day just for chuckles. It says it has stock 145hp. But when i dyno'd it, it was at 160. So adding a supercharger will put it up to 260-265 with around 270 lb of torque. The evo's are nice, but your friend should put a bigger turbo in it than the stock one. If he upgraded the turbo he would get around 420+ hp easy. But back to topic, I'll tell you what i'm gonna put on my cobalt LS.

    Vortech Supercharger V-5
    intercooler (eventually)
    17" Arceo Suzuka Star Black Rims
    Injen Cold intake
    Carbon Fiber Hood
    Erebuni Hood scoop

    That's just me though, I'll probably have some more ideas to add, but not until later on. I'm going for the Red and Black look on my car. I think it'll look good. ;)
  • Well, now I have 3700 miles and just got it out of the shop for the 6th time! The flooding was caused by the evaporator pan. Seems that it split at the seam so they had to re-seal. The radio still locking up so they replaced - again! The dealer claims that it is a country wide problem but I haven't seen anybody posting problem except me. The passenger side was leaking again. But the service guy wrote it up as the driver side leaking and they found a problem that I wasn't aware of, yet! They had to re-seal the ditch roof molding.

    If they had kept it just one more day I would have been able to start the lemon law process but I'm sure something else will go wrong soon enough. I just want to be rid of this car!!! Has anyone out there ever lemon lawed a car before? What was your experience like? I live in Florida. I know each state has their own laws. I don't want to have to get an atty and can't even find one in my area that specializes in the Lemon Law. Any suggestions?
  • cobaltlscobaltls Posts: 5
    Dang frustrated, that doesn't sound too good. :-\ I haven't had a single problem with my cobalt. I'm at 1100 miles and I haven't had a problem yet **knock on wood** I'm not sure about the Lemon Law, haven't really even heard that term before. Explain if you don't mind.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    When you purchased the Cobalt, you should have received a LemonLaw brochure with you papers that you received in the Finance room.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    The lemen law here in Illinois is that the car has to go back for the same problem 5 times during the first year of ownership, or be in the shop for 30 consecutive days.
  • With the lemon law in Florida your car has to have the same problem three times or be in the shop 15 cumulative days. If the dealer hasn't fixed the problem you have to file a form w/the manufacturer and they have one shot at fixing the problem or problems. Then they either give you your money back or give you another car. At this point I don't want another Chevy! I want my money back so I can buy a Toyota, which is what I was planning on buying in the first place. But got talked into a Chevy by a friend of a friend who is the GM of the dealership where I purchased my car. He gave me a really great price or so it seemed at the time. I paid cash for the car but it has cost me approx $200.00 additional dollars because every time its in the shop I have to pay for extra insurance on the "loaner" car. But, I'm starting to rant. I'm just so sick of all the problems and having to deal w/the dealership who continues to lie to me about what they have done to the car when all I have to do is read the invoice and see what they have done. Its very insulting to have them lie to my face like I'm too stupid the read the invoice! Then he told me that they upgraded my radio to a better one. I get in the car and its exactly like the original one. What moron wouldn't notice that! Oops...I'm ranting again.

    I happy for all of you that got a good car and I hope that y'all continue to enjoy it. Hopefully some day soon I will have my toyota. :lemon:
  • mk39mk39 Posts: 18
    looking for an inexpensive safe car for the kids, looks like the cobalt fits the bill, although frustrated8's post may make me rethink that. interested in base sedan, manual transmission, with anti lock brakes, dual side air bags and cruise.

    1) can you still order a 2005 model? It will be hard to find this vehicle on a lot.

    2) is the gm discount price the lowest price you can get? Has any one negotiated lower?

    3) having made the mistake of getting a gm credti card, I can use $1000 credit toward purchase of a cobalt. the card I have actually has accumulated over $2000, however I am only allowed to use $1000 on the cobalt - is there any negotiating room here or is the $1000 written in stone?

    thanks for any help/advice.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    The $1000 limitation on the newer GM cards to be used towards the purchase of a Cobalt is written in stone...that I can attest to for sure...You can get $2000 if you purchase TWO Cobalts, though! :)

    The maximum is adjusted from time to time, reflecting sales and the market's moods...
  • cobaltlscobaltls Posts: 5
    If you buy the cobalt with the GM employee discount, there are no negotiation. I got my 2door Cobalt LS coupe with a sunroof and spoiler for 16,300. I put 2k down and I have a 320 a month payment. In my opinion I think I got a damn good deal for it.
  • nyguy1nyguy1 Posts: 23
    I just bought a 2005 Cobalt with NO options for $8999. That was 1300 UNDER employee pricing....I found many different prices in my search. YOU CAN NEGOTIATE with Chevy dealers during this promotion just like always. SOme may say that they will not go under employee price but others will. I found 3 other dealers willing to cut employee prices lower to get the sale. Good luck
  • nyguy1nyguy1 Posts: 23
    The GM master card rebate is a GREAT program and the money you save is REAL. You don't need to even tell the dealer you have it to the very end of the negotiation and he will be fine with taking your rebate off the bottom line. The dealer will get their money from GM. The limits per each car are limits of the program and the dealer has NO say in increasing that amount. It is not even worth trying because they will not be paid more than the $1000 for listed cars. Over the years I have saved over $11,000 thanks to this GM program and just am happy to be a part of this great deal.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    What's with the rental insurance, I have never heard of such a thing from a new car dealership. Except for AVIS and other rental car companies, there should be no additonal insurance, and even those are sometime negotiatable.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Always have to find a dealer that is desperate for sales. That's what I did with my Montana. Another dealer in the next town over refused to match it saying they were making no money at the price I got. You know you have a good deal when this is the case!
  • alternatoralternator Posts: 629
    I just posted the following on the Cavalier forum. Does the Cobalt Owner's Manual for the 2.2L engine have the same error?

    "The Owner's Manual for my 2005 Cavalier, with 2.2L (Vin Code F) Ecotec engine, says the oil capacity is 4.0 quarts, including filter. My previous five Cavaliers, with the cast iron engine, always had that same capacity.

    Boy, did I get a surprise! When I did my first oil change, the one-gallon catch container I have always used before severely overflowed (luckily I had newspapers and a plastic sheet underneath the container).

    I forgot to exactly measure what it took to refill my engine, but I would guess it must have been close to 5.0 quarts. How in the world can GM screw-up the Owner's Manual in this way (this is not a newly-introduced engine)? Has anyone here measured the exact refill quantity required for the 2.2L engine?"
  • I paid cash for my car so I only have the minimum insurance that the state requires. The dealership rents me a "loaner" car through Enterprise so I have to get full coverage.

    The good news is that I have had my car out of the shop for three full days and nothing has gone wrong, yet. That is a record!!

    I'll keep y'all posted
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    The wisdom, or lack thereof, of only carrying the state minimum insurance is for another place and time, but I urge you to rethink that....
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    Fantastic deal - congratulations! Do you have a GM card? Coupe or Sedan?
  • nyguy1nyguy1 Posts: 23
    The car I bought was the Sedan and I do have the GM master card so as to get the rebate money that goes along with using the card. BTW the coupe and Sedan are exactly the same MSRP and I could have had my choice for the same price.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    Is it the new or old card? How much GM Card money did you get to use?
  • nyguy1nyguy1 Posts: 23
    I used the "new" card and got $1000 off the $8999 price. The dealer did not mind at all giving me full credit for the $1000 since he gets that money back from GM mastercard anyway. After my rebate I paid $7999 plus TT&L. Not bad for a car with 47 miles that is as nice as the Cobalt is.
    The "old" card allows yo to accumulate up to $500 per year for 7 years and use all the money on any eligible car. The "new" card allows you to accumulate any amount per year on the card but has limits of $1000-$3000 depending on the car you buy. The limit on the Cobalt is $1000. Most limits are in the 1000-2000 range.
  • frustrated,

    I read your problem. Go find another dealer. Everything you've described make me think: Electrical, I'll bet a bad ground stemming from water getting inside your vehicle.
  • After carefully reviewing all my invoices, turns out that last Friday was only the 14th day in the shop. But, yesterday, my radio had an error message-again! And my brake light keeps coming on while I'm driving down the road. I told the guy at the dealership that I didn't think it was the radio but something leading into the radio. Such as an electrical problem. He just said that that couldn't be the problem. After all, I'm just a woman. What could I possibly know. So, tomorrow, with 3800 miles I will take the car in for the seventh time.

    At least this time when the radio had the error message the dealership was open and I drove it straight over there and showed him the message. I don't think he believed me before that. It always happened in the evenings or weekends when the "service dept" was closed.

    The other closest dealership is 25 miles away so not real convenient. But they do have a much better reputation. It might be worth the hassle. But after tomorrow when they don't fix my problem I can start the Lemon Law process.

    If it wasn't such a pain in the butt, it would ALMOST be comical. But right now it hurts too much to laugh.

    Thanks for your input. I'll keep y'all posted. :lemon:
  • gvsunursegvsunurse Posts: 28
    Glad that Edmunds exists...I bought my Cobalt LS coupe one month and 2 days ago and today, after putting a bag of clothes on the floor in the front of my car, passenger side, realized that the floorboard and floor mat were soaked. The driver's side and rear of the car were dry. I went to the carwash and vacuumed the floor out, and noticed that the water or whatever it is radiated in from the door area...most of the water was on the edges of the floorbored - the middle was pretty much dry. Glad to hear i'm not the only one, but very mad because the whole purpose of trading my '01 Grand Am in was to not have to deal with car trouble the rest of the time I'm in college... :confuse:
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