2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Due at U.S. Dealerships Next Year; Signals Major Product Offensive | Edmunds.

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image2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Due at U.S. Dealerships Next Year; Signals Major Product Offensive | Edmunds.com

The top-of-the-line 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio high-performance sedan, the opening salvo in the Italian brand's battle against the BMW 3 Series, debuted today at the historic Alfa Romeo museum outside of Milan, Italy.

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  • 7driver7driver Member Posts: 145
    Reminiscent of a Jag with some Ferrari influences.
  • ctpaulctpaul Member Posts: 46
    Quadrifoglio is "four leaf clover" not "cloverleaf"
  • squarefoursquarefour Member Posts: 24
    Maybe my expectations were out of whack with reality, but I'm disappointed with the looks. I mean, besides the trademark grille, there's nothing really "Alfa" about the styling here, or Italian, for that matter. This could just as easily be a Kia or any number of other makes...perhaps in person it's more distinctive. I guess I was hoping for a return to something more like the 159.
  • audttaudtt Member Posts: 1
    I completely agree with squarefour. After years of waiting, we Alfa lovers are now rewarded with styling more reminiscent of the Mercedes CLA or even the Dodge Dart! How about some cues from Alfa tradition, such as the beautiful GTV or even the 159? The various artist renderings/projections over the few months were much more interesting than what Alfa has produced. A sad day for tradition and styling.
  • lanciadeltalanciadelta Member Posts: 1
    Yes, I agree, you're right. But you have to understand why. That car is possibly the "last chance" for that brand to survive. Today's market is totally different in that segement. In order to compete, they are forced to sell a massive number of units.
    I am sure, in that segment, a "real" and unique Alfa would find many customers, but far not enough. You can/could see the same dilemma with other brands (e.g. Lancia, Saab, ...). Such brands have no chance today. It's a pity, I know.
    What they need are new customers that would normaly buy an audi, bmw, mercedes etc (with a "classic" and somehow "boring" design).
    That design now is in my opinion a perfect tightrope walk between a real Alfa and a "mainstream"-car. They inserted as much Alfa as possible, but not too much to distract new customers.
    I hope that is the way back to success. If that Giulia sells (very) well, we may see "real" Alfas in future...
  • cjasiscjasis Member Posts: 274
    I'm glad I'm no the only one who thinks the looks are underwhelming. Until I read the spec's I was guessing this was going to be an AWD dart with an Alfa nose added on because it looks an awful lot like a Dart to me.
  • nelsonfnelsonf Member Posts: 104
    I wish we could see some interior shots. Hopefully the manual will be available in the US.

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  • jeremy0818jeremy0818 Member Posts: 1
    Most likely 100-110kg (220-240lbs) heavier, Italians usually rate the weight in dry (no fluids including fuel)
  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    This is taking a HUGE risk.

    Trying to elbow themselves into an already crowded marketplace.

    But then, what do I know?

    Fiat left the US market with their tails between their legs years ago leaving a lot of people stranded
    with their troublesome cars.

    Then they returned with their frumpy little cars that are still troublesome and people seem to be snapping them up! I guess we have short memories.
  • mittzombiemittzombie Member Posts: 162
    Looks like a lot of fun until it falls apart and loses almost all its value quickly.

    Other cars will give you the same thing for less money and more reliability. Some people might want to waste money just to be different though.
  • mittzombiemittzombie Member Posts: 162
    7driver said:

    Reminiscent of a Jag with some Ferrari influences.

    Also a dodge with a new grill.
  • socal_ericsocal_eric Member Posts: 189
    Nice looking car. After spending some time in Europe in the last few years, if they can build some nice driving dynamics to go along with distinctive looks they might have an all-around good car this time.

    From a technical standpoint I have a couple thoughts. First, I'm curious how much parts and platform sharing there will be with the next generation rear-drive Chrysler/Dodge sedans (i.e. 300/Charger). To amortize development costs I'd imagine this platform won't just be used on premium cars.

    Second is the Integrated Brake System mentioned in this article. When their publicity information mentions and electromechanical unit that combines stability control with the traditional brake servo I read that to mean no conventional vacuum booster and incorporating the ABS hydraulic control unit directly into the braking system and using a high-pressure, motor driven pump and accumulator for braking pressure. GM tried this with their PowerMaster III system in the early-90s and even Chrysler with their Teves-based ABS in the Chrysler TC by Maserati.

    GM's PowerMaster III had nice ABS actuation and a firm pedal feel but like both system wasn't very reliable. Given a couple decades development it should be worked out as many cars use the ABS pump during normal driving (such as the ATE/Continental-Teves systems used on recent Ford and other models for active understeer correction and torque biasing on the drive axles).
  • nelsonfnelsonf Member Posts: 104
    Interesting thought on the brake issue. I wish one of the car mags would do a full review, but it may be a while before AR gets some press cars out there.

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  • alan_salan_s Member Posts: 362
    It would be a great technological advancement if it didn't rust in 5 minutes, managed not to warp it's block and heads in 10 minutes and not flood the garage with oil every day and break down in between. People forget why Alfa and FIAT left the US, and why FIAT means Fix It Again Tony! This will be a $50,000 tin can that won't be worth $5,000 after a couple of years.
  • andys120andys120 Member Posts: 23,242
    I stopped in at Bill Luke Alfa-Romeo to have a look at the new Giulia sedans. Only two base Giulias were on hand. Recently delivered TI and Quadrafoglio versions had already been sold.

    I was one of five guys there just to see the cars. I can tell you that they are very good looking, much more striking than the photographs suggest. They are about the size of the current BMW 3 Series. Four cylinder base models w a few options sticker just over $40,000.

    If they have decent backup from the factory and the dealer network, these could be a smashing success IMHO.

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  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 56,757
    I wish it the best, but I'd probably want to lease one rather than buy, during the initial launch, as FCA quality isn't exactly leading the world.

    Cool that this segment has a new player though, into a market where choosing Lexus is seen as a wild alternative choice.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 228,084
    We saw them at the car show, last month.

    AWD models here. TI AWD was around $50K, with a lot of options.

    Sitting next to a $55K Jaguar XE, there was no comparison. The Alfa wins by a mile. B)

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