Electrical Cooling Fan Issues

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My 95 Mustang Gt has been overheating lately. I think its due to a incorrect temperature sensor which makes the fan come on late. It usually starts spinning sometime after the meter hits the "A" in normal. It lowers the temp a little but not enough to prevent the car from overheating since its already hot. Once you shut it off it the fan rapidly clicks on and off and at the same time the check engine light flickers


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    First thing I'd do is determine if in fact the car is overheating, but inserting a mechanic's thermometer into the coolant (not sure if a scanner can read engine temp on your year car). Then I'd scan for trouble codes and see what shows up. This is kind of a "chicken and egg" question--did the fan cause the overheat, or is the overheating overpowering anything the fan could possibly do?

    If the car overheats even when moving along at speed in the cool morning hours, chances are it's not the fan that's the problem.
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    The car overheats because the fan dosent come on until its hot. What can cause this? Everything has been replaced besides water pump. It even has a gutted t-stat. I think it may be a rust water pump since it sat for years and i found so much rust in the coolant.
  • jtsewell7jtsewell7 Member Posts: 8
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