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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • stroudmanstroudman Posts: 192
    Yeesh, take it easy. I'll tell you why. Let's just use an example that I've witnessed firsthand: the pinch-protector window regulators on power windows. This was developed to spare people, especially children, from injury as windows rolled up. These systems were developed, tested, and fine-tuned on a CAD. A very contained experiment. After a year or two of these systems being on the market, several unforeseen circumstances came in to play, for example natural factors such as ice freezing into the window frames in extreme cold, and aftermarket factors, such as adding window tint. By the time these issues became apparent, there were supplier contracts already signed, production runs already made, and LOTS of money spent. Plotting a solution is not as easy as snapping their fingers. Meanwhile, toyota can watch all of this take place from a distance, and know what supplier NOT to use, what tolerances to set the glass to, how to design their windowsill to prevent ice build-up, negotiate a better deal with the supplier, etc. It's much easier to design a new car with someone elses hard lessons learned, and advertise the features as your own. Mercedes aren't for everyone, so if you would rather drive the cheaper also-rans, by all means...
  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    Even after re-reading my previous post, I can't figure out what I said that called for your "take it easy" comment. I certainly didn't intend to enrage or insult you; just to disagree with your comment and the logic behind it.

    If we once again use your own example, what it assumes is that the originator of a window motor regulator buys several years of parts in advance and therefore can't afford to correct design errors for multiple years. Although I can't profess to be an expert in auto manufacturing, that doesn't ring true to me. And even if true, why is it better to drive the "originator's" defective version for years rather than the "refiner's" improved design? Thank goodness that there is an innovator, but that doesn't mean that I want to buy their cars myself. I'd rather not have my kids' fingers potentially injured! ;-)

    BTW, any time I want to drive a Mercedes, I can drive either of the two I still own (which is why I follow this board). But these days I prefer my Lexus LS (which in fact costs more than a typical E, although less than a typical S), and leave the MBs to my wife and daughter.

    If you want to pursue this line of discussion, I suggest we move it to the High End Luxury Marques board. It's a bit out of place here.
  • stroudmanstroudman Posts: 192
    If no offense was intended, then none was taken. I don't mind if you attack my ideas, we obviously just see things differently.

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is that different consumers see value in different aspects of a good or service. When VCR's first hit the market they were bulky, expensive and didn't offer very many features. But that didn't stop some people from going out and getting them, they were still great. Did they know that six months or a year later there would be half a dozen new models on the market with more features at the same or lower price? Probably. A timex costs pennies on a rolex dollar, and keeps much better time, and both sell every timepiece they make. Simple pragmatics...

    There is no need to reply to this, I think you're correct that this is the wrong board for this discussion.
  • I just bought a 2001 C320, and I'm hearing a very slight thump, that speeds up and slows down as I do. The dealer says it's the tire and there is nothing to worry about. I have my doubts and I worry that it might be more serious. I've checked the tires and they are fine. It is not a rock or gum on the tire. Seems more internal. Any guess as to what it might be?? Help!!
  • stroudmanstroudman Posts: 192
    If the noise you hear is speeding up with the velocity of the car, not the revs of the engine, then it is very likely a tire/wheel related issue. I would take the car to a tech with a GOOD alignment machine (benz dealer) and see if switching tires side to side makes a difference. It could be an uneven tread wear issue...
  • carligmcarligm Posts: 2
    This issue has not been resolved and I have not received a reply. Surely, we don't have the only cars that have this issue.
  • Has anyone had any experience with the EC (economy mode) button stuck on the activate position? In this mode the compressor does not operate, so I get no cooling. Since repeatedly pushing the button does not deactivate it, as it should, is it a bad switch or perhaps a malfunctioning compressor. The car is a 2000 E Class HELP!!
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    The only way you will know is to either have it diagnosed by an independent or the dealer. The light will usually stay on when there is a refrigerant pressure problem. The system may have a leak, or it may have a bad sensor.
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    I guess you haven't heard about all the i-drive problems with BMW.
    I did my research and found MBZ to always be top notch in crash tests, mediocre in "reliabiltiy". I also know many owners who swear by them.
    My car has been a joy to drive, a joy to own, and honestly could not ask for anything better.
    I find it funny how people have a "problem" take the time to spread the word to everyone on a chat room to never buy this particular brand again.
    And as far as the A/C noise, make sure you don't have one of the vents closed(rear passenger ones too) this can cause a very loud whissle during operation.
  • gatogato Posts: 5
    I second that. As I have mentioned my E500 4MATIC wagon is simply great and problem-free. Judging a car by a few minor electronic gremlins in their first iteration (I also had an MB with the first nav system), is similar to dismissing a car based on the size of its cupholders. It is laughable. In any case, these surveys are always lagging actual quality improvements. Lexus may be somewhat more reliable but it is probably the most boring car on the planet to look at and drive.
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Last yr I bought a 2001 E320 Sport w/14k miles.It was Starmarked & I paid $1400 for 3 additional yrs of warranty.Great deal. Warranty until 2009. Have had no meaningful problems. This is MB #17.

    Just bought a 350SLK for my wife.--#18. Great car & it has a nav system that works well in spite of an almost impossible inst. manual.

    I only mention all this as I have had no serious problems with MB's over this length of time. Bought the 2001 E as I knew of problems with the new model & also figured that the the 2001 was the 6th yr of the model run.

    In addition I have owned over 100 cars --most of them new. From Ford to Cadillac to BMW to Lexus to MB to Porche to Ferrari & have never had a real lemon.

    I don't pretend to explain it. Maybe just lucky.
  • drewhilldrewhill Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out how to reset the service indicator? I would like to fing out the same thing.
  • I have a 1994 E320 Benz with a useless engine, so i want to drop an american chevy 350 ci. engine in it and a tansmission to go along with it but i dont know if the drive train will handle it. Will i have to get a new or different drive train/shaft to go alone with this engine
  • raj2000raj2000 Posts: 1
    I have taken the car for noise from steering when turning left and right. Dealer changed the rack a year ago but the problem still continues. The wiper is also very noisy. I took the car to MB dealer for the vary two problems and they could not find the problem. The car has 42,000 miles and is under extended warranty. This time they asked me to pay technician time for checking the problem as they could not find the problem. Reading the forum respondents, I fond many owners reporting the same problems with not only E but other MB models. Anyone having similar problems and possible solutions to these will be appreciated. Also, do we have to pay for technician time to diagnose the problem if the car is still under extended warranty? I have never seen this situation with any other manufacturers. The techs are truly incompetent in my opinion. I am surprized to deal with this situation for an expensive car.
  • caricari Posts: 1
    I see nothing posted about these items so here goes. For quite a while my 2000 E320 airconditioning would start puffing and now blowing. Or it wouldn't work at all. I kept returning it to the dealership and they would reset the computer and it would be fine. Finally, I figured out NOT to dial my cellphone near the radio as it picked up the frequency and would reset the airconditioner system or disable it. I also found that by putting the cellphone in the dash compartment under the radio would do the same thing when it rang. Odd.

    Now when I'm driving down the road, my Tel Aid comes on several times telling me I'm not a subscriber. (I'm not). But I haven't touched the button at all. The dealership is at a loss as to why it's doing that. It's pretty annoying, not to mentioned pretty scary to have it suddenly go off in rush hour traffic. I might add that it also continues to tell me that when the car is sitting and turned off. Anyone know what to do about this?

    And lastly, I can drive to my destination, get out of my car and take about 5 minutes, get back in the car and it won't start. If I wait about 5 more minutes, it fires right up. Again, no one can give me an answer.

    I've had very good luck with the car until the last two events.
  • bahusbahus Posts: 3
    Mercedes biggest ever recall – 1.3 million vehicles.
    Affected models – E, SL and CLS class.
  • gbbsrgbbsr Posts: 1
    I just had the exact same problem. Control panel above radio stuck on EC. I spent
    the better part of three days in my mechanics shop watching him troubleshoot the electrical system and replace three switches. He also evacuated and relpaced
    the freon twice. Today the problem was resolved by replacing the control panel.
    This is a $360.00 part, which is the reason he did everything else first. He gave it to me wholesale, or $260.00. Hopefully you can get it for that, or less. Maybe a salvage yard, if you are lucky. Hope this helps!
  • And I just found this board today. My business partner and I both purchased E320's about six months ago and so far we've both had eight (yes EIGHT) batteries replaced. If the car wasn't used for 24 hours, it simply died. Just like your dealer, mine stayed tight lipped and insisted that we were the only ones having problems. Up until purchasing my car, I had been a BMW driver (I've had four of them) and the ONLY reason I bought the MB was because I disliked the new BMW 5 series. I don't regret not getting the BMW (because I still hate the shape), but I really do regret getting the MB. Especially because I now have complete distrust of my dealer...
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    hi - does anyone know if wheels from a y2k E320 would fit properly on a 2005 (CDI)? thanks... i owned a y2k E320 AWD 4matic. it had so many problems, so i traded it for a Jetta TDI in 2003. but i'm still pining for the E320 features & heft, especially now that CDIs are available. if the wheels fit i must acquit. cheers...
  • I regret not getting the tire pressure monitoring system when I bought my E500. Anyways, I received 3 flats in less than a year; 2/3 times I had to get new tires because I drove on them for a bit too long.

    Does anyone know how I can get a TPMS system installed on my vehicle? I do not want to go through dealership of course; they wanted $6k for a bi-xenon installation when I got it for $1.8k through another person.

  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    "I guess most of the 'noters' here must spend all their time on Edmunds and didn't notice the Insurance Institute report last week that rated the E-class as the safest sedan in the US interms of accident fatalities. I can't believe that hasn't been mentioned here yet.."

    Changing the subject does not mitigate the myriad horror stories unfolding on this message board. Real folks -- owners -- are sharing their personal experiences about the reliability or lack thereof of Mercedes products. No one here doubts that the car is safe in a crash. What is questionable is whether one should buy the car to begin with; I am in that camp. Should I buy a great looking, great handling car that may end up spending more time in the dealer's garage than in mine? I don't want to have to pay for the car twice; once to buy it and once to rebuild it.

    The number of electrically related problems discussed in this forum -- one page alone-- is staggering. In contrast, the 2 Lexus RX cars my folks own (1999 and 2003) have never had a single problem. Not even one. Not a glitch or a hiccup. Oil changes only. There's no "settling in" period. It's perfect from day one and stays that way with routine maintenance.

    My Acura Legend has never failed to start. Not ever. And it's over ten years old.

    Let's compare apples to apples and leave crash test ratings to another topic thread.
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    "The only failure on either car so far was that my 96 needed a head gasket and a water pump at 120K miles. Expensive, yes, but not too bad for the mileage considering the quality of the driving experience."

    My Dad's 94 E-Class needed a valve job at 30,000 miles. How do we explain that in a meticulously maintained car?

    My 1991 Acura Legend LS has 132,000 miles on it, and it's never needed a head gasket and still doesn't burn a drop of oil. Over 250,000 + miles are common on Acura and Lexus engines. That's a quarter of a million miles without any service to the engine other than oil, spark plugs at 60K, and the scheduled timing belt change at 90,000 miles. A blown head gasket at 120,000 miles doesn't seem so great to me.

    A nice driving experience, sure that's great. But that assumes that the car is on the road, and not parked in the shop with the hood up or the dashboard torn apart.

  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    "The fact is that innovation is great; but innovation without excellent execution does not make for a very satisfactory ownership experience -- especially when you pay a premium price for it!"

    " MB needs to be able to execute as well as it innovates .. "

    Excellent points! Well said!

  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    "Lexus may be somewhat more reliable but it is probably the most boring car on the planet to look at and drive."

    I beg to differ. The Lexus is not just somewhat more reliable, it just plain is reliable. One of the most reliable cars on the plant. Period. Perhaps you haven't read Consumer Reports Annual Car Report this month. Lexus is at or very near the top in reliability (depending on model) and MB is near the bottom, especially the E and S class; nothwithstanding their superlative styling and handling.

    Boring is sitting in the customer lounge while you wait to get your car fixed for the umpteenth time. Boring is sitting in the customer shuttle to and from your office while the car is in the shop for recall repairs.

    As for looks, I think the new 2006 GS 430 looks pretty good and drives pretty darn well too.

    Would I like to have a new E 350? Yes indeed. But after all I am reading here, and in other consumer sources, it seems a dicey proposition.

    Does anyone have any positives to report on expected reliabilty for the 2006 E class models?

  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    Have them check the rubber boot at the bottom of the steering shaft where it exits the firewall. When the rubber gets dry it can cause a slight moaning noise.
  • gatogato Posts: 5
    As I mentioned, I have already had two MB E class wagons, one was a 2000 E320 4Matic wagon and the other a 2005 E500 4Matic wagon. Both have been great cars to drive and own. No problems except a few nav issues with the 2000 model during the first few months of ownership. Problems in these forums and surveys are overrated. People who are happy with their purchase rarely bother to write and surveys are usually lagging actual improvements and do not make any attempt to rank the severity of the problems (for example, my 2000 had three separate stereo/nav problems -- do those matter as much as an engine or brake problem?).
    So if you want an E350, get that one instead of settling for a more reliable but boring choice.
  • stroudmanstroudman Posts: 192
    Mercedes-benz cars were never meant to appeal to the masses, as toyotas are. People's purchasing choices aren't always based on caution and sensibility, anyway. Take San Francisco, for example. Second only to NYC for cost of living, (very expensive) great climate, great architecture, great VIBE. Yet if you ask the right siezmologist, they will warn you that the whole city is going to fall into the ocean some day, MAYBE. It doesn't stop people from moving there in droves...
  • sjeedsjeed Posts: 86
    In the recent past, I have owned/driven Lexus', BMW's, and now my first Mercedes-Benz, a 2006 E350. Was and am I concerned about the quality issue, absolutely. So far with about 500 miles on it, I am quite pleased with my decision. Yes, the recall on the brakes probably affects my car, though I have yet to receive a letter on this. But, truth be told, only time will tell if the car will be reliable.

    Currently I am leasing cars, so at least there is an out in a few years, if things are not to my liking. Also, I am pretty insistent on getting proper resolutions (and know a few folks in the industry) if things are not going well, and am usually pretty successful in that regards. Notwithstanding that the frustration and persistence always has a value/price.

    There are so many good cars on the market, but personal choice is just that, personal. I looked at the new GS and was pleased from the standpoint of true Lexus quality (not necessarily knowing if this car will have quality problems, which is rare for Leuxs), but for me the car missed some beats. Again, personal preferences.

    I like some of the features and benefits of the new E350, such as not having to agree to the Nav warning, or venting in the sunroof interior shade to allow ventilation with it closed when you don't want the sun beating down on you, or the fold-down rear seat headrests that allow for better rear views. The engine also has nice pickup while not being a V8 and thus uses less gas. And, I like the fact that I will be able to integrate my iPod into the sound system someday soon. Bottom line is I have found myself prefering german engineering in cars and am willing to support the innovations to a point. So far I have not reached the point of returning to either Japanese or American cars.
  • We are trying to solve our problems for the E500; Lexus vehicles can be reliable but let's get on with the point. Remember that your dealership plays a profound role in your car's mechanical reliability.

    How much do iPod integration kits cost? And does anyone know about the Tire Pressure Monitoring System's availability after Mercedes builds the car?
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