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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • My 99 E320 with 43k miles has a problem with the turnsignal, no matter which way I move the turn signal it only blinks on the right side


    Any help
  • Did you ever get satisfaction from the dealer? I have a similar problem with my radio. It operates intermittently and does not acknowledge the cd changer. Local dealer sez $350 to diagnose then +++ to replace radio and cd changer.
  • lex10lex10 Posts: 30
    I have had the same problem in my 2003 E500 and had it in for service once. They did not find anything wrong the first time. I am bringing it in for service again. Hopefully they can fix it. The thump also seems worse when the weather is really cold and/or the vehicle just starts after sitting for a while (over-night). Good luck with fixing your problem.
  • I should probably explain that this noise is heard when I am stopped and the motor is running. On the 2003 E320, they replaced several valves and the cannister. They finally put additional sound proofing material in the fender well and the trunk. This deadened the irritating noise but it was still there. I think this cannister is supposed to get rid of unspent fuel vapors. Regardless, the 2005 E320 is doing the same thing, so I guess it is one of those "they all do that" situations. I did ask the dealership if there was a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) on this problem and was told no. I'm surprised no one else is having this problem.
  • Have 2001 E 320. AM radio reception stinks. Have trouble getting even local stations. Had same problem with 1999 E 300. Dealer changed radio but one is as bad as the other.


    Anybody have any solutions or answers? FM ok.
  • lex10lex10 Posts: 30
    I brought my car in to get the noise checked out and it turned out to be a defective rear shock. My problem seems to be different from yours. My car was only making the noise when I went over bumps. Hope this helps.
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    It is normal. You will normally hear a "thumping" type of noise while sitting at idle without the radio on. This comes from the purge valve that vents the fuel tank during pressure build-up. I don't even know mine is there unless I purposely listen for it.

    I have other makes of cars that are actually a lot more noticeable.
  • dfcddfcd Posts: 2
    The part of the conversation which comes through the speakers (the person you are talking to) can be heard outside the car very clearly 20/30 feet away.

    Of course distance depends on the volume. The sound comes out of the 4 door speakers.


    Dealer let me check another car 2004 E class and the same thing.


    Has anyone else noticed this problem?
  • Just bought a new 2005 E500 last week. My car makes a very loud rattling noise when applying or releasing the brakes. Sometimes just starting up the car starts the noise. It is so embarrassing that if my neighbor is near, I try to coast into the garage without using the brakes. One service advisor says it is the brake pump and they can make it quieter; another advisor says it is normal. Just amazing how the demo E500 didn't make any noise. When I challenged the service advisor to try another E500, the brake pump was barely noticeable. But my car's brake pump sounds like a cheap air pump from K-Mart. Why in Hell's name would Mercedes make brakes that sound like a cheap a/c compressor at a trailer park. I hope they fix this problem or the car is going back as a Lemon.
  • shshshsh Posts: 1
    I own a 1993 W-124 230CE. Of late my engine stalls at low speeds eg. slowing down at road humps, toll gatess etc. I've gotten my fuel pump and sensor changed and a couple of ther components as wellhowever to no avail. Have anybody experienced anything like this before?
  • greadgread Posts: 1
    can anyone help,i have a E230,when i try to lock or unlock my car the red and green lights in the rear view mirror both flash for 30 seconds.i am worried if i try to enter the car while these are flashing it will activate the alarm.does anyone know what may be causing both these lights to start i,m sure your aware the green light should come on when unlocking the car and the red on locking the car.VERY GRATEFULL FOR ANY ADVICE
  • hansmhansm Posts: 2
    My EC light is stuck on and now the ac won't come on. I checked the ac and the independent mechanic said it was fully charged and ready to operate once the electrical problem is resolved. Any ideas as to where the problem lies? If its a relay or something easy that would be great. Apparently MBZ no longer makes service manuals available to the public so I have nothing to work with.

  • hansmhansm Posts: 2
    I just replaced the right one last week. The left one was replaced last year. Apparently this is the most common interior item failure. Remove the decorative covers on the door handle, unscrew the door lock button, remove all screws. Carefully pull out panel from the bottom. Once all the plastic snaps are off or broken (best to buy a whole new set, I did) then the top lip by the glass needs to be impulsed off or gently pulled off vertically. Now, with the panel a few inches removed you disconnect wiring and the door latch rod. Drill out the regulator's rivets to remove the broken one. Buy new rivets when you order the part from MBZ. All the parts (plastic snaps, rivets and regulator) will cost you around $120. The motor is most likely fine. The regulator's nylon guides brake and the wire gets tangled up. That's what happened on mine, twice. Be sure to prop the glass so it does not slam down after you remove the regulator. You will need a riveter, a $20 item from sears with the changeable rivet nozzles. Good Luck, It took me about 1 hr the second time. 2-1/2 hrs the first time!
  • I appreciate your reply. You don't happen to know if MBNA has a Technical Service Bulletion out to quieten this noise do you?
  • I have a 2003 e320 and the wiper noise when the intermittant function is on during a mist or very light rain is so loud that it is difficult listening to the radio. The sound is certainly greater than any vehicle I haver ever owned and I also find it annoying that you can't control the frequency in an infinite fashion like most cars. Mb says they can't do anything about the sound or control. Does anyone else have this problem? Any solutions or recommendations ?

    thanks in advance
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    I don't know of any bulletins at this time. I did notice at the car show that the new C's and E's have a much different looking valve and canister compared to my '04.

    It might be something they can retrofit on yours.
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    Typically when the "EC" light is stuck on, it is because the pressure sensor is detecting a low charge. When this happens it won't allow the compressor to engage.


    That being said, how does the independent know that it's fully charged? Reason being is that to see the system pressures with a set of gauges, the compressor would have to engage, which takes us back to square one. This is unless the independent evacuated and recharged the refrigerant which the specified level and it still won't turn on.


    There are a few obvious possibilties: the system is leaking, a sensor is defective, or the control unit is acting up.


    Anyway, if your independent is fairly knowledgable, they should have the proper diagnostic equipment to access the climate control computer and read what the sensors are picking up.
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    Are you sure you're not exaggerating? That noise, the SBC hydraulic pump, does have a noticeable "buzz", but you would have to be right next to the car to hear it.

    Especially since it only runs for a few seconds.
  • bigrobnhbigrobnh Posts: 114
    this reply is neither timely nor helpful but the AM reception of my 2001 E320 is easily the worst I've ever experienced. You are correct, it barely picks up local stations.



  • had slight brake hissing. just mentioned it at service as i was there for a recall notice. was told brake pads needed changing (18,000 miles). since then the brake noises can be heard by truckers. I have taken the car back to service 4 times and each time i am told this spring or that spring was replaced and car would be fine then the noise returns within 24 hrs. any similar experience or solution?
  • Appreciate your reply. I do now have an 05 E320 and it is thumping also. Other than that, I love the car so I guess I can live with it. Been driving MB's for 16 years. Probably will continue to drive em' for another 16.
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    There is a new front caliper spring plate available. The noise you will typically hear is metallic type of noise that sounds like the brakes are metal to metal. The noise can be heard when coasting or applying the brakes.
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    Have the dealer check the antenna splitter and/or the ground connection going to it.
  • bszetobszeto Posts: 24
    Hi, I'm asking this on behalf of my father. Anyone have a "check electronics" light on 1996-2002 E-classes that constantly flashes on in the dashboard light? As well, what is the cause of constant lightbulb burnouts? Is it the wiring? Please let me know!




    P.S. Anyone know what the general costs of the various electronics parts/modules(for the power driver's seat, steering wheel, mirrors, etc.)?
  • the problem with your am reception is that you have a metalic window tint on the rear window.there is a merz tech bullitin on this.
  • Yes the dealer has checked all antenna connections & has changed radios twice.


    Lets try another approach. Does anyone have this unit that works really well on AM?


    Having XM installed. FYI the Roady2 can be installed in the ash tray & hard wired in. This way you can close the ashtray door & also retain use of the lighter socket. (use it for cell charger)
  • G-kid,if you remove the metalic window tint from from your rear window and replace it with a non metalic am reception will by fine.MB has a tech service bulletin on this common complaint.
  • NO tint on any windows!!!
  • I am new to the world of MB with my January purchase of a 2005 320E. Coming from an Audi A4 Quattro and a BMW 3 prior to that, I find the steering to be very light. In fact, the lightness increases as my driving speed increases -- in other words, I can turn the steering wheel slightly more with no impact on where my car is heading. Dealer looked at it, replaced a couple of tires but problem persists. Am curious if I am just not used to MB steering or if I have a real problem. Any responses will be appreciated.
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