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2008 Toyota Highlander



  • canuck17canuck17 Posts: 28
    I ordered a 2008 Highlander Ltd. (Black and Black interior) without the Navigation package in late April when our local dealership ordered their first models. I picked up the vehicle on August 2nd, the first day of the Canada wide launch. I am very impressed with the vehicle including its ride, comfort, visibility, back up camera and features and gas mileage (plus the fact it can use regular 87 octane gas). The cargo capacity with the seats down and legroom and headroom (a big issue with me) are great.

    I agree that the ceiling material on the 200 Highalnder should be improved (looks cheap in an otherwise nice vehicle interior). I would have prefered the nice chrome alumium trim to the faux wood trim but it is not a major issue.

    I took the vehicle on the road (have about 700 miles on it)to lake country in Manitoba and Ontario Canada and it handled and accelerated very well even in hilly roads with curves. The steering seemed to firm up the faster I went and when negotiating curves in the highway. The premium JBL Stereo with 9 speakers has very clear crisp sound for FM radio, CD's and MP3/WMA. Bluetooth feature is great. Fit and finish is top rate. The safety features are advanced which is very important to me.

    I had narrowed down my choices to the MDX and Lexus RX 350 before I found out the 2008 Highlander was coming out this summer. The RDX and CX7 were a bit too small without not enough room. The turbo four feature and needing high octane gas and the overly firm ride (especially our paved streets and highways) which made you feel every bump and small crevice in the road up your spine a no go for the vehicles.

    I really enjoyed the MDX ride, handling and features but the wide size of it were detractors.

    So far very impressed with the Highlander.I looked at the 2007 Highlander Ltd. late last year and this is definitely an upgrade and worth the extra money.

    Canuck 17
  • ronliteronlite Posts: 3
    I thought that only the Sport, not the LTD, was available with black interior?
  • canuck17canuck17 Posts: 28
    I am from Canada and was told that some option features may be different from the U.S. My 2008 Highlander has a black exterior and interior which really looks nice IMO with the black tinted windows and chrome outside accents on the vehicle. In Canada we only can order the third row seating which is not really needed for my needs,although,the seats fold down flat easily to leave a lot of cargo room.
  • I took both the 2008 Limited and Sport for a test drive in the past week. The float and leaning in corners is my only concern with the vehicle, otherwise it is great. That said, I did notice a slight improvement with the Sport, especially in body lean. Although it is still considerably more than the MDX or Tribeca we are also considering. Tribeca has the fun to drive factor, but the back seating is somewhat cramped. I am going to have my wife test drive a Sport for a 1/2 day and make sure it doesn't bother her as it leans and floats more than her RX300.
  • I got a silver Sport with leather etc.

    I would agree with others impressions. Not the most exciting drive but ok with plenty of power.

    Size was what drove me to the HL over the other options also.

    The profusion of airbags was also a big plus.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    The Rav4 DOES have a third row option. Kind of neat too. Folds into the floor when not in use.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I think it's going to take some getting used to the electric power steering. The RAV4 also has it as does the new xB, xD, yaris. The steering feels numb. The HL has a very smooth ride but I think the word Sport has a performance connotation which this vehicle is not.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You can set it to come through the speakers.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    She'll feel right at home then. The 08 HL chassis is what the 09 RX will be built on.
  • miacar07miacar07 Posts: 28
    Why is it when I go to the toyota website it doesn't let me select Rear DVD Entertainment as one of the options?
  • Miacar07,

    I believe you need to select the Sport or Limited grade in order to have the DVD available to you, as Toyo doesn't put it in the base model. Hope this helps. And at least in my NorCal zip code, you have to purchase groups of options in order to get the DVD player.
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    On top of having to choose Sport or Limited to get DVD, it is part of a huge option package that forces you get get everything including the kitchen sink.

    In my region, I cannot get NAV with DVD with the Sport. Have to upgrade to Limited. Kinda blows...wondering if I can order the two together with the Sport Trim (and wait 3 months for delivery)
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    It's silly to force a square peg into a round hole. The DVD systems are installable by just about any good-sized dealership or local installer. Talking through the problem with the local store often can generate a wealth of options.

    We put in 15 to 25 DVD systems every month in everything from RAV's to Camrys to Sequoias to Highlanders to Tundras to 4Runners. It takes part of a day and it's done by specialists.
  • miacar07miacar07 Posts: 28
    Does anybody know what the '08 Highlander Limited is going for in South Florida?
  • nimrod99nimrod99 Posts: 343
    Anyone with a Nav equiped Highlander, do you know if..
    The unit voice speaks text (ie street names)
    can you use voice command to control the radio, climate control etc

    just wondering.
    My wife is getting a 2008 CR-V and the EX-L has those features
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Last time I checked they were selling for as much as they could get.
  • fptgfptg Posts: 10
    Wondering if there have been any issues early on with the 08 HL. I have read many glowing reports here. I am curious if any one has experienced any initial failures.
  • gdkogergdkoger Posts: 23
    I just ordered mine. 1% over invoice in MD.
  • I have about 1000 miles on an 08 Sport (Silver) and no obvious problems at all. Got it for invoice plus $600 for registration etc.
  • Bought our base 08 HL @ the end of July (one of the 1st off the lot). Currently @ about 1000 miles no problems yet! I usually don't buy 1st model year vehicles so I am hoping for good luck with this one.

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Does that include the destination charge?
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    There's deals to be had if you are ready to buy. August has not been a stellar month to speak of so everyone is struggling to move inventory.
  • Can you tell me what options you got on it and where you got your deal from. I am talking to a few dealwers now but nothing going.

    I really want a limited with black interior and I might just wait unitl it is offered
  • I put a deposit down on an 08 LTD AWD with all options , including preferred accessory package, EXCEPT for nav and rear DVD for $34950 + tax and tags. This price included $500 advertising, $680 holdback and $325 financial reserve (which in total they called their invoice) PLUS $500 over invoice for the grand total of $34950. Good deal? I basically beat the price to death with 8 dealers and nobody would go lower. The color is magnetic gray metallic with ash interior. This was in long island, NY.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Great deal!
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Yes a Limited @ $500 over is working hard for your money...

    I basically beat the price to death with 8 dealers and nobody would go lower

    Good Job.
  • gdkoker,
    I'm in Columbia , MD. Which dealer did you get your Highlander from?
  • gdkogergdkoger Posts: 23
    I ended up at Thompson in Edgewood. But Jones Junction in Bel Air was also going to match.
  • kayphilkayphil Posts: 1
    Do you mind telling me what dealer you went to. I am also on LI and I am trying to get a good deal on a limited. I have been to 3 dealers so far and the most they are offering off the MSRP of 38,500 is 1,000.
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