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Volkswagen Jetta 2006+

libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
edited May 2014 in Volkswagen
I hope these cars look nice, have more room, sportier styling, wood trim available and leather available on the Golf without having to get the GTI. Arrive here in 2005 as 2006 models.


  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I believe the new model Jetta/Golf will be 2005 models released in winter of '05. I am also eager to see the new model since my lease ends in the spring of 2005.
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    This is the way manufacturers work. What car do u own now?
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    2002 Jetta GL 5 speed. Could use more power, but I love it so far.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    When do Jetta pictures come out?
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    Like an A3 but not attractive. Very similar in shape to the Mazda 3.
  • mpg5mpg5 Posts: 68
    available in late 2004 as a 2005 model yr according to vwvortex.they have some pics and a lot of info. new jetta introduced after golf and to share the same front end. i think the company is making a mistake doing this even if it is a cost saving measure. two different models should have their own identity. inline 5 making 150 hp will be standard base engine with all new 24v 2.0L turbo putting out 200hp as an upgrade option. all trannies supposedly 6 speeds (manual,tip and dsg). i hope they offer some hot new colors cause i'd really love a 4 dr turbocharged 200hp 6 spd manual golf.
  • VW needs to take care of their cars' poor reliability issues. Until then, I won't be buying any new VWs in the near future. They are, however, nice cars WHEN they are not in the shop for unscheduled service.
  • biggie2biggie2 Posts: 45
    The Golf chassis, engine, and practically everything else on the car is shared with the Jetta and GTI. All three of these models have horrible reliability making Consumer Reports give Volkswagen the second worse reliability rating (Cadillac last) off all American nameplates. The Passat and im sure the Toureg come from different chassis, using, for the most part, different engines. According, again, to Consimer Reports, the Passat (no data on the Toureg yet) has much better reliability. This leads me to believe that VW just screwed up back in '99 and put together one [non-permissible content removed] car and then made two other cars from that one [non-permissible content removed] car. I am optimistic that VW can make a good car and that they hopefully put reliabilty high on its list of improvments for the new car. Of course, my little "theory" could be totally wrong and they put together another problem prone automobile. It will be too bad because i absolutely love my 01 Jetta and would love to buy another.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,862
    01 Golf was recommended by Consumer Reports.
  • I see many problems with the gas (Norht American) manufactured vehicles and far fewer with the TDIs made in Germany. My '03 Jetta has had one problem- the preamp in the radio antenna died. It has been perfect otherwise. Couldnt be happier.

    I think CR should segregate the locations of manufacture for their reliability/recommendation ratings. If they dont, their ratings are totally worthless. Then again, I've not trusted CR recommendations since they gave Subarus better frequency of repair statistics than Toyota but kept on recommending Toys. Just didnt seem right to me. This went n thru the 70s and 80s.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    VERY NICE!!!!!! I hope the Jetta follows suit!!!
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    is not that important. My 2000 GTI GLX was made in Germany. And it was a piece of junk. $2100 in repairs in the month of July alone.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Time to upgrade to a passat!
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 5,223
    What repairs did you make to your GTI?
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032 - 8

    "VW's new electro-mechanical steering is equally impressive, avoiding the vagueness and lack of feedback that plagues similar systems from rivals. In fact, most drivers won't even notice the changeover from the conventional set-up fitted to the current car."

    The conventional set-up fitted to the current car only provides very limited feedback, so this is not saying much.

    "Fire it up and the FSI is quiet and refined, but this only serves to emphasise the excessive WIND and TYRE noise at speed."

    I'm surprised to hear that!
  • Geez, what if VW asked the Ford/Mazda group to design a car that looks like a Toyota Matrix...what if...Looks like they actually did.. What a dissapointment. The original hot hatch now looks like a grocery hauler for soccer moms.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 5,223
    The current generation Golf/Jetta seems to have plenty of wind noise at speed.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "Geez, what if VW asked the Ford/Mazda group to design a car that looks like a Toyota Matrix...what if...Looks like they actually did.."

    You bet they did hire the Focus designer to design a Focus-type control-blade multilink rear suspension for the upcoming A3/Golf/Jetta/Passat. & now the new Mazda3 has it, too.

    "What a dissapointment."

    It's a disappointment that the Focus engineer only did the rear, so the front of these new VW/Audi are not having nicely-communicative steerings.

    "The original hot hatch now looks like a grocery hauler for soccer moms."

    Most hatches these days are turning into semi-vans/SUVs.
  • mwoltzmwoltz Posts: 1
    Has anyone found any links to pics of the new Jetta?

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,000
    Haven't seen any, but here's a good discussion on the upcoming Golf:
    NEW VW GOLF V 2005

    In fact, that's the best place for us to continue the whole conversation on the Golf. Since these are two separate redesigns, we'll separate the discussions and use this one only for the Upcoming Jetta. Thanks!


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  • So I don't think that I'll be wanting a new car by then. I'll still be paying for mine in 2008.

    I thought that VW was a reliable brand. I guess I didn't do all that much homework. Is anybody having problems with the 1.8T's that they stuck in the Wolfsburgs?
  • "I thought that VW was a reliable brand."

    People assume since VW is an import label that it "must" be reliable. Some "think" they know, but don't make sure it's true.
  • I've seen some rumors and photos of a future Jetta convertible with a retractable hardtop. When might it be released, and how much might it cost?

  • I heard that the next Jetta for the US won't be here until calander year 2006, making it possibly a 2007 model. That would make it a nearly 7 year design, maybe 8! And people wrap GM for keeping cars long on the shelf!
  • With a GM model that has been around for 4+ years, you can at least assume that most of the bugs are worked out of that particular model. I guess that goes for any brand, so I don't think that having a model run for a long period of time without changes is a bad thing. In the case of the Jetta, I would actually like them to keep the same style for even longer...Kinda like the bug in the 60's and 70's...
  • "That would make it a nearly 7 year design, maybe 8!"

    The difference between GM and VW is that VW is continually upgrading and adding features every new year. Examples would be the new ESP option for 2003; the 1.8t being upgraded from 150hp to 180hp from 2001 to 2002; or the newly available 6 speed manual transmission on some models. German car companies are less concerned with styling changes and more concerned with engineering, "under the skin" changes that provide more utility and performance for their customers. Now if they would only provide better QC throughout the model cycle that would be ideal.
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