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335i xDrive Cruise Control

xeyexeye Member Posts: 168
edited November 2015 in BMW
I drive my 2013 335i xDrive the length of Interstate 89 several times a year between Boston and Montreal. I generally set the cruise control at 72 or 73 mph, a little faster than the limit but hopefully not enough to attract attention. On certain long steeper downhills, the car needs to slow down faster than coasting would allow in order to maintain the set speed. Question: Do the brake lights come on? If the car's speed was being manually controlled, they would light up.



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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    From all I've read on the BMW boards around the internet, yes, the brake lights do function in such situations.
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    xeyexeye Member Posts: 168
    Really. That's astonishing, although I should not be surprised considering that in my 2013 335i xDrive, it appears that they thought of everything.

    I'd like to broaden this thread to get comments on what BMW owners would like to see improved, added or enhanced on the higher end 3 series vehicles. I'm considering a 2016 340i, when it shows up at the dealerships.

    Is there a better forum where I can share ideas or questions?
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    How to Create a Discussion

    Asking BMW owners...well, you could get an earful just about the steering response and how it's "not like it used to be". B)
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    wiphilly9001wiphilly9001 Member Posts: 13
    Would be nice to be able to set a default drive mode. I'd set it to Sport and leave it there :)
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    xeyexeye Member Posts: 168
    Regarding the navigation system, I would like a "What the #$%#%$#% street am I on?" button to press that will tell me where I am. I would also like to be able to enlarge the street names on the map without zooming in on the map itself.

    Now, is that so hard? :p
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    xeyexeye Member Posts: 168
    edited November 2015
    I know this is the wrong post for this, but I wasn't sure where to post it for a wider audience. I'm hoping that @nyccarguy1 finds this.

    Does anyone still monitor this post? I have a question about a 2011 135i Convertible in Massachusetts. I am about to commit, post-deposit, to a 2011 model with Cold Weather, Premium, Sport & Value packages plus DCT tranny, H/K stereo & M steering wheel. The BIG factor is the ragtop with glass rear window. Does anyone have any experience with a soft top of this vintage in a cold snowy climate? We had ~110" of snow last year in Boston with up to 14" on the roof at a time. I know because I scraped it off my 2013 335i xDrive, several times. If you've seen a license plate of STLTH, that's me. If you spot me, wave (hopefully with all 5 fingers).

    This particular vehicle was leased, then bought, by one owner in Orange County, NY, and has 18,000 miles since the in-service date of 04/2011. It is a CPO vehicle from a BMW dealer in Metrowest.

    I did post this on a 1-Series forum that hasn't seen any activity for the last 14 months.
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