Does the Maintenance Minder feature remind me of all the necessary maintenance?

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I recently purchased a Honda Civic SE 2015. I have no car experience, and I would appreciate it if other can give pointers, as to what maintenance need to be done on cars. Here's what I know that needs to be done on a regular basis:

1) Checking/Refilling Engine Oil
2) Checking/Refilling Coolant
3) Checking Battery
4) Checking/Refilling Window Washer Fluid
5) Changing Wiper Blades
6) Checking/Rotating Tires

The trouble is that I can't figure out how often this needs to be done on my Honda Civic (e.g. how often do you check/refill engine oil, every 3000 miles?) I've seen some generic values out there on the web, but they always say consult the user manual. Been looking through the manual, and it seems to suggest that maintenance is only required when the Maintenance Minder lights up. So do I just not do anything until the Maintenance Minder indicator lights up?

I'm also on the Honda website, and for some reason the Maintenance Schedule link is not giving me anything. Is anyone having similar issues? I just need a table/chart of recommended scheduled maintenance.


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