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I have a 91 k1500 with a 5.7 350 crate motor and I'm looking for more power I seen other places that people say throttle body spacers and air intakes are useless wondering if anyone else had better lucky with them and also jet preformance chips. Also I was looking at a edelbrock preformance plus cam and lifter kit wondering if anyone else has it or something and about how much more power I'd get from it 


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    Getting more power out of your engine and spending your money wisely and efficiently requires a good deal of planning. Your engine is like one long tube. Just opening one end (cold air intake, e.g.) or opening the back end (cat back exhaust system, headers) can't do much if you don't address the middle of the tube as well (camshaft, cylinder heads, etc).

    so what I'm saying is that if you want an engine with considerably more horsepower, as opposed to the measly gains you get with cold air intake or custom exhaust system, then you have to BUILD that engine, with a plan in mind.

    If I were you I'd consult with a speed shop and come up with a total game plan and a budget. Short answer---if you don't dig into that engine's internals, or you don't go to a supercharger, the best you're going to scrape up with intake and exhaust mods is maybe 15-20 HP.
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    Alright thank you 
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    Any idea about the specific crate motor you have? They can range all over the place in power potential, depending on the heads, cam, intake, etc. that were used.
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    No we bought the truck in December it only has 18,000 miles on it guy never told us any other details 
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