2002 Kia Sedona Brakes

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We have a 2002 Kia Sedona with about 8000 miles on it. We have brought the van in numerous times because the rear brakes seem to make a strange noise when stopping. It sound like a a thumping. grinding kind of sound. I was told this is common on the van and will stop after the brakes are worn down a little. Anyone else have a problem like this?


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    my 2002 has 22,000 miles on it and i do not have this problem.

    in most cases when a car dealer service advisor provides and answer like this it is geared to sounding like they know what you are talking about from their vast knowledge , and then putting you out the door. The fact is , it is safe to assume any motorist that has driven more than one car in their life , is fully qualified to judge a funny sound coming from back brakes. Virtually all rear brakes are DRUM brakes and they do make funny sounds when they are not hooked up properly. That is how you can assume there is a problem ! The fix is to make them remove the brake drums and actually LOOK at the brakes.There could be a spring or shoe that is malformed or incorrectly installed.

    Rear drums do not take 8,000 miles to " SEAT" them self!

    Good Luck.
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    it doesn't take 8,000 miles, or 80 miles, for that matter, for brakes to "seat".

    Talk to the service manager, not the service advisor, and demand a repair - this is your brakes we're talking about.
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    My wife , who knows such things says it was the mother of Beaver Cleaver, TVs , Barbara Billingsly.
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    Yeah, I think it was Barbara. Maybe she got a job at the Kia dealership?
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    I'm a hard-core "Happy Days" fan...
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    Barbara Billingsley played the 'Jive Lady'. This movie is oft-quoted where I work.

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    broken due to my love for Marion Ross and her now realized lack of furthering of her career...just to think, the only thing she's done since Happy Days has been spots as Drew Carey's mother.

    Now, back to Kia Sedona brakes.....I don't see any more problems with the Sedona brake pads and rotors than I do with other vhicles. Considering changes in brake systems due to CAFE and EPA reasons (chicken dung changes made by manufacturers to comply with standards better, like lighter rotors for weight savings), I see complaints about rotors warpage and pad ineffectiveness on just about every marque of vehicle.
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    It's turning into an epidemic it seems.
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    I haven't had a vehicle line yet that didn't show some complaints concerning rotor warpage. The obvious remedy is to switch over to Brembo replacements (the Tire Rack has them CHEAP) or a reputable company like Bendix. Then again, someone who buys a new car or truck should have to replace their rotors with aftermarkets parts after only 10-15K miles.....
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    It's the thickness basically. They are too lightweight.
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    At 25,000 miles , i rotated the tires and checked my brake pads up front.

    So far they look about 50% worn down.
    the rotors look great and we are not getting any vibration during " normal " stops.

    I did get a vibration a few weeks ago when I had to stop fast on the thurway, but I was also towing abuot 3,000 lbs in a trailer and I figure that caused overheating.

    It did not reoccur.

    So , it looks like my Sedona brakes are correctly sized for normal use.
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    Yeah, I think so...what I meant was that there might not be too much 'slack' in some new car brake systems, so if they get stressed they might bend, but most people don't stress them. Just a theory.
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