'86 Mustang Hatchback-Considering Restoring

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I have a 1986 Mustang Hatchback LX with 142,000 miles on it and its not pretty to look at...Under the hood its got a 4-banger but its got space to drop a 8 into it...I'm not very good with cars but I've been considering selling it or junkin it.....I'd hate to junk it but I'm wondering if anyone on here thought I'd be able to find someone who wants it to restore....


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    but my first question would be why??? secondly i doubt there are too many people wanting to restore an 86. but thats just my guess.
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    Imagine that car showroom new. Almost no miles, perfect paint and interior, still got the OE tires and battery and motor oil in it, even the spare tire has the air from the factory. What's that car worth?

    I'm sure Shifty can chime in with an estimated valuation but I'm guessing just a few grand.

    If the body was perfect (doesn't sound like it) then maybe someone would want it to make a hot rod drag car out of it. Those mid 80s/90s Mustangs are really popular with drag racers. But that's about it.

    Unless you know someone who would use it for parts I'm afraid its a junkyard special. If we were talking about a Mustang GT convertible or an SVO, things might be different.
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    No, I don't think anyone will restore it. Cars like that are meant to use and then dispose of.
    They have very little value and never will, so best move on.

    A later model Mustang V-8 would not be too expensive (less than a restoration of an '86!) and a lot more fun I bet.
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    I've got an '84 GT Turbo Convertible (non-anniversary). I've read that there were only 414 of these cars built in 1984. I've also read in Car Craft magazine that it is one of the ten worst (read: useless) Fords ever built. The car is in really good shape, has 89,000 miles on it, and everything still works. What are everyone's thoughts? I like it because it's a convertible, it was GIVEN to me by the original owner who no longer wanted it, and it's different. I'm thinking that I'll eventually put a few parts on the turbo motor that'll get it closer to SVO than Pinto, but is it worth it?
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    but that one wasn't the shining example, and certainly has no collector value, unfortunately. You could fire it up with SVO parts and give it 175 hp (hard to find and expensive parts, though, or you could do a 5.0 swap. Or sell it, and buy an '89-93 5.0 (Mass Air cars).
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    As they say:

    "Even if it's rare, someone has to care"
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    I guess you guys are right...however, if all I'm going to do is use it to drive around in with the top down and not care about it gaining value...I think I'm OK doing that. I DO agree that a 5.0L swap is a good bet in the future, especially since it'll bolt right in and can use the same T-5 tranny I have right now. Thanks for the advice. I was kind of afraid of that, but wanted to make sure. Since I've only spent $1,100 to get it running and a new top, no harm done. P.S. - who was the rocket scientist that thought TRX was a good idea?
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    Be careful with the 5.0 swap on the 84. It can be done but there are some things to keep in mind. First the transmission will work but you will need a different pilot bearing than the one used for the 5.0 because the 4 banger T-5 has a smaller input shaft. Secondly the 4 cylinder T-5 is not the same. It has a ratio of something like 4.0 first gear and the V-8 T-5 has a 3.35 first gear. You are going to run out of gear VERY quickly in first. It also has a lower torque rating and being an 84 it is not the world class T-5 so it has all brass blocker rings instead of carbon fiber. Also no synchronized reverse. If you need any help with the swap feel free to contact me I will be glad to help in any way that I can.
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    finding an engine/trans together, avoiding using the 4 cyl T-5, like my Mustang cohort stated.

    You'll also want a different rear diif, since you'll have the 7.5" weak one - an decent 8.8 is available for $200 at most Mustang dismantlers.
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