Help identify this vintage automobile

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    It's a '59 Ford, I don't know the model. Too bad it has the 'Continental' spare, always looks clumsy to me. As do the fender skirts.
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    Yep, a 59 Ford Sunliner and I totally agree on the skirts and continental kit! They ruin the looks of the car at least in my not so humble opinion!
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    I think it's a '59 Ford Fairlane 500
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    That's a beautiful color in real life. The photo doesn't do it justice.

    Continental kits were rare on cars and that likely wouldn't have been one
    to have had a kit in my eastern Indiana farming area.

    The chrome fender skirts--naaaaah. Don't think I ever saw one with
    the chrome skirts. A few cars did have the skirts when I was a youth,
    but not that one while I was in high school and loved cars.

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