2001 VW Beetle 1.9 TDI Diesel Torque Converter Unlocks

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Hello all, I bought a 2001 Beetle with a 1.9 TDI Diesel engine, automatic transmission 200K miles. When sitting at a stoplight or even when just starting out in the morning the transmission won't engage. I have to bring the engine up to about 1600 RPM's then with a clunk it goes. After that it shifts fine. It even down shifts nicely when going up a hill. Now, if I am on the freeway with it and want to pass another car, it will unlock again and slip if I get on it to hard. It then will lock back in and go. Checked the transmission fluid and its full. (I still can't believe that can't put a stupid dip stick in new cars) I am trying to do all the possible cheap fixes first in hopes that it could be something easier then replacing the transmission.


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    First thing I'd suggest is getting it scanned by a VW specialist with the correct scan tool to read VW transmission codes. They can also manipulate the torque converter solenoid with the tool.

    This transmission is notorious for failure unfortunately. If you get a P0730 code, that's a pretty grim diagnosis for this unit. But hey, you know, you never know. So get it checked out.
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