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1978 Fiat 124 Spider came with no oil dipstick.

firepuddingfirepudding Member Posts: 3
edited July 2015 in FIAT
got the car from a buddy, its missing the dipstick and seal for the motor oil.

1978 Fiat 124 Sport Spider 1800 hardtop 1.8l

can i just make one for it? how do i figure out how long it needs to be? no auto shops or even the internet sells the dipstick only the seal.


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    93tracker5spd93tracker5spd Member Posts: 194
    Hello! I have to assume that you mean the dip stick tube is still in place, there is just no stick in it to dip for a reading: In this case, measure the top of the tube, and with the help of someone measure the length of the tube and the height of the oil pan into which the dip stick will go to make sure it reaches into the oil without hitting the bottom of the pan. visit your local salvage yard and find one within your measurements. Then do a complete oil change, filter and all, idle the engine until warm to fill all the places oil is to go when running, clean your new dip stick well, insert it and withdraw carefully, where the oil level is on the stick is correct. Mark it with a file and you have a new dip stick. On the other hand, if you just want to buy one, or to see one for reference there is right now one on ebay at this link


    Good luck.
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    firepuddingfirepudding Member Posts: 3
    sorry, i should have specified that the tube is missing as well. All i have is an open hole with threads in the engine block
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    edited July 2015
    I'd buy a stock one or junk one. This is something you don't want to measure incorrectly on this motor. Really a hardtop coupe? Fairly rare!
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    firepuddingfirepudding Member Posts: 3
    thats the problem though, i cant find the stock part anywhere in any shops or on the internet, and there isnt a single fiat spider in any junk yards are pick n pulls within 200 miles of me
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