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ashewittashewitt Member Posts: 28
edited March 2014 in Ford
I have a 2000 F-250 SD Crew Cab. It is a Lariat model with white paint over the gold trim. Just recently I washed and started to apply a coat of wax. I noticed pinpoint sized rust colored specs all over the vertical surfaces. I didn't see any on the hood or roof. The specs will rub out with a lot of manual effort. Has anyone else had this problem or know the cause?


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    caedward2caedward2 Member Posts: 45
    The problem you have is what's commonly referred to as raildust. Tiny flakes of metal attach to the paint as the vehicle is in rail-transit.

    The best removal method is by using a clay bar. You can find it at most auto parts stores. The one I use is called Clay Magic and costs around $10.

    Simply spray a small section of the vehicle with the soap solution provided in the kit and rub gently with the clay bar. It works wonderfully!

    Best of luck!
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    sonjaabsonjaab Member Posts: 1,057
    From the front disc brake pads too......
    Do Ford trucks have rear discs?
    I have had/have several white Caddies and never noticed.
    All my trucks are black tho...and are a PAIN to keep nice!
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    bigfurbigfur Member Posts: 649
    yes it is rail dust and it will take ALOT of work to get off. my best advice is to bring it back to the dealer and make them buff the entire truck for you.
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    wpalkowskiwpalkowski Member Posts: 493
    It's a three year-old truck, unless this is the first time he's waxed his truck and looked closely at the paint I can't imagine that it'd be rail dust just showing up now. I'd tend toward the brakes as source of the dust. (F250 has rear disks too). My Island Blue metallic clearcoat F350 came in with rail dust, it was evident on pre delivery inspection. Dealer was gonna have one of his guys buff it out with rubbing compound. I told them I wouldn't take delivery if they did that, at that point I wanted a replacement truck. They called over their body shop manager and he was the one who suggested "claying" the paint. Had never heard of it up to that point, but a day later, when I came back finish was flawless.
      Chris is right though, the clay bar treatment is the way to go to remove the paint imperfections (whatever they are). It takes the surface contaminants off, but doesn't impact the clearcoat and paint. Just be advised, for a crew cab you better block off a whole weekend to if you want to do the entire truck. :-(
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    mullins87mullins87 Member Posts: 959
    "Dang enter button!!!!!"

    Since my truck is a '99, rail dust is not the cause. I thought the same thing about one of my rotors being eaten up. But a thorough check of all four revealed no clues. The vast majority of mine came out with a moderate wax job, I'm sure the rest will when I wax it again. Funny thing about those rust spots, they go away if you don't look too closely! ;p
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    ashewittashewitt Member Posts: 28
    Thanks for the feedback. I have waxed before (its been a while) but is there any explanation of the fact that the hood and the top did not show signs of the spots?
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    sonjaabsonjaab Member Posts: 1,057
    From brake pads. Thats why its only on the sides !
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