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46re trans.limp mode

brucec4brucec4 Member Posts: 3
edited July 2015 in Dodge
I have a 2001 ram 4x4 with 80,000 plus mi. Trans worked fine one day the next morning went to leave truck backed up fine but no forward gears, it moved as if in a higher gear slipping. Revving up the engine it went into low and all was fine, shifted in all gears. The next morning no drive again. Adjusted bands, changed fluid and filter. TV cable has been adjusted as well. After I did do the revving again and again it appears to go into limp mode. This time no drive though. Backed it onto my cement pad where it still sets. Does anyone think it could be pressure sensor & solenoid. I'm seventy and do need the truck so any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Bruce


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    edited July 2015
    Either of those is a possibility, and it could be an internal pressure issue, or a valve body malfunction, or a solenoid, but without diagnose you're working in the dark. I know people hate to hear "get the truck scanned" since it seems an obvious and not very helpful suggestion but really a scan is going to be cheaper than throwing parts at the transmission. Of course, trouble codes don't tell you exactly what's wrong but they may give you a direction for further investigation. You're going to need something better than an inexpensive hand held scanner most likely, to access the transmission codes. So it'll have to be a really pro scanner with the right "keys" for Chrysler products, (new ones use wireless tech rather than physical "keys") or a dealer's Chrysler specific tool.
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