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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • djpkdjpk Posts: 12
    Well, I have a problem with my new Quest SL again. I bought it last December and am having a problem with starting the car since then. I took it to the dealer to have them look at it. They couldn't find any problem with the car. I mean they couldn't duplicate the problem I was having with the car. Whenever it decides, the car won't start. The engine starts cranking up and it stops. It happened to me many times. Most of times, I was able to start it within a couple of minutes. This morning, I couldn't start it at all. So, they towed the car. I hope they can duplicate the problem this time. This is the worst car I ever had. That's for sure. Oh, I almost forgot, the display goes belly up time to time. It doesn't display anything time to time. Who knows...
    Anybody had similar problem with your NEW Quest?

  • frittobfrittob Posts: 52
    Thought I had the infamous door rattling problems with my Quest SE

    Brought it in to the dealer, turns out there's a striker about two-thirds of the way down on the door that wasn't seating itself in it's socket ... Mechanic loosened the socket, closed the door to realign it, then tightened it back up again ... hasn't rattled for 3+ weeks.

    Hopefully others will be this lucky.
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 165
    FOund this today:

    TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN: MFG Bulletin Number: 04034

    MFG Bulletin Date: 20040308



    MCS Check Date: 20040407
  • rdesrdes Posts: 3
    Has anyone had a problem with third row seat rattling. I just bought the Van 4 days ago and coming across this noise.

    Wanted to find out if there was a simple fix b4 taking it to the dealer.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    What model do you have? I would check to make sure the seat is securely in place. Also check the rear vent windows to make sure they are closed properly. check to make sure the storage area door on the side is closed properly.

     If that doesn't work, have someone sit back there and try to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. If you don't hear a rattle when someone is sitting in the seat then you know it's somewhere in the seat itself. The first few items can be done in the garage.

    I thought I had a rattle inthe 2nd row seat but it was coming from my son's car seat. I noticed I didn't hear the noise when he was inthe seat.
  • tridaddytridaddy Posts: 8
    Hello all,
    I think we may buy a Quest this weekend. I've called ten dealers and the best deal I got so far is invoice and the doc fee waived. I'd like to get an extended warranty but I have no guide as for price. I want one from nissan with the longest term available, deductible is negotiable. Can anyone help or steer me in the right path for this info? Thanks
  • djpkdjpk Posts: 12
    I bought my quest last December with extended warranty/7 year 100k. I paid for $995. It is called Security Plus with road side assitance.
    They have several differnt plans. You might want to look at their options and choose what you need. Good luck!
  • djpkdjpk Posts: 12
    They replaced fuel pump. I hope this would do it. In case you have or will have same problem I have. It is the fuel pump. At least, that's what they think.
  • I had the exact same problem, and dealer didn't fix it until it refused to start and they towed it. They replaced the fuel pump and it has worked find since. That was about 4 months ago.
  • bretonbreton Posts: 4
    I do find that this van does roll backwards easily when stopped on an incline and the break is let go. I noticed this more so than other automatic transmission cars I have driven. It may be because this is a rather heavy vehicle.
  • chiefdocchiefdoc Posts: 18
    Hi all, I have an 04 Quest S and have the following problem occur twice and will be taking it in this week: after turning the vehicle on and shifting to drive it barely moves, rpm's and engine seem normal. When I turned it off and restarted everything was normal. Has anyone else had this problem. I know it won't duplicate at the dealer, and therefore no resolution, any advice appreciated. BTW, great vehicle, 13k miles since Dec 03 and this is the only problem experienced.
  • rdesrdes Posts: 3
    Hi I have the SL Model.

    I tried to have someone sit in the third row and the noise seem to go away. However as soon as the weight is gone - the noise keeps coming back. I think it is the passenger side latch - the rubber housing seem to be not doing the job.

    Thanks for your help
  • I had an odd rattling sound in my Quest coming from the rear near the back seat. It also stopped or lessened when someone sat in the rear seat. I inspected and found the side panel to be a bit loose. I pressed on it and felt a plastic retainer clip pop back in to place. No problems since.
  • weldonrweldonr Posts: 6
    I have a Quest SE and was noticing a low rumbling sound when driving through the parking garage. Turns out the mechanic at Nissan heard it when I was showing him the sliding side door rattle and looked into it. He said the connection was too long so the seat did not latch tightly so he replaced the part with a shorter one. Not real clear what part but I think I heard the word 'striker' used. They fixed it several months ago and I never heard that sound again. I have heard others sounds though but I am getting tired of chasing them and bringing the car to the dealer.
  • today I tried turning off the overdrive button and driving. There was
    a noticeable difference. You guys want to try it to see if you notice anything
  • Are you guys happy by the radio reception. It sounds like most of the stations don't work in stereo. They don't sound clean. One more thing any body knows how to turn on the heated mirrors. I read the manual twice yet i didn't found anything.
  • cleelandcleeland Posts: 18
    Okay, in order:


    I had problems with AM reception when I first got my vehicle, so it wasn't a stereo issue. The dealer had it for several days and tried the usual parts replacement stuff until finally they spent the better part of a day on the line with Nissan Technical and ended up adding a ground somewhere. Maybe you have a similar issue? You could try contacting Bommarito Nissan to see if they still have details on what they did.


    This is easy; they turn on when you turn on the rear window defroster. This operation is consistent with the behavior in any other heated mirror equipped vehicle I've had (which is many).


    Yup. I've had similar issues with the transmission. Been to the dealer three times for it. No reproduced, not been repaired, no nothing.

    I actually have spoken with a Svc. Manager at a different dealer in my area, and he has some things he'd like to try to examine, but I haven't had an opportunity to get the vehicle to him yet. He thinks it might be a sticking check valve or something that wouldn't necessarily trip a code.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    had my vehicle in last Thursday to check onthe rattles inthe sliding doors ( Quest S). Something to do with a tightening a dovetail??? It was part of a TSB. Took them only a half hour. NO rattles since and with the pothole infested roads here in good ol' Easton, Pa, it has been tested many times.

    Transmission: I noticed that my Quest does roll back a bit on an incline. But I also tried the same thing in my 2000 Olds Intrigue and it also rolled backwards as well. I'm not sure that anythign is wrong with the transmission but more a characteristic. Plus I wouldn't let my ffot of the pedal too long anyway. You might have some ambitious person behind oyu that sees the light turn green and starts to move forward while you are drifting back...I think you get the picture.

    Radio reception: I get excellent reception on my radio. i love the RDS feature. This may sound strange and it may not even apply to you. Here in the NOrtheast, tons of people have EZ Pass. Since the antenna is in the glass, if you are not carefull where you put the tag, it could interfere with the antenna. Like I said, this may not even apply to you but if it does, it's worth a try.
  • I finally got my SE into the dealer (on a dry day) to check out the steering/suspension problems that I noted in #514. They found that the rear shocks were shot! I only have 8k miles on the vehicle, and I assume that the shocks were/are Nissan stock. I'm getting a loaner for a few days while the dealer orders the new shocks... apparently they think it's too dangerous to drive home.
  • I bought an 04 Quest in Oct. 03. Car rattled constantly. Multiple other issues with car caused me to apply for lemon law. Nissan finally bought the car back in April. I turned the check into a Murano. So far [650 miles] the car is quiet, and performing well. I like the Murano very much. The Quest was a work in progress. Nissan should have good product once the bugs are ironed out. Bottom line- never buy a car the first year of a new design. Dball
  • stevejudemstevejudem Posts: 9
    Bought my Quest SE in Oct 03 also. Have had same problem with excessive rattling, creaking, and squeaking eminating from both sliders and rear. Dealer has had a minumum of 3 attempts at success.
    Question.......did you prevail with the repurchase based on the rattling issue alone? I am considering going through the process either under the BBB arbitration process or the state lemon law. I would appreciate more detail if you could.......Thanks
  • quest4mequest4me Posts: 9
    Are you talking about the piece on the door that the round ring on the post fits into the piece on the door??
    ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---
    Reply to #525 of 544 Door Rattles Fixed by frittob Apr 19, 2004 (6:04 pm)
    Thought I had the infamous door rattling problems with my Quest SE

    Brought it in to the dealer, turns out there's a striker about two-thirds of the way down on the door that wasn't seating itself in it's socket ... Mechanic loosened the socket, closed the door to realign it, then tightened it back up again ... hasn't rattled for 3+ weeks.

    Hopefully others will be this lucky.
  • Bought s model on Friday April 30, noticed on Saturday May 1 at 55 mph+ when braking steering wheel shakes. I've never had ABS brakes before(never spent more than 13,000 on a car before)
    am I missing something here? Or do you guys think I have some warped rotors? Ironically, I tried talking to a quest owner at the dealer who was bringing his 10 day old van back, i think he might have been telling me his van does the same thing, but his English wasn't that good and my portugese is even worse. I plan on calling dealer Monday.
  • dball1944dball1944 Posts: 6
    To stevejudem
    My car had many problems-door would not latch in cold weather, radio quit, battery went dead after 3 days of non use, fuel guage did not register once, and that damned rattle. The dealer did the best they could, but the car was truly a lemon. They supported my decision to pursue lemon law. I followed the Nissan guide supplied with the car. It took 4 months. Good luck and don't give in. Dball
  • frittobfrittob Posts: 52
    >Are you talking about the piece on the door that the round ring on the post fits into the piece on the door??

    Yes, I believe we are talking about the same thing ... 2 additional weeks and the rattling still has NOT returned <yea!>
  • Hi Plashenick,
      In NJ since dealers are closed on Sundays if I bought on Friday,can I walk away on Tuesday?
      I called dealer about shaking steering column
    they'll look at it tomorrow
  • mirandayinmirandayin Posts: 7
    I purchased this vehicle in Nov2003.

    Purchasing a new vehicle is supposed to come with peace of mind. My new Nissan 2004 Quest has been like a recurring nightmare that will not go away.

    1) Less than one month, the front driver side power window went &#147;dead&#148;. Have to wait for 3 weeks to get repaired.

    2) Defective Windshield Wiper - there was a &#147;line&#148; in front on of the windshield after the wiper went over it and we found a &#147;nick&#148; on the wiper, it was replaced. After that, to date it was replaced 3 times and the wiper is still not &#147;hugging&#148; the windshield.

    3) Air vents from the roof - they fell out during first week of driving - have to fix it ourselves.

    4) Loose seat covers - substandard fabric? poor stitching design???only after 2 months the seat fabric started to sag as though they were used for years. I was original owner of an 11 year-old &#145;93 Quest and its seats looked better than my brand new 2004 Quest.

    5) Skirt on driver side 2nd row seat - it was left "hanging" due to improper installation, not fixable for do-it-yourselfers, involves taking out the whole seat and reassemble the part that "guides" the skirt.

    6) Radio Static - lots of static when listening to all AM stations. It almost felt like the car can detect every minor unevenness on the road; after visiting service department on several occasions and left my van with the shop for 2 days and 2 nights, they found a faulty wire. Problem was fixed after 3 months of enduring intermittent but strong and progressively worse static interference. Problem only appeared after 2 months of purchase, no problem when we first pickup new delivery.

    7) The weather stripping partly comes off at driver side between driver door and sliding door - looks pinched, no seal until it was replaced - then happened again even with new stripping installed.
    8) DVD player - DVD pops in and out at random. After the van&#146;s engine got turned off, sometimes the DVD would come out and go right back in. Sometimes it stayed out, risking damage to the DVD since it just &#147;sticks out&#148; and &#147;hang&#148; without any tray to hold the DVD for support; A new dvd player was re-installed.

    9) Tire pressure light - stayed lit for 3 days over the weekend despite tire pressure checked to indicate all tires' pressure were inflated to spec.

    10) Front windows rolled down on it&#146;s own after I locked and left the vehicle ( I never opened the windows, it was subzero temp in our winter months here in Canada ) &#150; I have on 4 or 5 occasions came back from shopping and found my front windows of my van opened, sometimes half way, sometimes all the way. I called the shop and after checking, was told, found nothing wrong with the wiring and asked that I should bring the van in some other time and have a more thorough check. Someone from Sales recommended I keep the Quest car keys separate from rest of the chain because it is possible the unlock button might accidentally trigger the windows to go down while being pressed inside my pocket. I read the manual and found out this function could be disabled from my key remote. I brought in my van again and have this remote open function disabled. It is still happening now, twice, even I was given assurance it will not happen again. Nissan Canada and the dealer&#146;s service department are still trying to find out why. I felt unsafe and nervous and paranoid whenever I have to take this vehicle for shopping or work, especially on family outings where I have no choice but park in underground parking. I also can&#146;t leave anything of value in the van in fear they could be target of theft since opened window in an unattended vehicle is obviously an easy target for theft or potential violent crime.

    All the above problems and malfunctions occurred within the first 3 months after my new Quest purchase and be either reoccurring or unable to get all of them fixed now that this is into the 5th month I owned this vehicle. The service department claims &#147;we don&#146;t make it(the vehicle), we only repair it. I felt so unsafe with the unpredictable window down problem I tried to negotiate with the dealer and Nissan Canada to buy back/exchange this problematic vehicle. The dealer initially said they would buy back, went through the appraisal process and the whole nine yards, giving me the impression they are proceeding with the buyback/ exchange process, only to come back and tell me it would be Nissan Canada's decision. I contact Nissan Canada and they wrote back and told me it is up to the dealership, not their responsibility, just tossing the ball around and wasting my time. Nissan Canada informed me they are only obligated to fix the malfunctions and problems within their warranty period, buy back/ exchange is &#147;not an option&#148; With tax, I almost spent Can$40,000 on this problematic vehicle. Please spread this message to warn fellow prospective buyers so they can be forewarned of the problems and the ill attitude of the &#147;Customers Service&#148; from Nissan. This vehicle was so new at the time of my purchase, most reviews I found in magazines or on the internet comes from untested sources or most likely advertised copy supplied by Nissan Corporation itself.

    If you have any doubt about legitimacy of my above review, please write to or call ajax nissan and address to the general manager or service manager. Since I cannot name names or specific e-mail address, it is, however, quite easy to locate the dealer&#146;s website. Alternately, Nissan Canada's customer service manager should be able to give verification about my complaints. I also have service record papers to prove all above repair orders had gone through the dealership service department.
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 165
    Don't know the technicalities, but try it on the dealer. What have you got to loose?
  • mirandayinmirandayin Posts: 7
    I was shown a damaged cord after technician finally located the cause of my AM static reception problem 3 months after it started. The plastic covering the cord was ripped, looked like it was pinched under some sharp objects and the wires within was exposed - AMreception was disturbed when contact was on and off when vehicle was in motion jolted by unevenness of the road. Have your dealership contact Ajax Nissan ( in Ontario, Canada )and ask for the service manager. Mention the red van with the many many problems and he should be able to pin point the exact part to look for.

    Good Luck.
  • mirandayinmirandayin Posts: 7
    Thanks for your advice. I had a lengthy face to face discussion with the new general manager at Ajax Nissan this morning. He sounded sincere and told me he will try to negoitate with Nissan Canada for a vehicle exchange. Although I had been disappointed before, I will reserve judgement and hold off skeptism for now (that is, until my patience ran out) - I will give dealership due credit if he comes through for me. In the meantime, my van was kept at their service bay overnight for "observation" regarding the open-window problem.
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