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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions

st_pust_pu Posts: 74
edited March 2014 in Nissan
This discussion is for everyone who would like to describe Nissan Quest 2004 problems. In case of accident with injuries, car detail breakdown or flaw, any other serious problem with your car, please go to NHTSA address and fill complaint form. This way NHTSA will request answer from manufacturer. And makers will fix problems soon, and increase quality of great, nice and new Nissan Quest 2004+.


  • st_pust_pu Posts: 74
    Guys, I know that Quest 2004 just came on market, and it's probably too soon to talk about flaws. But after 2-6 months in this message board we will see how good is quality of this car.
  • thequestthequest Posts: 11
    In the first week of ownership I have had trouble getting key to the lock position after parking the vehicle. Work-around is to depress brake, shift out of park and then back to park. Then key moves to lock position and can be removed. Will see dealer this week about that.
  • iserumiserum Posts: 15
    It happened once only, the car was in park position, no sound from radio or CD I tried every thing, played with radio controls nothing happened. I restarted the van every thing was back to normal, Sound was OK from Radio, never happened again, i am curious if this happened to someone else, over all I have not encountered any problems, as this is first year production vehicle I am expecting there will be some glitches (04 sienna has lots of problem and a recall also) so far so good. I am very impressed with the handling of the van, I am still in Engine break in period once I complete it, we are planning for longer trip,
  • revracerrevracer Posts: 15
    Took delivery about 2 weeks ago. We did have a small issue with the panel on the rear quarter above the sliding door channel coming loose. They have ordered new clips to hold the panel in. Unfortunately, this put a very small scratch in the paint on the rear quarter, but it is concealed and will easily touch up.

    There may also be some rattles from the storage compartments overhead (where the LCD would normally go) where the doors rattle with a hard bump.

    The driver's seat lumbar adjustment does not appear to stay in the engaged position and springs back. I can probably live with this issue as I really don't want to have them tear apart the seat for something we hardly use. The standard position has a considerable amount of lumbar.

    All things considered, these are rather small items for a unit on the first delivery to our local dealers.
  • We bought 04 Quest 6 weeks ago and since then we have noticed that after driving the van for 10 or more mins, if we stop and start again we started getting warm to hot air (Depending on outside temp) from the front air vents. The only way to cool it by turning on A/C. It feels like we turned on the heater. The rear vent is fine.

    Has anyone experienced this?
  • On the first day of driving the van to work and letting in set out in the sun all day the AC gave me problems.
    AC on auto. Ran great for about 3 minutes then the blowers stopped. After about 2 or 3 minutes they started blowing again but only of about a 1 count. Did that 2 more times. On the 4th restart it stayed on and worked as advertised.
    The display indicated everything was working fine but I was have a melt-down. It was hot and I was hotter because of the newness of the van.
    Same problem the next day after work (Friday).
    Hasn't done it again but it was much cooler Monday.
    Naturally I couldn't duplicate the problem at the dealers as it wasn't out in the heat all day. Plan to take it in Thursday morning and have them check it in the afternoon.

    Anyone else have this problem or know of any tech bulletins? HELP!!
  • shuedshued Posts: 107
    you will feel different. This is the design way that a lot Nissan behave like this. At least my 1997 Nissan Altima acts like this.
  • hrlhrl Posts: 1
    Quest0804, is yours an SE model too with Auto Climate Control?

    In my case, 04' Quest SE with the Auto Climate Control: Hot-air issue first discovered for me by a friend who drives an E-Class Benz that also has auto climate control. According to him, the cold-air + hot-air mixing to correct temperature should be done internally...not cold air from top vents and hot air from lower vents...thereby achieving the mixing in the passenger compartment!!!

    What I hate about this issue is that the Auto Climate Control is heating my shoe/feet (especially my right-side) and chilling my face/head (Is Nissan's Auto Climate Control designed to achieve desired tempearture by mixing on the front passengers?). At this time, I have disable the AUTO climate mode and run on A/C with temperatures set to 68 degrees F with both front-upper & front-lower vents open to get cold air at both levels. The story behind this is as below.

    This is what I did.
    (1) Read the manuals. Did not find much details on the specific controls that SE models comes with except general definitions. Most operation details are for S & SL models.

    (2) Spend next 7 days to play with different settings to see if I can somehow figure which settings cause the annoying hot air from the front lower vents. Any/all AUTO modes except when the temperature settings (driver & passenger) are at (settable minimum of) 60 degrees F. Noted that front-lower vents will still have a slow flow (leak?/faulty parts?) of hot air when these lower vents are supposed to be closed (upper-vents only mode).

    (3) Call 800 Nissan...speak to cust rep...takes my VIN and records my concern...advises me to get an inspection/repair at dealership service department.

    (4) Took the problem to my dealer...demo to my salesman...salesman see my point and agree...takes me to service department & helps me with service appointment...wait for appointment day...on appointment day, technician unable to reproduce problem...I take technician for a 10 minutes ride on state highway, demo the hot air issue...once back, technician helps me seek next appointment for an "A" technician (most experienced)...comeback next appointment, leave behind my Quest SE for the day (dealership rents me a car as loaner)...1st day "A" technician investigates...see the problem...escalates with Nissan technical end of 2nd day, Nissan technical support tells him that it is per design...3rd day, service department is unable to proceed further and closes case...I go back to my salesman...we both check out another brand new Quest SE...find the same problem...yes now it starts to look like design issue to me.

    (5) Get home...find a hand written Nissan card asking about my climate control issue (follow up to my call in step (3) above). Wants to know the outcome of my visit to service department at my dealership. Card also has this rep's direct extension number and my file number.

    To be continued...
  • st_pust_pu Posts: 74
    I have 2 vehicles. Maxima 99 and Ody 2003.
    Even without climate control has wors ac system I saw. Unable to cool air from beginning in 5-10 minutes, unable to cool intake air during hot day if used with faster fan speed. Also without ac, during ride in mid cool day it's bursting warm air for 10 min from vent, after car was parked in shaded area(engine heat).
    Odyssey 2003:
    No any vent/AC/Climate control problems. Performs like swiss watch. If you say 69 at sunny, hot day, after 1min you will enjoy it.
  • I am getting this without a/c. It takes long time to get cool air. I called Nissan and they said, they are aware of this and working on the problem. I have been asked to wait till they get a fix. The rear vents are working fine. I don't find any issue when I turn on A/c.
  • We recently got a 2004 Quest SE. I notice that when I start driving it, for the first 5-10 minutes, when I accelarate, the engine sounds as though there is a drag on it (very noticeable between 20-30 mph, around 2000 rpm). Is this a common feature? I have not yet called the dealership.
  • I guess this fits under problems. I started looking at winter tires today for the new Quest, now that the snow season is upon us in Colorado (well, the High Country anyway). And guess what? Nobody makes the tire size that is on the Quest.

    It is a 225/65/16, which means that the tire is 225 millimeters wide, the sidewall height is 65% of the tread width, and the rim is 16", for a total diameter of 27.5". These specs translate into a SUV size tire, but not in this exact configuration. Apparently Nissan had Goodyear develop this size just for the Quest, in the form of Eagle LS2 tires. These are nice enough, but they are all season touring tires and won't cut it in the snow.

    A possible replacement is the 215/70/16 size, but it is slightly taller (and narrower) than the 225/65/70 at about 28" in diameter. This is only about a half inch in diameter, and a quarter inch in radius (which is what matters), but I wonder what the tolerance of the various computer systems that would be affected by a tire size change might be.

    Something to think about if you are buying a minivan and need snow tires immediately.

  • xjbuilder, although not the exact size, the Michelin Arctic-Alpin will get you within .2" diameter at 27.3" using a 215/65QR16. Never tried these tires myself, but they seemed to get decent reviews. I also just noticed that you can get a "free" JVC/DVD player if you buy 4. While their give aways are not bad products, it would be nice if you could just get a better price.
  • I've had my SE for 2+ months now. The burning hot air blowing on your feet when the AC is on still drives me nuts. service had it for a day before telling me that's the way it's supposed to work. Not happy at all.

    My big problem is the AM radio. There has been a loose connection to the AM antenna of some sort, causing horrible shorts & weird sounds when listening to AM. It's been at the dealer for 4 days w/o a resolution. The 1st day they said it was the radio. Ordered a new radio. When it came in, it was the wrong radio. said they would reorder. After a week, said they wouldn't reorder because they thought it was a wiring problem (my original suggestion). spent 3 days in service this time. Got it back and it worked right for about 3 weeks. problem started again. Have been waiting for over a week for an idea of what to do next. Am getting very frustrated.

    Drives great though. Love the engine & transmission.
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    We took our first test drive this past weekend and my wife noticed it immediately and was very annoyed. it was hot outside and we had the a/c on, but still lots of hot air from floor vents. I hope Nissan take this seriously and fixes it soon. I hope quest0804 got an honest answer from Nissan that they are working to fix it.
  • I had called Nissan regarding hot air issue. They are still working on it. I have not got any update on this yet.

    If other experience this issue please call Nissan not your dealer. Dealer will say that how it will work because they don't seem to understand the issue right. Hot air could blow for few second if it is hot outside not for 1/2 hr. That is not acceptable to me. If that is the case why the rear end vents are still blowing cool air. I guess this could be fixed by Nissan. I would expect Nissan to communicate to their service centers and give honest reply to customers.
  • I have SL. We did experience it once. I took it to the dealer and they don't find any issue. It happend again. But now seems fine.

    One this we observed is if you keep your gas pedals all the way up (not down) then it seems to work fine. If you keep it down then I feel the drag. Try this and see if it works better.
  • The 3.5 SE Quest with automatic climate control DOES have a problem with hot air blowing from the lower front vents.

    I have verified this with anothers via forums like this one and with my dealer's service department.

    outside temp 80
    inside set at 65
    upper duct 60-67
    lower floor duct 105-115

    A fellow Quest owner with whom I emailed had the problem fixed by Nissan. It required a new heater system which requires the dash to be removed. He says its close to 100%. All new SE's will have the fix (no idea as of when).

    Dealers & Nissan Area Service Reps
    The car simply too new and many have not had the problem reported. If you have the problem DO NOT let it be. Go and force your dealer to help.

    My Story
    My dealer's service has been great. The minute they heard of the problem they asked that we bring the car asap. They were concerned that it was a safety issue. They gave us a Yukon (hate it) to drive while they investigate. Their inital test lead them to call Nissan. They got the standard answer "that is how it works". In the mean time a second van had the same problem. Our service manager said sorry Nissan that is not good enough. He forced the area Nissan service manager to come down the next day and they did the temperature test (listed above). The area service rep is now trying to find the solution. I did mention above that Nissan does have a fix, but this area's service rep has not heard of the problem or a solution. So he is researching. I expect to have an answer soon. I'll post again.
  • Thanks quest2k4.
    I will call nissan and find out. They had given me a ref# few weeks ago and I was told Nissan is working on a fix.
    I have the same issue with SL but even without turning on A/c if the outside temp is 80 we get hot air through the vent. The rear end seems to work fine. The a/c doesn't cool the front driver/passenger row well.
  • I called Nissan to get update on my Hot air problem.They say still working on a fix.

    You had mentioned on the previous msg that you friend got it fixed.

    Do you mind giving your friend's email to get more info on his fix?

  • Turns out the source that told me he had his Quest fixed emailed that what ever was done by his dealer did not work.

    Lastest from Nissan.
    A fix will be available in six weeks. Look for a recall some time in mid-November.
  • Does anyone know if this problem specific to the models with the automatic temperature control, or has anyone noticed this problem on the "S" model with no ATC. We are close to buying the "S" model, but now want to check this out again. It sounds very annoying and maybe we should wait until Nissan finds the fix.
  • Is this A/C problems suppose to be in all SE models or only on some of the models? I have a SE, but so far I don't think I have the problems described by others.
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    What A/C problem?!? I drove 4 or 5 SL and SE Quests, here in humid, hot Atlanta. Some before this issue(?) was raised on this board, and others after it came up. Haven't seen one yet with this problem(?).

    Picked up my new SE yesterday...put 120 miles on it the first day. Also, no A/C problem. Am leaving today for Florida (even MORE hot and humid). Will report on any evidence of this problem(?) when I get back on Thursday.

    Oh...and about another complaint aired on this board. A few have griped that the Quest does not cool sufficiently. That is a totally subjective opinion, not a demonstrated fact. I have 3 highline Mercedes-Benz cars, in addition to this Quest (2 S-types and 1 E-type) and the Quest (a mini box-truck) can outcool any of them by a country mile.

    So who's right on this issue? To each, his own... What a great vehicle!!
  • I have SL and experiencing this issue without A/C. It takes about 30 min before the air starts cooling. It was 80 yesterday in Seattle and the van was blwoing hot air. When I turned on A/C it was better but the air was not cool enough.

    There is no problem in the rear vents.
  • has anyone getting whistle noise when you drive above 35 miles from your driver side rear view mirror? If I keep the window open I hear this loud. I asked the dealer he says the aerodynamic design causing this.

    I didn't remember hearing this noise when I test drove other Quest Vans.
  • I also notice a fairly loud whistle with the driver side window down. Also, when the sun roof shade is open I get a good amount of wind noise on the roof rack with everything else closed up. Not one of the quietest vehicles regarding wind.
  • I have the SE for about 1.5 months now and never had the A/C hot air issue. But I do have 2 noises that drive me crazy. Nothing like a $39K rattle huh. First off there is a very annoying rattle like noise that sounds like it's coming from the column between the driver side slider and driver door. Not sure what it is. Then there is a clunking noise which sounds like it's coming from the passanger side rear wheel/axel area, mainly when the van goes over bumps. I love everything else about the van but I am one of those people that just can't ignore rattles. I think I drive my wife crazy because I am obsessed with the noises -lol. Anyway I have not found time to take it in but I don't expect them to find the source of these noises very easily and of course they probably won't happen when they drive them. Anyone else with these two things?
  • I did hear a rattling noise also from the driver sliding door side. It took me a while to look, but finally I found that it was loose screw that was rolling around in the sliding tract of the door. You might need a flash light to see it and take it out. No problems after that.
  • I will give the loose screw theory a try.
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