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today my Nissan rogue stopped running on railroad tracks and had to be towed, this is supposed to be covered under an extended warranty but seriously if this is so dangerous why are they NOT recalling these!


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    The recall process is pretty complicated and has numerous requirements. You can read about it here:

    How Car Recalls Work.

    Nissan claims that the rate of CVT transmission failure is quite small, and NHTSA apparently doesn't consider it a safety hazard per se.
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    From your link - "How can the government possibly keep tabs on all these problems? It seems impossible."

    Lost the reference but some congresswoman was lambasting the NHTSA for not doing their job. Someone pointed out that there were sixty people assigned to vehicle investigations for the entire US passenger vehicle fleet. Then they compared that to the thirty staffers the congresswoman employed.

    Could be apocryphal but it does have that ring of truth to it.

    So @tinamarie017, you may want to file a complaint (and you may want to call your congressional delegates).
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    THIS IS A SAFETY ISSUE! - Over the past few years, I filed a complaint to the NHTSA and made numerous complaints to the dealer service center about this on going problem with their CVT. Nissan and NHTSA consider this minor because not enough people that are experiencing these issues are reporting it to the NHTSA. Going online and complaing to various forums doesn't help to get a recall. You have to report these issues to

    I commute everyday on the NJ Turnpike. I have to make stops 'to let the engine/CVT cool off' both going and coming home from work [and it's worse in hotter temps] because the car will not accelerate. Ibarely get over to the shoulderin high speed traffic. Sometimes if there isn't an immediate shoulder, I have to crawl at a speed of 5-10 MPHin high-speed Turnpike traffic of 60-80 MPH to finally get to a shoulder. I then have to take local routes for the remainder of the commute because there are too many hills on the GS Parkway for this car to get over without a problem.

    I already replaced one CVT in this car. This problem has been going on since 2009 when I purchased this car. Now I see on the NHTSA site in 2014 Nissan came up with a 'FIX' to replace/install a cooler kit and a trans oil cooler. The two kits cost about $860 without installation. Why is this cost passed on to us the consumers? Tis a known problem with the Nissan CVT design. Nissan should make good on their promise to the customer and recall the vehicles with this CVT issue to replace/install the needed parts without making the consumer pay for their defective vehicle design.

    OH and as I said earlier, I have been complaing to the dealer service center for years including 2014 and none of the service techs ever mentioned the cooler kit FIXES to me. Their response was that they could not duplicate the problem I was having with the car. I would have never known about the 'FIX' if I didn't see it in the NHTSA Manufactures info section.

    I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER NISSAN AND I TELL EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT THESE CVT ISSUES. There are numerous 100+ Complaints on the NHTSA site about the CVT and if you do a search on Google more complaints show up on various forums.


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    Okay I have a 2012 Rogue that I purchased last November from Nissan dealership. It has 91K miles and the transmission started clunking noise when I left to go to work yesterday morning. The more gas I gave it the worse it got. Did a u-turn and headed back home slowly. The dealership told me to have it towed in and they would check it out. I talked to my original salesperson and he said he could upgrade to something else or just wait and see what service said.
    Towing company picked up yesterday afternoon and told my sister that he had picked up (4) Rogue's this week with transmission problems.
    I like my Rogue it has a strong 4 cylinder and is very sporty.
    Any words of advice out there?
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