Any early problems with the RX-8?

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I took delivery last week of a 6-speed RX-8 and am so far delighted with everything. The only quirk I have noticed is a bit of chatter in the clutch. Anyone else with similar characteristics or other things to watch for?


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    There are a few owners talking about the car over in Coupes & Convertibles. You might ask over there.

    Coupes/Convertibles Board
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    If you never had a rotary engine, you will find they make some noises (normal) that are different than most people are used to.

    But so far....nothing from mazda concerning any issues.

    but if you have any concerns, have your dealer take a look. If there is an issue, mazda wants to know ASAP. This is a very important launch for Mazda.
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    I have a red rx-8 with grand touring pkg. + 6 speed manual due next week or two. Any one who ordered green, same pkg. etc., but would like red better, let me know if you want to discus a swap. I live in South Carolina
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    We received our car Monday.

    My wife said there is only 1 problem. Quote: "There's one problem I noticed while driving it makes you want to keep driving and driving. You don't want to get to your destination or get out of it!!"

    Seriously, no problems to report thus far.

    Here is a link to pics of our car.
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    The paint job is so nice and shiny. Did you wax the car? if yes, with what?
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    Not yet. That's all the dealer's work there. Too bad if doesn't stay that way forever.

    I plan on using Zaino products when it's time for it's first wash & wax.
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    Anybody notice a slight clunking noise when the car first starts rolling? It is there in my car, only when the car starts rolling from standstill after ignition. I do not think it is a problem, but I am curious if other people have experienced it.
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    Haven't experience it yet, or should I say, haven't heard it yet (too low?).

    I assume since you said you heard it at standstill, right after ignition, that it happens ONLY then. It might be the ABS systems check (good noise). I have to double check the manual. Might be something in there about the ABS check.
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    I purchased my RX8 last weekend, and hear that clunking noise too. One friend mentioned something about it being the rear wheel drive - he owns a BMW z3 coupe. They make the same noises apparently.
    Anyone had the nerve to see how fast it can actually go?
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    I also hear the same clunking noise when the car first starts moving from a standing start.
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    Thanks for clearing up the clunking thing - it definitely does not sound like a problem.
         I have taken mine up to 120 mph and the car was around 7500 in sixth - nowehere near the redline! At that point, I chickened out (this was on a deserted stretch of an interstate, so I was risking the cops). I can tell you that even at that speed, the car feels utterly in control.
  • sroc2004sroc2004 Member Posts: 15
    Thanks for clearing up the clunking thing - it definitely does not sound like a problem.
         I have taken mine up to 120 mph and the car was around 7500 in sixth - nowehere near the redline! At that point, I chickened out (this was on a deserted stretch of an interstate, so I was risking the cops). I can tell you that even at that speed, the car feels utterly in control.
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    120 - great!! I have gone up to 95 - some kid decides to race me in a pimped out camero. This is obviously going to be a car that attracts this kind of attention! I am still at 300 miles, I'll wait till the 600 figure before the 100 :-)
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    Anyone have an opinion whether the RX-8 will run in bad weather? Like good, old-fashioned eastern snow and sleet !!!
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    The RX-8 is equipped with summer-only performance tires. It will most likely be terrible in the snow with the stock tires.

    A lot of 350z owners were complaining that the Z handled terribly in the snow, basically sliding all over the place, which was due to the tires. Once the tires were replaced with dedicated snow tires the problem was minimized and the car handled much better.

    It would be wise to purchase winter tires for this car, or any RWD sports car for that matter.
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    Spoke to the local Mazda rotary mechanic who tells me the chatter is not from the clutch but instead is a quirk of the RX-8 resulting from digital controls and the lack of a throttle cable. The engine apparently needs to be revved a bit higher for smooth engaging of 1st gear.
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    "putterwedge" - did your mechanic say if this would be effecting long term? Everytime I hear it, it sounds like I have driven over the sidewalk..:-)

    Has anyone been particular about breaking in the car? I have been trying to be car friendly for up to 600 miles.
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    "waynerx8". I wasn't referring to the clunking sound that most of us seem to have when first moving the car. I was talking about the clutch and the vibration I'm getting when shifting into 1st or reverse.
    I've been very particular about break-in during the first 600 miles and feel it will pay off over time.
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    I am a Service Director at a Lincoln-Mercury-Volvo-Mazda dealer. Only problems we have seen is a few early RX8's that had to be given an updated calibration in the PCM for cold start issues. Other than that...nothing so far.
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    >Anyone had the nerve to see how fast it can actually go?

    I took mine up to 140 mph the other night on the freeway. Nice rush.
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    What was your RPM reading @140 MPH ?
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    Just took my RX8 on its first major highway trip after the break in period. At 130km per hour the oil warning light came on. Pulled off and checked the oil level which was fine. Went back on the highway and it came back on again at 130kph. Backed it off to 100kph and it went out. Ran it up again, and the light came back on. Anyone else experiencing this situation?
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    odycee, not positive but I think about 7K. I was in 6th gear btw.

    scanner6, my oil light has flashed but I was about a quart low. Took my car to the dealer due to the check engine light coming on Friday morning. They said that was due to the gas cap not being seated quite right.

    However, due to the oil flashing light I told them about, they have ordered a new type of oil pan and there will be new software uploaded to the car computer. So, I think this is a known issue.
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    I have had my RX-8 for less than three weeks. I bought an automatic with the leather and the navigation system. The car was not inspected properly by the dealer that I bought the car from. The navigation system has yet to work in my car. Tis ashame for a $2,000 dollar option to not function. Bad quality control so far. My car has been in the shop over the navigation system issue for 5 days now. It feels like the car has been in the shop more than in my driveway. I also have noticed very low fuel mileage numbers so far. I am very tempted to let Mazda buy mine back.
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    yep, there are oil pan issues on the first few of the 8's that were made.
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    My new RX-8 has now been in the shop 11 of the 19 days I have "owned" it and counting. Great Navigation System. Zoom Zoom! My car may be Titanium Grey on the outside, but it is definitely lemon yellow underneath....
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    The clunking which your hearing could also be the ABS pump which primes itself right when most people hear the noise.
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    Car has now been in the shop for 23 of the 31 days I have owned it. No repair solution in sight. You may want to look elsewhere to spend your hard earned cash......
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    Is the navigation system the only thing giving you trouble or is there more?
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    It's unfortunate that Eatonjam is having problems. I have had no problem whatsoever with my vehicle, especially the Nav.

    If you visit the rx-8forum, you will see over 99% of the people are not experiencing problems with their RX-8.

    I beg to differ with Eatonjam's assessment of how you want to spend your hard earned cash. The RX-8 has been the best car I have ever owned, and worth every dollar ($34,500) I spent.
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    RX8Zoomster - I'm just curious. Why did you decide to get a navigation system?
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    I just wanted to go fully loaded on my GT. I was paying 100% in full on my car, and I figured o-well, I might as well splurge on it. I always wanted one, and in hindsight I'm not regretting it. I'm pretty handy with a map, but there are times I know it will come in handy for me. Plus, I'm not the only one driving the car. My wife has found it very useful. I like the features of finding a particular business, resturant, or gas station if I'm out on a trip, or even in the city I live. For instance, I wanted Italian food. I inputted the topic food>Italian and it foud all the restaurants. Used it when we were out for a movie. Decided on spur of the moment of eating Italian, and chose a restaurant we never even knew was there. You get the idea.

    Yes the Nav is a nice option for those that can afford it. If you like using a standard map, have a good sense of direction, don't care about finding specific addresses on the spur of the moment, and don't travel much, you probably don't need it. But for those that do, I believe the majority of the people that get it, won't be disappointed.
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    Carliker The navigation system never worked from the day of delivery. I didn't order the car, but took delivery of it from a local dealer (Washington, DC area). A proper pre-delivery inspection (PDI) was not performed. Tires were over inflated to 60 PSI, grease on the black and red leather drivers seat. My assessment is that the local dealer is not getting proper technical support from Mazda or the manufacturer of the navigation system. Other problems: I have noticed that the air conditioner was not pulling its weight during the few days that the car was actually in my driveway and available for me to drive. The car is still in the break in period. I bought my car before 26 Aug 2003 (the cut-off date) but still have not received a buy back letter (horsepower issue) that has been promised for weeks by Mazda North America. Rx8zoomster, I respect your right to have a differing opinion and am glad that you are a satisfied customer, but manufacturer's have a greater responsibility to us as consumers than has been shown towards me so far. Knowledge is power, and I feel compelled to state my situation and dissatisfaction for others who are potential buyers. Mazda gets an "F" for customer support. They could learn a thing or two from Daimler Chrysler.
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    I sympathize with the problems you've been having, but it seems that it is also an isolated case. All you had to do is call Mazda to get your buyback letter. I know it's frustrating to get someone on the line, but they would even fax one to you. The letter, in fact, isn't even necessary when you call because they just ask you your vehicle ID. If you are one of the people before August 26th, they'd have it on record. Then, they'd send you the info. you need to do the buyback. It may not be too late to do this.
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    eatonjam...I'd also like to know if there were any other issues with your car other than the NAV system. If that's the only problem, then I'd drive your RX8 until they figure a fix or replace the DVD NAV system. No need for them to keep it for that problem.

    I've had mine two months. CEL came on when I had 50 miles on it. They immediately put me in a new (demo) Protege, had a new EVAP unit overnighted to the dealer and had me back in the car the next day.

    No problems since....great car....great dealer.
    2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring
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    I am sorry you are having problems. There is one thing that puzzles me. Why, Why did you take deliver on this car with so many problems. I certainly wouldn't. Because of you taking deliver with KNOWING these problems, don't you have to blame yourself also? You should have forced the dealer to do the PDI, and have everything right BEFORE you bought it. Honestly I have to blame you.

    But that is past, and now you must move on. Since there is a problem with your NAV, then the dealer must fix it. And I'm sorry that you are having problems with the dealer in that regards. If the NAV is the only problem you have, and you are problem free in other areas, then I agree with graphicguy to keep your car. If your dealer is not providing adequate service on fixing the NAV, you have a few options, take it to another dealer (which you shouldn't have to do), or make some phone calls to Mazda NA corporate and complain about this dealer.

    Your problem has to be a very isolated case. I am a member of the RX-8forum, and you seem to have the only NAV problem out of hundreds and hundreds of members. I sincerely hope you get the problem resolved. The car is too good to turn in just because you are having just this problem and you have a P' poor dealership. Mazda dealerships are much better than just this one dealership & and the RX-8 is much better than the isolated problems you are having.

    Good luck.

    As in regards to your other comment, "They could learn a thing or two from Daimler Chrysler"... I have to laugh at that one, because that's the best joke I heard all week.
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    I have three problems with my RX8. The oil light goes on the air clicks of and on constantly, and the car makes a clunk when I start off in the morning. It is in the dealer now for two days. Mine is the first oil pan replacement they have done. No fix for the air conditioning compressor yet. Mazda has no info on the clunk sound some of us get in our RX8's.
    I thought about their offer to return the car and called to get further details. They will not refund certain charges like extended warantees or any option added post delivery. I had some other question of what will be reimbursed. My letter stated I must notify them by October 1 2003 of my decision. Now they are telling me the paperwork has to be completed by October 1. Also I f I am unhappy with the buy back offer( too much excluded fees) the other offer is no longer available. Heck I love this car but we were stupid to be Mazda's Testing grounds. I hoped to return it and repurchase in a few months. I will probably keep the car and dump it before the 48 month warantee is up. I will never buy another Mazda. Its BACk TO NISAN FOR ME
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    Here's my 2 cents on the clunk many people are hearing on starting out, especially first thing in the morning. Rear brakes. I have found that at times the pads on the rear brake stick slightly and the sound of them breaking away from the rotor makes a loud clunk. I've had other cars do this especially after the brakes had gotten wet for some reason.
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    Also, the rotors are loosely held onto the studs, which means they can rotate a little bit.
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    Mazda represents everything that is wrong with big business and they bully consumers. Daimler Chrysler once reimbursed me for a brake job I had done months before a brake rotor recall was inacted. Mazda would have done nothing. Their main tactic is to ignore you. My buy back paper work has been mailed. For you information, the grease on the seat was noted, I had no idea the tires were over-inflated, and the dealership handed me the DVD case for the Navi System right before I pulled out of the dealership. The local dealer that worked on my car did not get proper technical assistance from Mazda NA or U.S. Radio, the makers of the Navi System. I give the dealership that tried to fix my car high marks for customer service. The dealership I bought from gets a zero..... One last thing, Mazda does not participate in The Better Business Bureau's Autoline Arbitration Program. Wonder Why???
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    I feel your frustration. I had to call Mazda and was on hold for about a half an hour or more. If you scroll back around early September posts, you can see that I wasn't too happy about Mazda. The worst thing is that damn zoom zoom music you are forced to listen to while on hold.
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