Major leakage from the passenger side of my 2002 Chevy Avalanche

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I have problem with my engine leaking coolant. I was on my way to work when I stopped at a gas station and noticed steam/smoke coming out from under my hood. I popped open the hood and noticed liquid spilling/leaking from the passenger side of the engine. I immediately got into my avalanche and drove it back home (about 2 miles) and parked it on the driveway, it stopped on me as I was arrived home. Took my old car to work and left it for later. I thought it was the water pump so I replaced it. shortly after pouring the coolant and water into the reservoir (about 1 1/2 gallons) a bunch of coolant began to leak out of the passenger side of the engine. I could not determine where the leak was. The coolant was everywhere so I couldn't crawl underneath the truck to inspect it and it wasn't visible from the top. If the leak is from the gaskets, will it leak that much at once or could that be the heater core. Any ideas would help. Thank you in advance for any advise.

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    Pouring out like that, it would seem to be a hose of some sort. I suppose you could have popped a freeze plug also. It would be unusual for coolant to just stream out of a gasket like that. Probably you have to have it towed and then pushed onto a lift to figure this out.


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    Thank you Mr_Shiftright. I was worried that something major probably happened since I have been experiencing the same symptoms that the others were having, low coolant levels and having to fill it every now and then. Again, thank you, I'll take it somewhere to get it lifted and inspected. Good day!
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