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2013 and earlier-Subaru Forester Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just got a 2007 2.5 x trim auto. only option was bumper in rear. msrp was 22924. OTD was 21150. this was in long beach, ca
  • Hi Neprop, congrats! I am searching for a 2007 X Automatic, like my dealer but not his prices...where did you score the 18.4k X?

    Thanks in advance...!:@)
  • jefbakjefbak Posts: 19
    So I ended up getting a 2007 X Premium package Automatice for a $265/mo 24 month 10k/year lease but it took some work. This was in west springfield Mass. First they tried to sell me a base 2007 Tribeca for $349 month but my wife thought it was too big. So we started to look at the Forester. They let us take it home overnight (it only had 1 mile on it).
    The next day I did not like the lease terms ($316 a month) so we had to get up and literally almost leave before I was asked what price would work and they finally went for the $22500 price.
    In the end they were very nice and even gave us a loaner since it was a holiday and we couln't complete the purcahse.
  • I was quoted 21150 on a 2.5 x trim automatic, this is OTD price includes all taxes.
    mrsp price is 22924. in southern Ca
    Is this a fair price or can I do better.
  • It is a fair price, I am assuming your sales tax is 8.25%. You might be able to do tad better. Try $21000 OTD.
  • kavoomkavoom Posts: 181
    Wow!, I think that's the least expensive I have seen. My 04 X manual was 19 and that was a good deal then.

    I did get my 07 Premium Package (MT) for 21,973 including 500 rebate and 500 loyalty discount. I gave the 500 rebate back for financing so ended up at 22,973... I also got that guaranteed trade in thing for my 04. I know it was a good deal because my dealer let Subaru take it and said they couldn't make any money on it.

    I did have to settle for white. I'm keeping this one till the wheels fall off.
  • I was quoted $19,100 (inclusive of all charges except tax/tag) by a dealer for the base model Forester with auto transmission. Is thia a good price and also is there any specific option package that anybody would think makes sense adding. I am looking for a base car with the main needs being safety and reliability ( think I have passed the age for 'style' and 'oomph'...!!)
  • daveitdaveit Posts: 9
    Well, I should have bought a Forester instead of my Honda CR-V. I realized that I really don't like the way the CR-V handles. It seems to need to slip before kicking in the AWD.

    So, now I'm looking at a new Forester. It looks like the trade-in for my CR-V is around 17,800. I owe about 13000 on it still so I won't be losing any money.

    I'm in Anchorage so no sales tax. They like to jack up the prices with all kinds of crazy fees since we live in the middle of nowhere. They are currently asking $23965 for a Forester 2.5 X with manual. The Edmunds TMV is showing $21849 minus the $1500 would make it $20349.

    Do you think they will give me that price? Should I try to go lower? When I called and talked to a sales guy he told me that his sales manager was motivated because it's a slow part of the year. Subarus are in high-demand up here, but so are CR-Vs. My CR-V is an EX model so it's better-equipped that the X.

    I'm looking at possibly buying this weekend so I'm anxiously awaiting you replies. Thanks.
  • daveitdaveit Posts: 9
    I have a 1997 Legacy that I didn't treated very nicely (oil changes, etc) while I was over in Europe for 4 years. It's gone through a couple oil seals and a water pump (from driving Autostrada/Autobahn speeds in a car not designed for it) than that all I've had to do was get the timing belt changed. I took it in for it's 120K mile service since i got to AK and blew about $1900 bucks getting the works done. That's not too bad over almost 10 years. Your mileage may vary but I think Subarus are built to take some abuse.
  • smittynycsmittynyc Posts: 291
    Let's just back up for a minute here -- are you positive they are giving you a quote on a manual 2.5X? Not one with the premium package?

    Because the MSRP on a Forester 2.5X manual, even with Alaska destination, shouldn't be more than 22K. If it's not a premium package, is it loaded with every other possible OEM option as well as some added by the dealer?

    I know you're in a captive situation, but FWIW, a Forester 2.5X manual can be had for under $19K here.

    I'd double-check the specifics of the car the Anchorage dealer has. I'd be okay with paying a little bit of a premium given where you are, but $5K more? A skosh under $20K seems fair to me (rebate included).
  • daveitdaveit Posts: 9
    I just looked to verify and the base X is listed at 21,970. I don't know if they changed the page or if I was looking at another model.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    You may want to post over in the 2005+ Legacy/Outback forum, where a fellow from the Fairbanks area just picked up a new Outback Basic. He could probably give you a very good idea how much over invoice is achievable at the Alaska dealerships, or whether it'd be worth it to try the L48. Here's a link to his post: xwesx, "Subaru Legacy/Outback 2005+" #9721, 5 Jan 2007 7:35 pm

    If you'd consider driving a new Forester up from the lower 48, or having one shipped, check out Carter Subaru (Seattle area) online. 4th-largest dealership in the country (2006 sales), experience sending new Subarus out of state (& to Canada), low prices and huge inventory. Drop them an e-mail with exactly what you want (you can search their inventory online) and you'll get a reply w/a low, no-haggle price, take it or leave it.
    Scroll down the page at this link for shippers to AK:
  • nepropneprop Posts: 41
    aladwag, just saw your message. I ended up buying this vehicle for $18.8K plus sales tax from Subaru of Wakefield, MA. They were the easiest to deal with and most competitive in the greater Boston market for my needs. Hope this helps.
  • daveitdaveit Posts: 9
    I am a IMBA (Int'l Mtn Bike Assoc) member and they have the Subaru VIP program that gets you invoice pricing. I am wondering if I can pile the $1500 Subaru rebate on top of that to get the car for $19,140 + TTL. Any comments/experience?
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    That'd be a good angle to take in this case, but note it's still at the dealer's discretion to accept the VIP pricing. Yes, the VIP price is before rebates. You would need to contact IMBA beforehand to get your VIP documentation from them.
  • daveitdaveit Posts: 9
    I think they have over 40 on the lot not to mention a bunch of used ones (previous rental cars). I think they will deal. I'll get the IMBA stuff before I go...or maybe just show them my card and say..."well, I have to wait for this before I can buy" and maybe they'll just do invoice. If they did that I'd just throw an extra $100 with my membership renewal.
  • daveitdaveit Posts: 9
    So I called IMBA and got the skinny. The price is actually invoice minus 2% and you can combine it with any SoA rebates/incentives. So according to edmunds...$20015 -2% = $19165 + $625 dest - $49 color adjustment = $20191 - $1500 rebate = $18691

    I have that letter printed off in case I get any flak. I called IMBA and they said they will notify SoA and I should have the letter (fax) in 24 to 48 hours.

    Should I go in this weekend and talk to them or just wait until I have the letter in hand? I already have financing worked out.

    The only place I think they can try to screw me is my trade in, but it shows 18,760 (KBB) and 18250 (NADA), so I'm thinking I can get 18,500.

    If I told them 18,000 and a set of alloys (I have snow tires on my Honda that I want to move to Forester). I wonder if that would cost them more or less?

    If you haven't yet read that "Confessions of a Salesman" article on edmunds...very informative and entertaining!

    Let me know what you think because I might go this weekend.
  • daveitdaveit Posts: 9
    They told me to give them some notice before I bring in my CR-V, so they could get a Honda guy to come over since he'd give a higher quote. The guy also said there are no used CR-Vs so they are in demand...hopefully it works out.
  • daveitdaveit Posts: 9
    So I wasn't crazy they do have the Forester listed as 23,965 (on the site) but if you click on the Subaru icon and search for Foresters it lists them as 21,970. The quote they gave me was of course the higher one.

    They offered my 16000 for my CR-V. I was honest and told them that the car had been in a accident (had a outer door skin replaced) since I figured it would be on CarFax anyway. Well, they said that's why they trade-in is so low. The thing is it doesn't show up at all in CarFax so if they sell it the person isn't going to know.

    I had to just leave after they gave me that bid. I really wanted to smack the guy. They only have 1 new CR-V sitting on the lot so I know they want it. They could easily sell it for over 20K.
  • hhmahhma Posts: 6

    I am in that neighborhood, actually my first Forester was bought there in 2001. Could you give more information (POC, skills for nogotiation)? I know the sales manager's name is Sal. Also, is there a chance that the rebate be increased to $2K at President's Day? TIA.

  • jefbakjefbak Posts: 19
    You might want to craigslist or ebay your CRV and then negotiate for $21,500 for Forester Automatic with Premium package.
  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    The drawback with that plan is that he'd have to pay tax on the full purchase price instead of the couple thousand difference if he traded in his Honda. Oh wait, they don't have sales tax in Alaska do they :P

  • saabskisaabski Posts: 57
    Hello all,

    I have an offer of $19,999 (before TT&L, including Destination) for a 2007 Forester X auto. This price is including the $1,500 rebate and about $1,100 dealer discounts.
    The MSRP on the vehicle is about $22,600. I think I could do better by at least $1,000. Am I way off? I'm in Texas.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • saabskisaabski Posts: 57
    Sorry about that-$19,999 INCLUDES the destination fee, but it is before taxes and fees. :shades:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You can do better in the MD area, try But in some regions, like Alaska, that would probably be a great price.

  • kate5000kate5000 Posts: 1,271
    I guess you can probably squeeze another $500-700 out of the dealer, $1K might be pushing it. In California, I've got Forester X 2006 last August for $19200 - but at that time rebate was $2K, plus 07's were arriving to the lots en mass.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    I don't think you're out of line. Assuming there are no options, total invoice is $21,400. Take off the rebate to get $19,900, and another $1000 in dealer incentives would be $18,900. $19k would be a great target.
  • dfpinedfpine Posts: 9
    I live in NYC. After sending out quote requests to 16 dealers nearest my zip code for out-the-door price excl. TTL, I got maybe three bids that are at or below $20K. Sticker price with a handful of options (e.g. rear bumper cover, auto-dimming mirror with compass, and splash guards) is $23,076 while invoice is $21,664 before $1,500 rebate. The rest of the dealers either say they won't go any lower than their $20K+ bids or say that the dealers that made the low bids would mark up with bogus charges when I go there. I'm gonna go for the lowest deal, and hope that I won't be disappointed. What do you guys think?

    Btw I have to thank people who mentioned in this forum. Although I live in NYC this serves as a great reference point for how low the dealers could get.
  • jefbakjefbak Posts: 19
    Isn't the Forester X Auto with Premium package the most likly trim level after the base to try and negoiate for? At the dealers I vistied in western mass they either had the base or premium package or ll bean models. No XT or Limiteds...
  • dfpinedfpine Posts: 9
    For affordability, I decided to stick with Base because it has a $1,500 rebate instead of $500 offered on higher trims. That makes the Premium at least $2K more than Base... Besides the power seat there isn't much in the premium package I seriously wished for. We were looking at leather option initially but the LL Bean package only has beige leather instead of the black leather on the XT Limited. Then we sort of talked ourselves into getting a more utility version of the Forester.

    Almost all dealers have at least 3-5 Base models when I was clicking through each one's inventory in NY metro. Far fewer LL Bean's but there are a lot of Premium's too. Maybe the Premium will be offered with a higher rebate next month?
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