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2013 and earlier-Subaru Forester Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pgb0517pgb0517 Posts: 84
    I hope my $200 over invoice was good. I am confident it was. I see posts in forums about $300 and even $500 under invoice on '09s. I also see posters happy to get $400 over invoice. As we know, regional variations in supply/demand and individual dealer business needs play into those deals. Various online guides suggest anything around 4 percent over actual dealer cost (not invoice) is a fair price for both parties, and we hit just under that. Our dealer had to hunt for a couple of days just to find the blue Bean we got.

    I also have not seen much mention of the Subaru and Dealer incentive of the 24-month/24K official Subaru maintenance plan. We got that without asking. It's worth about four oil changes, two tire rotations and more. Anybody else getting those as part of the deal in other parts of the country?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    The San Antonio dealership offers the 24 month/24K Subaru maintenance plan as well.
  • pgb0517pgb0517 Posts: 84
    Now I can name names: I just got a phone call from the sales rep we had been talking to at Gillman Subaru on South I-35 in Austin. He told me he is now working at another car dealer in town because Gillman Subaru is closing in two months. So that makes it public knowledge.
  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    Who are the Subaru internet dealers with online posted prices for 09 Foresters

    Fitzgerald Auto Malls is the only dealer I know of that lists their actual sales prices online. Even if you don't live near one, you can get a fairly good idea of what kind of price to shoot for at your local dealer.

  • snowbeltersnowbelter Posts: 288
    Also, Vanbortelsubaru. (Just add the dot com.)
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    "I hope this discussion doesn't violate the Edmunds terms of service ..."

    Discussion of specific dealers is allowed. For the most part, it's all good as long we're not giving names of salespeople.
  • ziggy13ziggy13 Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2009 Forester X MT. The MSRP with including installed options and destination was $21,111.00. The invoice price is $19,869.00. I paid $19,269.00. The above price plus tax is all I paid. The dealer handling fee was waived.

    So, if you live in Colorado, you should be able to buy a 2009 Forester for invoice or below. In my case I paid $600 below invoice. If your dealer won't come down to invoice price, look around for another dealer. MSRP and invoice pricing (including option pricing) can be found at (a Subaru research site).

    Happy Shopping

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Great deal, congrats.

    By my math the dealer lost money. Is there a hidden incentive in Colorado?
  • tkaytkay Posts: 99
    Hey Axman what is your money counterfeit. All these deals going down,and your still in the On Deck Circle!!!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Find me a Newport Blue Pearl LL Bean sans NAV, preferably PZEV model, and we'll talk. ;)
  • pgb0517pgb0517 Posts: 84
    Could the dealer have made it up on the trade-in? From my research the dealer holdback ranges from $636 to $834.
  • ziggy13ziggy13 Posts: 2
    I'm not quite sure how the dealership made their money on the deal. I did not have a trade in. Holdback should have been 3%. Maybe there is additional manufacturer to dealer support. Before I bought my Forester, I received quotes from several dealers around Denver. Not all the quotes were below invoice. However, Three of the dealers had the same price quote of $600 below invoice. I went with Flatirons Imports in Boulder, because they did not charge a dealer handling fee.
  • phdhuskyphdhusky Posts: 85
    Just wondering if 22,500 is good for a baseline premium with splash gaurds, read bumper cover and all weather floor mats. Think I can do better?

  • pgb0517pgb0517 Posts: 84
    I don't know how many dealers there are in Denver, but from your post there clearly are more than three. In Austin, we had two dealers plus one brand-new one, now we have lost one of the older ones, so ... good ol' competition must've had something to do with it! You got a great deal.

    I have no experience with, but checking their prices today, it looks like they are doing $200 over invoice on '09 Foresters.
  • So- I have been emailing and talking to some folks over the past couple of days.

    Best offer in Austin, TX so far is $300 under invoice for an instock base X manual. I have one dealer in Houston quoting me what works out to be $510 under invoice- again, for an instock base X. No extra charges other than TT&L. No mention of trade in.

    Best "generic" quote I found in Austin is at invoice and accessories at cost.

    Main problem so far, haven't found the color I am looking for, and the ones I got quoted on have about $700- $800 of accessories which I don't much care for. Plus the dealer I would like to do business with in Austin is coming in 1% above invoice.

    Hoping to wrap this up in the next couple of weeks.

    Does anybody think Subaru might offer a rebate in June?
  • craiglcraigl Posts: 12
    I'm wondering about a rebate in June, too. Seems like there are a fair number of '09 X and X Premiums available (at least here in Austin), so we might see some kind of new incentive on those models if there's a glut of them regionally or nationally. Fitzgerald has dropped their prices to about 500 below invoice for those models, which is encouraging.

    Which dealership is quoting you 300 under invoice? That's a better price than I would have expected locally.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    "Find me a Newport Blue Pearl LL Bean sans NAV, preferably PZEV model, and we'll talk."

    For the heck of it, I checked the 21 nearest dealers to me in WA & OR... only 1 blue Beaner left ( :surprise: ) & it's got NAV. Most of the small dealers didn't have any Beans at all. Good luck finding one in NE, juice. Order the Limited already! :P
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    With the new Forester selling at nearly 50% greater rate April '09 vs. April '08, I'd be surprised if things cooled dramatically in May. I bet Subaru will wait 'til sales show signs of slowing.
  • leo2633leo2633 Posts: 589

    I just found you one. Check the 2009 Forester thread.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Thanks, will check...
  • Gillman Subaru in south Austin quoted me $300 under invoice for an instock manual base X (quote of $19,793 + TTL on $21,314 MSRP). Seems they might be closing in a couple of months (saw on a thread here)- so far they have been the best deal in Austin.

    Not sure if they are getting any new stock. Let us know if you happen to talk to them and find out if they are getting more inventory in the next few weeks.
  • craiglcraigl Posts: 12
    Will do. They quoted me 500 under invoice for an Outback a few weeks ago. (I was leaning Outback at the time; now I'm leaning Forester.) The two salesmen I spoke with there told me that Gillman is indeed moving--in a couple of months--to San Antonio and that the dealership needed to unload all their inventory before they pulled up stakes. My guess is there won't be much new inventory, but what they have in stock will go for a nice price.

    I haven't gotten any quotes on Foresters yet, but the salesman I spoke with at Georgetown Subaru volunteered that their internet price for new Foresters was 300 over invoice. I figure that if he mentions that up front, that there might be some wiggle room.

    Best of luck in your search.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Interesting news that Gilman is moving to San Antonio as I haven't heard anything locally about that, will be good to see a second dealership in San Antonio again.
  • sgloonsgloon Posts: 323
    I'm trying to decide between the 2008 vs 2009 Forester. I have a great price on the 2008 and like the visibility, and that it is a little smaller. The cup holders are too small to be useable. I thought the seats seemed a bit hard after being in it for a while. Will they "break in" at all?
    I'd like to hear any comments that 2008 or 2009 owners have pro or con about their vehicles now that they have had time to drive them.
    If anyone has driven both versions, comments comparing them would be helpful as well.

  • dcwestbydcwestby Posts: 29
    I've owned a 08 forester in the past and I will say this about it. Its a great car, except perhaps where long trips are concerned. The seats, even with a pillow on them, get a bit hard on the back/tailbone after a couple hours of sitting. Also, imo, they should have put a 5 spd auto in the 09 instead of keeping the 4 speed.

    Look at all the options besides the forester. If you research extensively, you will be more knowledgable then the sales person on any car you look at. mpg is extremely important these days. Keep that in mind too. Keep a future with $5/gal gas in mind...
  • pgb0517pgb0517 Posts: 84
    Our '09 LL Bean is our first Subaru. However, we carefully compared the '08 to the '09. We liked the external styling of the '08 better, but inside, the '09 is much roomier and has better seats -- the differences in seat comfort were apparent even in a test drive. The big reasons we chose the '09: The long list of standard safety features, better interior quality, space and comfort, trip computer (of course, you could always buy a ScanGauge), peppier performance and quieter ride. We determined this via test drives as well as many reviews online.

    We were disappointed that the power seat became an LL Bean feature and not a Premium feature, though, because that was something we really wanted -- otherwise, we would not have bought the more expensive Bean. Also, the '09 has a coolant light instead of a gauge -- what's with that? And why did Subaru cripple the trip computer to not show distance till empty? And why should you have to upgrade the mirror to get a compass? Still, we like the '09 a lot. We bought one.

    (Does this thread belong in the 2009 Subaru Forester discussion?)
  • sgloonsgloon Posts: 323
    Thanks pbg!

    I'll post it there as well!
  • sgloonsgloon Posts: 323
    Thanks, dcwestby.

    The long drives were exactly what I was worried about. Are the 09 seats that much better for the long drives?

    I agree on the gas, but haven't been able to find a Manual Transmission vehicle with top carrying and cargo capacity I need that gets any good gas mileage. The 08 Forester was my compromise vehicle. The next closest was the Matrix/Vibe option. I had to rule that out as I can't get Thule racks on it (not for 6 months per Thule). And then the insurance cost for the Matrix/Vibe was going to be $300 more per year than the Forester..

    If you have any suggestions for other options to look at (the Subaru is maxing me out on price) I'd love to hear it.
  • sgloonsgloon Posts: 323
    The dealer definitely did not lose money, they actually still made a fair bit. They just took off most of the holdback price, which the dealer gets back from Subaru anyway.
  • slateracslaterac Posts: 85
    Hi all,

    I went to subaru near me last night and they wanted 25,200 for their 2.5x premium. It was ridiculous. They have a package deal that was 635 with no description and the salesperson knew less about the car than I did! They had a package worth almost 900 for the crossbars on top that was ridiculous and on top of that they wanted to offer 1500 less than kbb for my fiances car. That was ridiculous because her car is fine and that was after they told me the few days before it would probably be higher than kbb. I'd like to get a subaru but the dealership there are morons.

    I'm thinking of going in there with everything I want in the car and saying give it to me for this price or I'll go somewhere else. It's more expensive than Honda and that's crazy. I would by the llbean for that price but no way I'd pay that for 2.5x.

    What do you all think?
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