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2013 and earlier-Subaru Forester Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • oscarg1oscarg1 Posts: 3
    This is my first foray into buying a Subaru. I am trying to figure out a "good" price for a 2014 Forester Touring 2.5. It seems like $500 under invoice is a good price, but I can't seem to find enough data in these boards and on the internet. If you have purchased this car what is a good price?

    It seems that asking for $27,300 + TTL is a very good price. Is that correct?

    I'm not interested in getting the extra option (although could be convinced if you have advice on that)

    Thanks in advance.
  • proeproe Posts: 157
    edited May 2013
    From, which you should try. $100 below invoice for California is a good deal for 2.5 Touring. Grand total $27,951 + $300 (regional ad fee) + $825 (destination fee) = $29,076. Then you need to add sale tax, doc fee and other state fees.

    Though you can get XT Premium for $26,957 in California. Strangely, it does not include regional ad fee for XT Premium.
  • oscarg1oscarg1 Posts: 3
    hmm.. Thank you for your response. If you look at other buyers (like this one: it looks like getting $500 under invoice is ok and that includes the destination charge. Right?
  • robhangdog823robhangdog823 Posts: 12
    edited May 2013
    The price is based on where you're located. I'm new york city, my neighbor just paid 500 over invoice for a touring.
  • proeproe Posts: 157
    As always, it is case by case. You will know if that is reasonable or not by see how dealership would react. So, I would try different dealerships to see which one that I would deal with. Not every dealership is the same as you know it.

    What you want is to pay less than others pay at your area. You will never know what is the bottom line price for dealership, so there is no point to work yourself to death for couple hundred dollars. After all, $500 is not that much when you put it next to close to $30,000 out of pocket expanse for you.

    $500 is like 2 months of gas money at most, so is it worthy to push that hard? Also, if you push too hard at dealership, you got to wonder if they will take good care of your car before delivery. Trust me, they have ways to abuse your car in ways you cannot imagine.

    So, you also want to make dealership happy until you get the car. So, spending $500 more to keep them happy to ensure longevity of your car is nothing.
  • schewmischewmi Posts: 10
  • oscarg1oscarg1 Posts: 3
    Thank you for your responses. I just got an offer for $27,750 + TTL (in Virginia) which I think is awesome. A little haggling worked!
  • jonbee67jonbee67 Posts: 1
    Is this a touring or limited? If touring then amazing price. Where in Virginia? I live in nova and shopping for a limited or touring
  • newbi2newbi2 Posts: 3
    Could you let me know the dealer for your deal? I am living in Ellicott City. I need to get a 2014 Subaru Forester 2.5i Premium in these two days.

    Thank you very much!
  • Hi. FYI. We were looking hard at at 2014 Forester. Ended up getting an Outback for my wife but I really liked the 2014 Forester. Just to know, we have 3 Foresters in the family already. Noticed you are nearby. By far the best deal offered came from the Subaru dealer on Rt 40 West, better than any of the nearby dealers. Suggest check them out. I went in with Edmunds invoice numbers and asked them to match, and they did. Best of luck.
  • buyer157buyer157 Posts: 40
    hey Kannon 8833 - Just looking for some input based on your deep Forester experience. Looking to pick one up, going back and forth between this and a honda accord EX. The price OTD difference is about 2250 for the Subaru. Right now, the AWD and the extra trunk space is a NICE to have, but based on my current situation I don't actually need it. The extra up front cost is not such a big deal to me. My bigger concern is the ongoing maintenance cost and reliability vs the Honda. Is the upfront cost and reduced mileage the only thing Ill be paying extra for, or will I continue to keep paying year after year, after year? Really appreciate advice based on your experience.
  • scorpion3scorpion3 Posts: 5

    Please post the name of the delar and the sale manager. Thanks in advance
  • terryt6terryt6 Posts: 9
    edited June 2013
    2014 2.5i Base Model + CVT =21,150

    + document fee 160 and temp title 50 dolor,

    (different state, will pay tax later at DMV)

    Is it a good price? I also got a quote for 2014 2.5 limited version for $25,500
  • cpmunkeecpmunkee Posts: 2
    How do I get a good price for the 2014 2.5 Subaru forester? What is the invoice? How would I get a price below invoice? I only want the premium basic for the rear view camera. Otherwise I would have just gone with the 2.5i standard.

    Anybody have tips? I'm in Texas.
  • weilingweiling Posts: 3
    What dealer did you get the price from? Does the limited version price $25500 include destination fee?
  • terryt6terryt6 Posts: 9
    edited June 2013
    Grand Subaru in IL. No destination charge. It is in the price quoted already

    Ask for Melissa, Internet sales manager. Always ask for Internet sales manager. they sell more cars and can give me bottom price.

    I compared and negotiated about 20 lowest priced dealers. Only have one local dealer in town. They don't want to match it. Shame on them.
  • cpmonkeecpmonkee Posts: 12
    2014 Subaru forester 2.5i premium with cvt, with all weather floor mats, rear bumper cover, and mirror package #2.
    My drive out price is 25,843.14

    This includes TTL and fees.

    any problems with car????recalls???
  • terryt6terryt6 Posts: 9
    edited June 2013
    Mine is new from factory. Need to wait 2-3 weeks.
  • cpmonkeecpmonkee Posts: 12
    what was your price????
  • terryt6terryt6 Posts: 9
    I think it is a good price. Reasonable.
  • terryt6terryt6 Posts: 9
    edited June 2013
    I only need a 2014 2.5i basic+CVT, Mine is 21,150, then 160 document fee, 50 dolor temp license.

    Pay state with DMW later by myself (different state)

    I did quite some research/search. difference between style/model is about $2000 (seems alright, with all the addition items and installation)
  • cpmonkeecpmonkee Posts: 12
    so you paid 21,150 + 160 +50 + tax?
  • eddailyeddaily Posts: 1
    Hi all-

    Looking for a recommended dealer/salesperson in the California Bay Area.

    So far price quotes for a 2.5i CVT range from 22, 395- 22,831.

    Any recommendations or tips are appreciated!
  • weilingweiling Posts: 3
    What dealer did you get the price from? Does that includes the destination fee?
  • terryt6terryt6 Posts: 9
    I cancelled my original order and got a forester green 2014 from another dealer today. In Stock.

    Autobarn Subaru, IL Paid 21,440. for basic with CVT and Dim Mirro Compass, Floor Mats, Luggage compartment cover, Rear Bumper Cover.
  • giuseppeggiuseppeg Posts: 3
    Just bought my first ever Subaru last night from David C. Shortline Subaru from Aurora, CO. Here are the details:

    2014 2.0XT Touring
    MSRP $34,859 (Including Destination $825)
    Invoice $32,332 True Market Value $32,251 Lowest Price Paid $31,193

    I paid $30,500 + $499 (Dealer Fee) Total $30,999 (before taxes and registration)

    2011 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4X4 29K Miles trade in $28,000 (I paid $34,000 new 3 years ago)

    For those of you thinking about flying out to CO (Subaru's #1 selling state):
    Heuberger Subaru in Colorado Springs, CO is the nations #1 selling dealer
    Shortline Subaru in Aurora, CO (Denver Metro) is nations #2 selling dealer

    Email or call the internet department people and they can quote you the invoice price minus the discount depending on the model and trim.
    (Heuberger Subaru has a Silver XT Premium coming in sometime in July)
    (Mike Shaw Subaru in Thornton, CO has a Red XT Premium in stock as of today)

    Last side note: if you shopping for a CUV I would highly recommend to look at BMW X1 xDrive 28i starting at $32k
  • westmichwestmich Posts: 2
    I gained a lot from this board so it is my turn to share my experience. Began shopping for a 2014 Forester in April 2013, could not find many in stock and found no dealer in Michigan, northern Ohio or northern IN willing to sell for at or even near invoice.

    I contacted Grand Subaru in the greater Chicago area and here is what I got:

    2014 Forester Limited
    Dark Gray / Gray Interior
    Vin: JF2SJAHC1EH434898
    MSRP: $29,844
    Invoice: $27,709
    Your Selling Price: $26,389

    The experience was very easy, no haggling at all, gave best price up front via email. Great buying experience, and easily $2k lower than any price I could find elsewhere.
    Good luck in your search.

    Just made the drive back to Grand Rapids from Chicago in the Forester and I must say that it is even better than I recall during the test drives. Very happy.
  • cpmonkeecpmonkee Posts: 12
    What do you think of this deal?

    state is texas

    2014 Subaru forester 2.5i premium with CVT
    color: white

    All weather package


    Title fee

    Inspection fee

    State Sales Tax

    Inventory Tax

    Temporary Tag

    License fee

    Dealer Service

    Documentary fee


    also, the dealership offers free oil change and car wash for life, basic warranty, and 3 year wear and tear warranty

  • weilingweiling Posts: 3
    That is a good deal! What is the name of the dealership and who did you get the price from?
  • terryt6terryt6 Posts: 9
    I think you can negotiate 500 dolor less.
  • texasyxtexasyx Posts: 2
    It is a good deal. which dealership did you purchase this car? Is it in Houston? Thank you.
  • giuseppeggiuseppeg Posts: 3
    Example 2014 Subaru Foreste selling prices (base without options)

    2.5i CVT MSRP $23,820 Invoice $22,549 Target Price $21,629
    2.5i Premium CVT MSRP $25,820 Invoice $24,372 Target Price $24,172
    2.0XT Premium CVT MSRP $28,820 Invoice $27,057 Target Price $26,737
    2.0XT Touring CVT MSRP $33,820 Invoice $31,661 Target Price $31,141

    I got the target price from the Subaru kickback to the dealers in June. If you contact the internet department either at Shortline Aurora or Heuberger Colorado Springs they will honor these prices.
  • cpmonkeecpmonkee Posts: 12
    well my price paid was actually 24,100 and target is okay?

    Georgetown Subaru
  • cpmonkeecpmonkee Posts: 12
    I was tough...
  • texasyxtexasyx Posts: 2
    Thank you!
  • cpmonkeecpmonkee Posts: 12
    let me know how ur purchase goes
  • mdubdroidmdubdroid Posts: 4
    edited July 2013
    Is $27-27.5k reasonable for a Ltd w/Nav? Thinking of stepping up to avoid the wait time ordering a Premium w/Nav which don't seem to be readily available.

    Still trying to sift through all the posts, been pretty helpful so far. Thanks!
  • cpmonkeecpmonkee Posts: 12
    u can typically go by each trim adding 2k to it. so 23 for 2.5i; 25 for premium, 27 for limited and 29 for touring etc... give or take...
  • tandortandor Posts: 5
    Looking for Residual and Money factor for a 2014 2.5i touring model.
    24 and 36 month lease 15K..

    On a side note, I was looking to get a Bronze 2.5i with the eyesight system and was told that the eyesight system cant come with that color car. It was restricted to only certain color cars? Does this make sense to anyone? Has anyone else heard anything about this?
  • dlhansondlhanson Posts: 6
    I don't know about color restrictions for Eyesight but Heuberger Subaru in Colorado Springs has a burnished bronze 2014 Subaru Forester with Eyesight according to their website:

    2014 Subaru Forester 2.5i Touring w/Keyless Start/EyeSight/HID
    Engine: 2.5LL H-4 cyl
    Transmission: Continuously Variable
    Exterior Color: Burnished Bronze
    Interior Color: Dark Gray
    VIN: JF2SJAPC4EH443273
    Model Code: EFJ
  • terryt6terryt6 Posts: 9
    Great list. Very accurate. Some dealers may not want to match or treat you very rude when they see this list.
  • 14bronz14bronz Posts: 2
    I bought a Burnished Bronze 2014 2.5i CVT Touring yesterday in Colorado Springs for $28,244 which included Mirror Pkg #2 and Rugged Package #2 I believe. They tossed in a sun shade and gave me a clear bra and front window tinting at cost.

    Heuberger Motors in Colorado Springs is the largest volume Subaru dealer in the world. Yes, WORLD. Easiest buying experience I've ever had. I suppose I could have gone back and forth for a few hundred less but I'm very happy. Make sure to contact internet sales for the best price. XTs are hard to come buy, they have to ordered and expect 8-12 weeks.
  • kjlrockerkjlrocker Posts: 5
    Hi all

    I posed the following text on leasing category but didn't receive much response so far. So I just want to share this with you and hope to receive some comments from others. Any comments would be appreciated!

    I've been contacting multiple dealers in Missouri to find out the best deal for leasing 2014 Forester premium with all weather package. A local dealer gave me a quote:

    375 monthly payment (including tax and everything). 36 month lease with 10k yearly mileage.
    Residual value: 17,207

    A dealer in St. Louise said that he can do 365 per month with the same condition but it is away from where I live and car would not arrive until August 1st. (4 hours of a round trip).

    Do you think this is a reasonable price? If you think I should deal more, what would be the best approach? It seems the demand is very high for Forester and dealers have little intention of dropping price. Any comments would be appreciated!!

  • 14bronz14bronz Posts: 2
    Dug, I think you would be better off buying the car and just financing it. The residual you are being quoted plus your total payments comes to almost $31K. It could be more if they want an up front fee and you still need to pay tax on your payments unless MO doesn't allow that. You should be able to buy the car you are wanting for $27K, maybe less and I think Subaru is running 2.9% financing as of late. You will not be restricted to 10K miles per year and I would venture to guess your 3 year old car will be worth more than $17K.

    People have different reasons for leasing but I've never been able to build a business case for it unless you simply want a new car every 3 years.
  • kjlrockerkjlrocker Posts: 5
    Thanks for the comment, 14 Bronz. I agree that the car will be worth more than 17k after 3 years. I will probably call the dealer and ask how much I have to pay to purchase the car after the leasing term.
  • giuseppeggiuseppeg Posts: 3
    Congrats on your 2014 Bronze 2.5i Touring (I've heard good stuff about Heuberger). I paid $31k for my 2014 2.0XT Touring at Shortline Subaru Aurora, CO. Originally I put a deposit down for a 2014 2.0XT Premium for $27k but it got sold that same night. Either way I'm happy with the Touring options and the Turbo is worth it for me without sacrificing mpg I'm averaging about 26-27 on premium gas. What kind of mpg do you guys get with the 2.5i?
  • albert_malbert_m Posts: 1
    I personally think that leasing is huge waste of money and a bad deal... but that's probably why leasing has its own dedicated thread so that leasing and buying comments are cluttered together.
  • chrisff1chrisff1 Posts: 1
    i got a quote on limited w/ nag @ $26300 + doc fee + plate fee + tax, but it is factory order, 2~3 months of waiting
  • subarusuvsubarusuv Posts: 1
    Thats a great price. I just made a deposit for a limited trim(No Nav) Popular package 2 for $27460+ tax+title+Doc fees. What do you think?
    May I know from where you got the quote?
  • rameshbrameshb Posts: 4

    I got the following quote from a Subaru dealer. What do you think?

    2014 Subaru Forester 2.5i Premium
    Model Code: EFF
    Color: Your choice!
    Option Code: 02 (All Weather Package)
    Heated Seats, Heated Windshield Wiper De-Icers, Heated Exterior Mirrors
    CVT Automatic Transmission

    MSRP $26,320
    Invoice $24,789

    Selling Price to order: $23,269

    I think it is a good deal, what do you think?

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