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Feds Probe 2013 Honda Accord for Power Steering Failure | Posts: 9,975
edited November 2017 in Honda
imageFeds Probe 2013 Honda Accord for Power Steering Failure |

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into an estimated 374,000 2013 Honda Accord vehicles after consumer complaints that the electric power steering can suddenly fail.

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  • Our 2013 Honda Touring Accord failed just today, loss of steering at 60 mph. Appears that the steering assist boost stops and leaves you turning a tank. Took it to the Honda dealer in Brandon, MS and was told the steering rack has to be replaced at my cost of $1700. This for a 2 year old car. So much for "driving by wire". Not sure if even a new rack would fix the problem if they don't know what caused the problem. If you are thinking of buying a Honda, pull up the NHTSA on 2013 Honda Accord.
  • We Bought a 2013 Honda Accord v6 and the same day the the power steering locked up turning left and caused my son to hit a cement pole and totaled out his car. I contacted Honda in America and they said they wont inspect it at the salvage yard. That I have to hire someone first and if there is there a problem then they get involved. I called 4 mechanics no one will help and my son was slightly injured with herniated tears in his neck among other minor but he could have been on the freeway and killed him.
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