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2013 and earlier-Subaru Legacy Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ntk1ntk1 Posts: 57
    Paid 2% over invoice for a Legacy GT sedan 5 sp. I live in MA, Dealer was Patrick Subaru in Shrewsbury.
  • I just purchased a 2005 Legacy GT Limited (MT) wagon at Bloomington-Acura Subaru in Bloomington, Minnesota. I paid $500 over invoice, so with Popular Equipment Group 1, Short-throw shifter, subwoofer, cargo nets, cargo tray and cross-bar kit, came to $29,253. I pick it up tomorrow (7-7) but can say the purchase experience has been very positive at this dealer.
  • chefchef Posts: 1
    While in for service, I saw the dealer had 3 new Legacy Wagons having from 40-80 miles each. I asked for a ballpark figure on what they would take for one of these. Response was $18,200 for a $22K+ car? Can it be that anyone still has any 03s left, and is this a good starting point?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's a pretty deep discount. At this point they're just selling it at cost to clear inventory.

  • dkaoydkaoy Posts: 2
    I like to share my buying experience w/ fellow subaru drivers:
    I emailed many dealer in the s.f. bay area and asked them to compete for my business. The best I've got is $100 over invoice for a 2005 GT wagon, auto. Going to the dealer to sign paper tomorrow for a factory order car. Hope they will not play trick but stick to the quoted price.
    I find that for a factory order there's much more bargaining power.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Take the 2nd best offer with you in writing, so if they start to play they know you have alternatives and are willing to use them.

  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    Took delivery of a silver 05 Legacy GT Ltd Wagon 5EAT for $1000 over invoice from Santa Cruz Subaru. My vehicle was factory ordered just the way I wanted it and I was the first and only customer to take it out on a test drive.

    I probably could have gotten a slightly better deal from other Bay Area dealers, but I value the service and experience from Santa Cruz. They're a smaller dealership so they try harder and remember you every time you come back.

    I also managed a decent trade in for my trusty 98 Forester S. The dealership gave me above the KBB value.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The dealer staff have to feed their families. And it's good to keep the good businesses profitable so they're around next time you need a car.

    Congrats and I have to admit I am a wee bit jealous!

  • dcm61dcm61 Posts: 1,564
    I have to admit I am a wee bit jealous!

    Liar, liar pants on fire! :D

    If it wasn't for the boss (wife) nailing you to the fence, you'd be jumping off NOW.

  • tds1tds1 Posts: 74
    A week ago I Purchased a 2005 Legacy Wagon 5 Speed at invoice ($21,233) + Tax only - Denver area. Great experience, fast transaction, and very pleased with price considering other local dealers wouldn't budge much on an 2005. It's a great car - already have 1,750 miles on it (drove car up to minneapolis)!

    Question: Is there any place online to buy discounted "Added security" warranty? If so, what's the cheapest place?
  • Went to dealership #1.

    Went to the local dealership which is about 3 miles from my home. Walked in after I finished at work. was about mid day on a week day and I was still wearing work clothes. That day I had been working in the field and setting up a network. Had to crawl in and out of walls and get all my plates set up including the racks. Company logo on a collard shirt, khaki shorts and tennis shoes. (Plus $2000 in cash in my pockets)

    Walked around show room and grabbed some literature on the Imprezas. I was looking for a car to replace my 95 integra hatchback. My car is not so good in the snow and I have to lug about computers and various network related parts day to day. The WRX wagon seemed like a good candidate. That would also keep me from getting stuck in mud at new construction sites.

    If I had been on fire... no one in the show room would have gotten up to spit on me. There were no customers anywhere and the staff was just standing around talking about TV and crap. I asked someone for assistance and was told, "Someone will be with you soon." Ignored for about 20 mins before I got annoyed and headed for the door. Left in a huff and swore off giving money to "Those People".

    Couple of days later I am meeting the old man for dinner. We get to the subject of cars and I tell him that I am really looking to get a new car. I explain to him how my Acura is nice and all but I get stuck at job sites a lot. Also that I seem to get a $1000 repair bill about once a year on a car that has less than 80,000 miles on it.

    "You should look around then go to F***d (name *** to protect the A-Holes.) they are good guys there."

    "Actually dad I went there..." I explained how I had been ignored and so forth.

    Stops me mid sentence and says... "Well I think we need to head over there now."

    My girlfriend is driving and we pull into the lot. I had to sit in the back. She gets out of the car and I squirm out of the back of her RSX. All the while looking at the sales staff as they look out the window at us. No one even blinks. Dad get out of the car and starts towards the door. Door flies open and sales person is headed out the door calling my father's name with hand extended.

    Dad smiles and shakes his hand.

    "W***s, how are you. I wanted to ask you a question... does this guy look familiar to you? Or more to the point to me?" Pointing at me.


    "This is my son and he in interested in one of those Suba-whatevers."

    "I am with a customer right now, but..."


    "What would you like to take a spin in?"

    Wow that was one hell of a change. Explained that we were having an early dinner and that I would come back after dinner. Was told that the keys would be waiting when I got back.

    Seems over the years my father has purchased 5 cars there. He has also brought a few customer there for them.

    Well its great that the old man could exert that kind of pull. In fact when I returned I was handed the keys and asked to "keep it under 4,500 RPM for break in reasons. But have fun with it!" Didn't ask for my license or anything. Drove the WRX wagon and was not that interested. Brought it back and asked if I could drive a WRX sedan instead. Well the guy was busy again but made sure that I got the key. Drove it and really liked it better. But the car just feels like a civic. Plus everything inside has a slightly cheap feel to it.

    Figured I would take a day or 2 to think about things and research. Found out about the new legacy from one of the trade mags. WRX STI like engine in a nice looking sedan. Now that sounds like it would be worth a look. Came back and located the sales man and waited till he would talk to me. Told him I really appreciated him letting me take the cars out. Also that since hearing of the new Legacy that I wanted to give it a drive before I make my decision. Seemed to understand my point. Asked him to give me a call when the Turbo Legacy's arrived.

    More on that in a minute. Whole point of this post was this. They ignored me until my father did something about it.

    Kids often need a father like mine to get taken seriously. Here is the thing.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    What region are you in? Perhaps someone here can suggest a certain dealer for you.

  • buzzctbuzzct Posts: 5
    I bought a 2.5 OB in May, the first the dealership was able to sell. I paid a very fair price: they gave me an excellent allowance on my '01 with 103,000 miles. This is my seventh Subaru, and fourth OB. This car is by FAR the best - and so is the dealer. FYI, I purchased the car from Quality Subaru in Wallingford, CT. They're good people, and the service is excellent. No wonder Subaru ranks them so high!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I hear yah, same thing happens to me. For my next car I'm gonna go look at it dressed in t-shirt, dirty jeans after working at the AZP shop for a day but have a blank check ready to buy the car that day. Want to see what kind of reaction I get :)

  • I am close to purchasing a Legacy GT Limited sedan and was just offered an internet price of $26,880. Can anyone tell me if this is a good price or not? Are there any pitfalls to taking an internet price offer that I wouldn't be aware of?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Watch for the usual things - bait and switch, hard sell on accessories or other add-ons, etc.

    Price sounds fair if they stick to it.

  • I know my actual pricing info is for an Outback, but I shopped heavy for the Legacy GTs first. The dealer I bought from had all 05 subarus at or well below invoice, and they deliver (free to most places in the country). I suggest looking at them for those of you who cannot find the car you want or at the price you want. I just bought a 2005 Outback XT Limited (manual tranny) with wheel locks, mats, compass dimming mirror, and security upgrade for $29045. Plus $99 dealer fee and my state fees/taxes. That is $65 under invoice. I bought it from "fitgerald auto mall" in rockville maryland. I was going to wait for my IMBA membership to kick in for the at cost VIP program, as the deals i was getting were to high i felt. I found them mentioned on a board here and looked them up on the web. No B.S. at all. Honest and up front. They deliver for free to most of the country. It turns out and a friend of mine from ohio (who was with me at the dealership) is going to get a car from them in a few months. They also had many other 05 subarus at well under invoice. I talked myself into the outback though. If the seats went down in the Sedan, i would have bought a limted gt sedan (and this dealer has them for up to $900 under invoice); too bad they don't. So if i am getting a wagon, i am getting the outback. Driving characteristics weren't that different and i have potholes in my city-- big Mini cooper swallowing potholes. Maybe subaru doesn't so that people will not downgrade to it in cost from the wagons/outbacks.
  • Was this a Legacy GT 2.5?
  • I just ordered a Legacy GT limited for $200 below invoice. Easy transaction. I just emailed two dealers and stated that I was going to make a decision within a week. I asked the dealers to give me their best offer. That was it.
  • revrasrevras Posts: 63
    interesting, subaru is running a 315 a month lease for the standard gt but to go to the next level of trim.. gt ltd the least price went up beyond four hundred dollars a month for forty two month lease. Does this make sense to anyone, I would figure since the ltd only adds leather seats and moonroof the lease should have been say 335 any event looking for a good lease deal on the gt ltd.. want leather adjustable seats..
  • I'm getting my Legacy (its ordered) at a few hundred over invoice. I did the same thing for the Legacy that I bought in 2000. I got the prices from (which is not the closest dealer, but in a reasonable distance) and asked my local dealer if they could meet the price. They did and I ordered the car. My only concern this time is that I'm financing through Subaru since their low rates beat my credit union. Anyone have an experience using Subaru (really Chase) to finance? This will be my 4th Subaru but my first automatic...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    We have credit cards with Chase, never had a single complaint about them.

  • rob_mrob_m Somewhere North of BostonPosts: 820
    My 03 Outback was financed with Chase through Subaru 2 years ago. I got 2.9 for 3 years. No problems.
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    $25,600, no options. About $300 below NE invoice, invoice in the rest of the country. Financed everything (including tax and title!!) at 1.9%. Wish I could have borrowed cash at that rate, hehe.

  • Can anyone relate an experience they may have had purchasing from a dealer in the eastern Massachusetts area? I'm getting ready to buy my very first brand new car (drooling over the Regal Blue Pearl Legacy GT sedan) and I'm curious about the experiences some of you may have had in the area. I live about an hour south of Boston, but I'm willing to travel for the right combination of service, courtesy, and honesty. If anyone has anthing they can share on that, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  • is this avaialble in 5 speed manual or does the LTD turn it into an 4 EAT?

    I thought I saw on the Subaru it could be a manual, but when I go to actual dealer websites I never see them in inventory.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You can get a manual. But yeah, they might be rare.

    93% of cars sold here are automatics. Subaru is in the minority for even offering the option. Dealers stock what they think will sell, but you can order.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    It's available in 5-speed manual. Dealers may not be ordering them. :(

  • Just purchased an 03 Legacy wagon Limited to replace an aging Escort 4d hatchback... Seems like a very solid car road feel wise...

    Any ways the good news for me was the price of $13790.00 plus tax, lisc, and doc fees... Couldn't believe it but since it was at a non-Subaru dealership and I am in the SW only helps to drive down the price...

    29,500 miles, clean Carfax report, and my own 20 plus years of automotive mechanical experience made sure I wasn't getting someone elses mess. But with the bumper to bumper and drivetrain warranties still going strong made me feel even better...

    If your in the market for a used Subaru don't limit yourself to just a Subbie dealer, there's money to be saved buying from a Mitsubishi lot.. Now they obviously won't know squat about the specifics of the Subaru but who cares...

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats, Billy, price does seem great. I wouldn't sell our '02 for that much!

  • Has anybody been able to purchase used 05i sedan? I've found a couple and just wondering what I should be looking at price wise.
  • sapasapa Posts: 1
    I live in the Washington DC area, and had an excellent experience with Southern Subaru in Waldorf MD for the purchase of a 2005 Legacy GT, base model. They were professional, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. The price they

    offered by e-mail - an invoice price hundreds lower than other dealers in the area, and free 6/60 extended warranty - was eventually honored when I finally came in person to negotiate the deal.


    When I identified the Subaru Legacy GT as the car to buy about three weeks ago, I e-mailed the 9 closest Subaru dealerships for quotes. 5 internet sales managers replied. Southern was from the start and continued to be the most

    responsive internet sales manager. After some more e-mail traffic with others, Southern came back with the best quote, which I used as the basis for re-asking others for quotes. For over a week, no other manager was willing to meet or beat Southern's offer except one - however that offer was only slightly better, but the dealer was not willing to put it in writing.


    So I went to Southern with their quote - lowest invoice price in the area plus free extended warranty - as the basis for negotiations. Since my family buys and keeps cars until they're done, the extended warranty was a must for us, so in essence, we were saving close to $1000 compared with most other dealers in the areas.


    To the surprise of some people, Southern honored their e-mail quote, with minimal hassle, and with a professional and courteous attitude.


    Through my internet research of each local dealer, Southern was offering the lowest internet price in the metro DC area, often over $500 less.


    Why? I'm guessing because most folks here don't think to drive to Charles County for a car. In reality for me, located in northern Virginia, Southern was the third closest dealership from my home, and without traffic, it was a 25 minute drive.


    Rather than go to other dealers in the areas of the metro DC you'd traditionally think of in the

    Fairfax, PG and Montgomery Counties, consider Southern. It's not really out of the way. I got the sense that some of the dealers in the metro area don't have to really work for your business, because other buyers are going to stop by.


    Also, I got the sense that Southern at least for right now, is more interested in getting this extremely underrated car on the road for others to look at, instead of making the best deal right now. Eventually people will start getting wise to just how great a value this car is, and maybe then the prices will go up. But right now, this car's way under-rated, and in my mind the best value for the money.


    It offers all wheel drive, is fast as a rocket, safe as a Volvo, low to the ground, has a great record of reliability over the years, and at a great price. Not as sexy as a BMW or Audi? Then spend another $20K for the same car. Not as trendy as a VW? Pay the same for a weaker engine and spotty reliability. Easily faster and more nimble than a Honda Accord V6 or the Altima V6. And none of these cars have all wheel drive.


    Southern was the dealership which wanted my business the most, for a car that's under-valued at this time. They worked with me, and in the end provided great service and the best price. I recommend them.
  • Hey everybody, we just test drove 04 L/SE sedan with 7k miles. We like the car and everything, but kind of need the advice for the price. They were asking something around 21K (we are in colorado), which I think crazy, and when they asked me about my thoughts I said something around 16K, which they said they wouldn't be able to accept. They car in addition to the auto transmission had tweeters, 6cd changer, spoiler and upgraded mirror. I looked at the edmunds TMV prices and trade in is about 15.2 with retail 18.5. So what would be the realisting price for me to purchase? We're thinking of comming back on monday and try to get a deal.


    Thanks for any comments.
  • dsattlerdsattler Posts: 135
    Hey, you can get a new 2005 for 21k. Ask Terry in the real-world trade-in forums what he thinks, but I'd offer $17-18. Out here (Maryland) you can buy a new one with an automatic for $21-22k, and the new ones are much nices than last year's.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    21k is crazy, you can get a new one for about that much from some places.


    18.5k is fair if that's from a dealer and it's immaculate.


  • scottlscottl Posts: 109
    Welcome to Colorado!


    Subarus (actually anything with 4x4) are way more expensive here than in other parts of the country. Why? Because people want them, and they pay too much, especially in the winter.


    I've actually considered starting a business trailering used Subies from other parts of the country back here.


    Shop around. You'll do better. Or, make a deal with a dealer in a nice place for a new '05, fly there, pick up the car, vacation, and drive it or have it shipped home. I bought a new AWD car in Florida once for $4000 less than I would have paid in CO. It was a long drive home though. I've seen good deals in Chicago and Dallas, although I don't recommend vacationing in January in either place.
  • Hey Sapa,


    What was your price?
  • Hi gang. I thought I would get some opinions about options on a Legacy GT. Has anyone gotten the short throw shifter? was it worth the money. I tried an STI to see what it was like, but hear they're really not the same. Although the throws were shorter, there was a lot more effort. Also I've been looking at the taupe interior figuring this would be cooler in the Summer. But I'm starting to wonder whether I should just deal with the hotter interior, because the charcoal will hide dirt so much better. I'll probably spring for the extended armrest. And yes I think it costs too much.


    I qualify for the VIP program (IMBA) which should mean invoice (plus advertising fees I was told). A friend said he'd gotton under invoice recently on an Outback 2.5i. Are people doing better than invoice on GTs?


    All opinions appreciated.


  • dsattlerdsattler Posts: 135
    My salesperson when I bought my Legacy GT Limited wagon, who owns a GT limited sedan, said he'd driven one with the short throw shifter and thought it wasn't worth the money. He advised against it. My car is regal blue with the charcoal interior, and even in a Maryland summer the AC was strong and the interior didn't get too hot. Also, with four kids, it doesn't show dirt as quickly and cleans up well. (My wife's Toyota van with a beige interior can't stay clean for 10 minutes.)
  • I just bought an 05 Legacy GT limited for $300 over invoice in tulsa, ok. Not a lot of Subies around here and only one dealer in tulsa. The nearest dealer is in Oklahoma City and they are much more eager for business and upfront with pricing.
    Would not recommend dealing with the Tulsa dealer until you have a price from Oklahoma City to make them meet.
    I got an email from the dealer in Dallas the day after I bought my car that they would sell any legacy on the lot for invoice, but really it was worth $300 not to have to make the drive.
    Considering above comments I may have to sell the car in CO!
    I wonder if Subaru will have 6 speed mt for 2006. This would be a great addition and worth waiting for.
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    yeah, stay away from that downtown tulsa dealer. they were pathetic in late 90s when i lived there
  • xcskiguyxcskiguy Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info. My apologies for the very unprompt reply. I had to put the LGT on hold until I got the Audi sold. I had planned on trading since we pay tax on just the difference here in PA. Dealers just wanted to steal my car though. But selling a car takes time.

    Now I'm wondering when the 2006s show up. The day before I sold the Audi, one of the dealerships called me to let me know that they can now do $500 under invoice. I figure there's usually a reason dealers/salespeople start handing out gifts.

    Thanks again for the info.
  • dsattlerdsattler Posts: 135
    The consensus opinion is that they'll arrive in June. Chances are Subaru is offering dealers some incentives to clear out the 2005s.
  • kat95kat95 Posts: 49
    I recently purchased a 2005 Legacy sedan and wanted to mention what a great experience I had with Quirk Subaru, Bangor,ME. Quirk, met my price and above all were honest and no pressure.
    This was a refreshing change from other dealers I have purchased cars from. I highly recommend them. Great job!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    A dealer is actually named "Quirk"? Wow.

  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    There's also a Quirk here in MA with 8 brands. The Quirk in ME has 9 brands. They don't seem to be affiliated.
  • seanbearseanbear Posts: 1
    Purchased an 2.5i sedan this weekend at Jack Miller in Olathe, Kansas. Only options were the spoiler and autodimming mirror with compass. I got an offer for $400 under invoice after my first email contact. I went to the dealership the next day and they honored their quote with no added fees or hassle. I did have to haggle a bit on my trade in, but I got fair value. Got the 2.9% financing with no problems. I would recommend them if you are interested in getting quotes over the internet. They were very responsive.
  • kjnormankjnorman Posts: 243
    I've been cross shopping a Legacy GT with an Acura TSX. I test drove the GT (at Gentile Subaru in Racine, WI) and discussed that I would be looking at $27,250 out the door.

    My target price was as follows:

    Legacy GT, with Auto, Spoiler, Pop Equip Group 1

    Base $26,095
    Options $1,861
    Dest. $575
    MRSP $28,531
    Invoice $26,155

    Target -$500 below invoice based on several comments on this board.

    Buy $25,655
    Tax (5.1%) $1,308
    Title/License $300 <-- I was kind of guessing this figure (perhaps a bit high).
    OTD: $27,263.

    The dealer phoned me today and said that they could do $27,250 out the door. Also I could finance for 3.9% for 63 months.

    I'm very tempted - the car was very entertaining to drive, but the lack of ability to plug satelite radio and an ipod into the radio are probably deal breakers. Also, my family is off on vacation after the weekend, and so I would need to close in the next 4 days which will not happen as we are currently buying two cars and we need to finalize our other purchase (probably a Freestyle) before this one - just can not do all that and prepare to go on vacation in four days.

    Its a shame as it seems a fair deal.

    Incidentally, what should that total be for title and licensing?

  • Unfortunately, the tranny on my 98' Mazda 626 has died. :sick: I have a beater substitute that I can use, but obviously my car shopping schedule has been accelerated.
    I will probably get the Legacy GT sedan. I've noticed that Fitzmall has excellent prices even if one includes automobile transportation costs to California. My question is what negatives are there to using Fitzmall. i.e., Would I have to pay extra taxes and licensure? (At CA and wherever they ship/sell the car to me?).

    Any other advise would also be greatly appreciated. :)

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    If I'm not mistaken, some (?) CA Subies have different spec engines than MD, from an emissions standpoint. That may or may not be a problem if you "import" an out-of-state car into CA.

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