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  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I would get a CA car. Take the Fitz quote and have your local dealer match it.

  • nandobnandob Posts: 5
    Just got a deal from a dealer in Minneapolis. GT Limited Sedan with Spoiler, Subwoofer, auto dimming mirror and perimeter alarm. I'm a one pay lease type of person. The cap cost agreed do was $28,600 which is about $100 below invoice. Residual is $13,000 after 4 years. Including fees and interest I'm paying $18,600 up front. Working out the $ seems good but just wanted to see if anyone had similar experiences with one-pay leases.
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  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's unreal, 2.5i sedan MT5 I guess? Wow.

  • Yep, $16K, but it's a gorgeous Obsidian MT5 wagon. Better yet, since they are over a grand higher MSRP than the sedan, although the sedans are really great looking too, but we (our dog) needed the extra room.

    Not sure how accurate, but the computer says I'm betting over 30 for combined driving. Sure makes a difference in how I treat the gas pedal, when I can see immediate feedback! It does seem to be geared a little higher than our GT was, could help.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Are those Euros or US dollars? That's unreal. A while back even sedans would not go for under $20k.

  • cohenfivecohenfive Posts: 85
    just a headsup, i think there are new $1000 rebates on lgt's now. over at the forum they are talking about pretty hefty discounts after the rebates, more like $1000+ below invoice....sounds like your price is too high for current conditions.
  • axjoke1axjoke1 Posts: 11
    That explains why a local dealer was so willing to offer me 500 below invoice. Or maybe it was their unusually low sales volume. The sales lady had only been on the job for 4 weeks and told me that they were like 35 cars behind on sales for the month.. bla bla. Regardless they were much more willing to work with me than the dealer which is about 2 miles down the road from my house.

    However, they were quoting invoice on a LGT 5sp with armrest extension, perimeter alarm and autodimming mirror at 27430. This is more than what edmunds says and only matches car's direct invoice pricing if i add the homelink option to the mirror. The sales manager did say there was a 250 advertising fee, which is reginional. Is there any way to see if these claims are valid? Two years ago i talked to a large dealer in Indianapolis and they told me the same thing about the marketing fee.

    Another thing that will have a big impact on the price is how the tax and the trade in is treated. Trade in is valued at 14,000. Can i trade it in and get the tax break (pay only on the difference between LGT and trade in) but still finance the whole 27,000? Basically, the 1.9% loan has considerable value so i want to finance as much as the car as possible. The sales manager wasn't the brightest and didn't understand why i would want to pull the equity out of my current car and was hessitant when i talked about this. However, i think maybe he was just confused, i assume most people do this with any low finance rate promotion.

    lastly, all three dealers i've talked to are clueless about the subarubbucks. Has anybody been successful using subaru bucks in multiple names (coworker will sell his at a discount) at the purchase of a new car? The only other time i would use them woudl be if i opted for an extended warrenty.

    Many thanks!
  • 74impala74impala Posts: 4
    A local dealer sent me a letter saying that they would sell any car on the lot to me at the employee price. I just need to set an appointment to find out what that price is. Is there any way for me to know without setting up the meeting? I'm interested in a Legacy GT sedan.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Basically that is invoice minus any incentives, with no haggling.

    But nowadays people are beating that with haggling, so it's not much of a promise at all. It's like saying "pay a little more than most people and you won't have to negotiate".

  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    for Leg GT - it should be at least 2k less msrp.

    if GT ltd, it should be at least 3k msrp.

    don't pay more than the above
  • cohenfivecohenfive Posts: 85
    there is an lgt limited wagon on ebay for $27k buy it now, new from an authorized dealer. also one of the guys at got $5k off msrp on an lgt limited sedan (he posted the dealer ad from his local paper as well). others on have gotten similar pricing of late, at least the ones working hard for a low price.
  • gwhunrangwhunran Posts: 1
    1st time poster,
    I would like to buy a 05 Legacy GT Wagon around July/August time frame. I have spent time reading the forums and doing other research. Extra bells and whistles/Options aren't too important to me, but it must have an autotransmission or the wife won't be able to drive it and that can pose a problem, as that was the arrangement when we married. Her auto, me manual. She never could get the hang of driving it.
    I live in Virginia Beach and the dealers here don't really seem to interested in providing much info over the internet. I did the IMBA thing the middle of Jan 05 so by the time I'll be ready to buy I will be eligible for their discount. Should there still be plenty of 05's to choose from in the July/August time period and should I still continue to see the good prices mentioned in this forum.
    What happens if you try to burn regular unleaded in one of these cars?
  • badavisbadavis Posts: 1
    Just bought a Legacy GT limited, royal blue w/ taupe interior, compass, alarm upgrade, spoiler, and subwoofer for $26223 + tax and registration. Had 115 miles on it and sold as new.

    Don't have the car yet, but from the test drive, it drives great! The blue is the best color on this car IMO, but black is nice too. The subwoofer is not worth it as it is small (not much bass) and mounted under the seat so it vibrates your butt, which doesn't work for me. According Edmunds, the MSRP for this car is $30,104, the invoice is $27,515 and the TMV is $28,215. According to another dealer whom I liked much better than the one I bought from (but he didn't have a blue car), dealers are getting a $1250 rebate (stair-step or something) off of this price. If the car was delivered to the dealer before december, the invoice is even less. :)
  • rob_mrob_m Somewhere North of BostonPosts: 820
    Is this an Auto or Manual? Rob M.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I would stick with premium, especially with the turbo engines.

    The base engines in the 06 models should get the same boost that the Forester is getting, to 173hp.

  • chantelchantel Posts: 12
    Before going to this dealer, I already knew they have terrible services, but it was the closest Subaru to test drive a legacy GT. I knew I low balled the guy for a GT limited at 29K OTD but I didn't care because I probably wouldn't have buy it from them since the guy didn't even know much about what he was trying to sell me.

    The insane part was that they wanted me to pay about 33K + fees for a base GT limited with a few small option worth only $300. What were they thinking of? That would put them making close to 6K and yet they tell me "Oh, you got to let us make some money". Some money huh? :P According to them, this is the flagship car. I thought it was the STi that was the flagship?

    I was extremely upset because they were wasting my time. It was either a "yes" or "no". They even brought in their so called "Internet Specialist" to talk to me. If someone doesn't know what a "forum" is, I'm not sure this "Internet Specialist" would fit his title.

    I often hear great things about Carlsen Subaru but horrible stories from Stevens Creek Subaru.
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    Call subaru & complain about this dealership. at least others won't go through this.
  • cohenfivecohenfive Posts: 85
    from the board and confirmed from a couple of dealer sources it seems that subaru has increased the incentives for may to $1500....i think target for lgt or lgt limited should be a minimum of invoice minus $1500 now, and some are getting even better.....
  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    Just confirmed today with a Subaru representative at a Subaru dealer. There is a nationwide incentive of $1500. Most dealers are selling Legacy GT's $2000 BELOW Invoice. Do not overpay.
    One dealer in Maryland & PA has advertised dozens of LGT's for over $2k below invoice...check it out! :)
  • liv4todayliv4today Posts: 6
    What are my chances of swapping my 2005 Legacy 2.5i auto Ltd wagon for a 2.5 GT Ltd? I am presently leasing it through Chase with a balloon pmt due in 3 years 5 months. Is this a doable process or will I incur heavy financial losses or even destroy my credit etc.?
    thanks for any input...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    It will cost you.

    Thing is, your current car is now used, period. It's worth probably 10-15% less than a new one even before you put any miles on it.

    So you could do it, just expect to have to come to the table with about 10% of the original cost, plus whatever the cost it to upgrade to a GT.

    I'd wait it out, yours uses regular fuel and less of it, and gas prices are high so I think you timed it well. Get a GT next time around, unless you really have money to spare.

  • beefheartbeefheart Posts: 3
    I just bought a new 2005 silver Legacy GT LTD 5-speed from Pilgrim Subaru in North Kingstown, RI. The car is brand new, not a demo. Here are the numbers:

    Total MSRP: $29,220
    Sale Price: $24,884 (includes destination charge and all fees)
    Deposit: $500
    Trade In: $4,000
    Financed: $20,384 for 48 months @ 2.9% (dealer financing)
    Taxes & Reg.: $1,491 (paid separately)

    I e-mailed the dealer on Sunday night with a quote request for this car. On Monday morning, I received a response that they could sell me the car for $24,884 including the destination charge and all fees. I went down the next day and bought it. Not only did I get a great sale price, but the dealer was also able to get me the 2.9% financing, and I got a reasonable amount for my trade in.

    The whole transaction was smooth and stress free, and the dealership had a nice laid back atmosphere. I'll evaluate the car once the engine is broken in and I can play with it, but I love it so far.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's what a non-Limited cost when they came out. Nice.

  • ohmymyohmymy Posts: 2
    I'm looking into the Legacy Limited Wagon, 2.5i with automatic tranny. I don't need turbo nor any options. I just want the Limited for its nice leather and the very cool dual moonroof.

    I've contacted a few local dealers via internet with the best being $27,000 out the door (CA sales tax is 8.25%, ouch!). That was better then Carsdirect which quoted me at $27,455. I heard about on the east coast and was wondering about using them. Is that price really delivered out the door prices to CA included? Seems pretty good, but the website is a bit hard to use and confusing. I can't find one that fits what I'm looking for.

    Any help or advice apprecitated. Thanks.
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    looks too high. it should be at least 2.5k below MSRP for LTD. not sure about, call them.
  • rob_mrob_m Somewhere North of BostonPosts: 820
    think target for lgt or lgt limited should be a minimum of invoice minus $1500 now, and some are getting even better.....

    Was at the dealer today. I can confirm that the incentive is either $1500 or $500 and 2.9% financing on Legacy GT's. My local dealer (whom I have given a lot of business) would not go lower than published invoice. No Atlantic Blue/Taupe GT LTD sedan today. :cry: Rob M.
  • ohmymyohmymy Posts: 2
    This one's a CA car, automatic, with ~8K miles. They offered me $22.9K OTD, but I'm holding out for $22 even. If I don't get it, I'll just wait for others to show. Would that be an exceptional price? CA tax is a whooping 8.25% too!!!!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Used is used, so I subtract 10% of the new car value, then deduct for mileage.

  • Back in January of 05, I bought a used '97 Legacy L wagon AWD. Only had 38k miles and very well maintained. Only concern was the fact that it had sat for about 2 years, maybe one without much attention. Owner was in a retirement home. What the heck, got it for $5600. Has a few minor dings in it, but rubber looks good and get this. It started right up after sitting there for so long.

    I'm installing a roof rack myself, and seriously considering some higher quality rotors and brake pads. Mountain driving is taking its toll, and had to have it in twice now for brake work in the last 8k miles.

    I'm also going to switch over to AMSOIL synthetic oil for any oil that moves, e.g., transmission, motor oil, gear, etc. I want to make the baby last as long as possible.

    Any other suggestions? :D
  • mihinkmihink Posts: 36
    I just test drove a 2.5i with limited package. very solid and well built. Sticker was >26,000. I didn't get a quote...told the dealer I would think about it.
    What is the best deal I could expect, looking for a black/black combination if available.
    If someone could refer me to a good dealer in Northern VA/Washington, DC area for a good price. Looking to buy for $20 K OTD price if possible (inclusive of all taxes/destination/dealer fees/registration/title), what are your thoughts????
    Thanks folks. :confuse:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Not a bad idea, those long down hills are brutal and just bake the brake pads.

    For $20k you can probably get a non-Limited, but a dealer would be waaaaay upside down to give you a Limited for that price.

    Try, check prices there. You're close enough that you could get there easily, and they are no-haggle so what you see is what you pay. I suspect a Limited would be in the $23k range or so, plus taxes.

  • They offered me a new GT Ltd Wagon, manual with short-throw shifter for $27,500 and $1,500 cash back on Saturday. Had a scratch on the front fender they said they would fix first. I thought it was a good deal and the sales guy I talked to was pretty nice, but I haven't decided on it yet.
  • erickson00erickson00 Posts: 9
    Subaru of Jacksonville

    Subarus are not really popular down here in the south; at least not the Legacy or Outback. We have our share of the boy racers with aspirations of streetracing their fast and furious imports, and they go for the Imprezas. With this in mind, I wasn't sure what to expect when I started shopping for a Subaru.

    I tried to use the internet to my advantage, but they wouldn't give me a quote until I came in. Typical. Most dealerships won't, which is unfortunate. They want to give you their pitch and get you in the door because they know the majority of people will have a harder time saying no once they drive a shiny brand new car around the block.

    I got to the dealership around 5pm on a Friday afternoon. I met the sales guy who I'd talked to on the phone, and told him what I wanted.

    We went outside to look at all the Legacy GT Limited models, of which he had only a few. SOJ is actually the largest Subaru delaership in the region, but he didn't have a silver, charcoal interior GT Limited with a manual transmission. They called around and located one in Tampa, saying they could go pick it up for me if I left a deposit. I knew I wanted the car, so I agreed. I was lucky enough to test drive it in heavy rain. The dealer tricked me and turned my seat heater on, so I started roasting; asked him to switch on the AC while I was driving. He thought that was funny, but I wasn't so sure about it.

    I already had financing secured for 66 months through my company, with an employee discount. I work as a sales rep for Chase, and thought I had a decent rate in 6.48%, because I had a 60 day late on my credit report a couple years ago. I asked the guy at Subaru to run my credit and tell me what they could offer. They beat my employee discounted rate by 2%. Guess who the financer is? Chase. That's strange, but I took it for 63 months.

    Then it was time to talk about price.

    I had brought in my TMV report and other various documents. The sales rep wouldn't use my TMV values as the invoice cost, saying that they were wrong. I argued for a while, but he wouldn't budge. His invoice was about $600 more than lists. I ignored the trade-in talk, and steered away from the monthly payment method of negotiating. I wanted to know the full, out the door price. After financing in a spoiler (the car in Tampa did not have one, which originally I didn't want, but after seeing it on in the dealership, I decided to get one), which they overcharged me on, I ended up paying around $29,500, out the door, including tax, tags, title, etc.

    I expected to pay a bit less, but I was happy to be getting exactly the car I wanted, and for 2% less in interest than I walked in with. It ended up costing me $12 more per month than I thought it would (thanks to the spoiler!). I know owe $512 per month for 63 months.

    Before I could leave, they made me talk to another rep about how to read the owner's manual, and gave me a ton of business cards and flyers and booklets, which they stuffed into the folder with the manual. Everyone was very nice and agreeable, and didn't treat me like I didn't know anything. They employed the usual tactics; making me wait for 10 minutes or so alone at the desk while they discussed my counter-offers, tried to work the monthly payment angle, tried to charge me MSRP for everything instead of invoice. But they are just like me, living off of commission and doing what they can to squeeze a few extra bucks out of the deal without being dishonest. It took three hours, which kind of sucked, but oh well.

    I was much more impressed with this buying experience than I was when I bought my last car, a used 1997 Honda Prelude SH, from a BMW/VW dealership. Those guys were snakes!
  • cohenfivecohenfive Posts: 85
    was this $27.5 minus $1500 rebate for a price of $26,000? that's good if so. are they dealing on the other lgt ltd wagons they have in stock as much?
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    I know them. they are connecticut folks who own them in jacksonville & are selling subarus aggressively in FL.
  • sh_maestrosh_maestro Posts: 20
    I test drove the 05 Legacy GT Ltd AT at this dealership.. the sales team, though quick to respond initially, did not appear to be very motivated.. I didn't ask them for a quote as I was still deciding between this and an Accord EX V6 AT w/ navigation (both cars have loads to offer), but now its down to a cost comparison.

    Do you guys have a quote for the 05 legacy GT Limited for the Bay Area, California?

  • earthwormearthworm Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2005 Legacy GT LTD 5MT, Regal Blue, with the following add-ons:

    Popular equipment package (auto-dimming rear-view w/compass, security alarm)
    STi Short-Throw Shifter

    I originally emailed the dealership with a request for a quote for just the performance package (Momo shift knob, short-throw shifter, and metal pedals), spoiler, auto-dimming mirror w/compass, and floor mats and was emailed back with a price of $25,995.

    When I went in to the dealership yesterday, they didn't have what I wanted on the lot - they had a car without the performance package and with the popular equipment group, so I said OK, even trade, just throw in the short-throw shifter without the momo knob and pedals and they charged me $350 w/ installation for that, so I ended up with a final price of $26,345.

    That price above from Beefheart for $24,884 is awesome - I wonder what add-ons it had...

    I also got the "added Security" extended warranty of 5 yr/100,000 miles for $1200. They originally tried to get me to agree to a 6 yr./80,000 plan for much more.

    I took the incentive ($1800?) and the 4.85% financing instead of the $500 off and the 3.99%. With the extended warranty, the shifter and other options, I took the 63 month loan for $499/month.

    The dealership employees were very nice and easy to deal with - not too much pressure. They put my shifter in while we did the paperwork. Overall a pleasant buying experience.

    As far as the car goes, I did a lot of research and can't find a better value for your money. The power is good, the handling sweet, and to get AWD and 8 airbags as standard features is something you would have to pay extra for most everywhere else. This car is as good as or better than a lot of other cars you would not be able to get for even close to $30,000.

    I am very satisfied with the car and my purchase. It is a pleasure to drive - lots of fun, AND luxurious at the same time. I can't wait for winter to try my AWD in the snow and my heated wipers and side mirrors!

    Hope my experience helps any one else out there! :)
  • cohenfivecohenfive Posts: 85
    i've done some digging this week in the bay area looking for an lgt ltd auto wagon for my wife. pretty disappointing on pricing at the first go around at least. i haven't gone back to anyone yet though. that starts today...the cars i'm looking at sticker around $31.8-$32.2k and the offers i'm seeing are around $28.1-29k...not great relative to some of what i've seen and heard here and at hopefully when i push on them i can do better. i'm hoping more for around $27.5k with a couple of the little options.

    oh, and for anyone looking for an lgt ltd wagon who doesn't mind getting one from out of state (dealer in idaho) there is still a new regal/charcoal for sale on ebay for $26.5k. i'm frustrated it hasn't sold yet and that my wife is insisting on a lighter interior...otherwise i'd have snagged that one. even with shipping it would be cheaper than what i might be able to get locally....ticks me off!!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    now its down to a cost comparison

    Nooooo! You're gonna spend $25 grand or so and give it to the lowest bidder? :cry:

    Buy the one you enjoy more. 7 years from now it won't matter that you saved $200 on this or that, but if you're still smiling while driving it makes all the difference.

    Buy the one you like better regardless of price! :shades:

  • sh_maestrosh_maestro Posts: 20
    How much extra does the wagon cost over the sedan? I got a quote of about $26,600 for the LGT Ltd sedan from Santa Cruz Subaru - this was an initial quote, they may be willing to bring it down by quite a bit. You should definitely check it out..
  • sh_maestrosh_maestro Posts: 20
    Buy the one you like better regardless of price!

    I really wish I could.. but if you take navigation into account, theres a price difference of about 4,500$ - the Accord coupe being lower. The LGT is without doubt a lot of fun to drive (probably more than the Accord), but then again its AWD is really more of a gas guzzler for someone down in California, and gas prices here are a major pain, especially in the Bay Area. Now, if I were in a place that snowed - say New York or Canada, I would've taken the Legacy without any further consideration.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I've seen GTs in the high $22 range, Limiteds under $25k. Check for reference.

    I'm sure the Legacy will cost more but the difference should be a lot smaller than that.

  • cohenfivecohenfive Posts: 85
    the wagon costs exactly $1000 more than the sedan. i've contacted santa cruz subi and they were mid-pack of what i think is a too expensive pack. i'll find out when i go back to them. it is getting towards the end of the month..... :P
  • cohenfivecohenfive Posts: 85
    my wife and i decided not to try to crush the dealer and we wanted to buy from the local guy to save us the extra trip somewhere. here's what we have agreed to:

    lgt ltd wagon, atlantic/taupe, auto
    all weather mats, auto dimming mirror, air filtration, rear cargo mat

    msrp around 32,200. we paid 27,800 plus ttl (zero additional dealer fees). probably around invoice minus 1700....not the best but ok and saves us a few hours going elsewhere.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Better to have a good relationship with the local dealer than to save a couple of bucks and then have to drive an extra 100 miles every time you need something. :)

  • cohenfivecohenfive Posts: 85
    the car also has the subwoofer installed.....
  • cusafrcusafr Posts: 184
    I am looking at a 2003 Legacy Wagon, 4-cylinder. I remember there were some engine problems with some years. Seams like it was overheating problems? Could someone tell me if the 2003 year had any problems like this?


  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    check MSN auto or consumer report used car reliability rating, they specifically show engine reliability
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    This is also a good question for our Subaru Legacy/Outback Wagons - Problems & Solutions discussion. That's where owners can share their experiences with you.

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