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I'm planning on getting either a 99 Ford ranger xlt extended cab(red) or an 02 Mazda protege lx(black)! And me being the ignorant highschooler that I am, I want to make it look/sound amazing and not so family friendly lol! What can I do to either of them? Any suggestions are welcome!


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    Hey! Welcome to Edmunds. I would go online and look up what others have done, look at several different ones, then mix and match the mods to suit your choices. You are limited only by your imagination and your budget. For that sound; you can check out "FlowMaster" exhaust systems, makes just about anything sound cool and mean! As far as the mods, there are wheels, fender flares, paint or plasti-dip, decals, pin stripping, lift kits, just to name a few. Personally, if you are changing nice undamaged wheels or body panels I would use plasti-dip, it's easily reversible, just peals off when you're tired of it. Whatever you decide, be sure to think it over and have the whole picture in your head with a plan of action and a budget layed out. Nothing more disappointing than starting something you really want to do and then finding out you can't finish it. Good luck to you, and post us some pics of the vehicle when your done.
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    Good suggestions....exhaust mods and custom wheels are two quick and easy ways to change the sound and look of the truck without major body modifications. Lift kits look cool but they have drawbacks, so investigate what happens to a vehicle when you lift it. Lots of shiny bolt on stuff like custom billet grille, or chrome diamond plate for the rear bumper. It's going to be harder to make a Mazda Protege look cool.
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