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    Yep, We originally looked at the 3.5S, but we wanted power seats,(my wife was not sure she could get comfy in the manual seats) and the only way you could get them was the 3.5SL with the special edition package. The backup camera was a welcome edition as well, and has already found itself to be useful in maneuvering our tight driveway as well as parking lots. I am ashamed to say it, but it even stopped me from backing up when my errant niece ran behind the van without me seeing her. She was pretty far away and in the rear pillar blind spot, but when I saw the movement off to the side I stopped and got out to check.

    We however did NOT want the DVD, the kids watch enough TV and they do not need to be whining for it every 10 minute trip. On the long trips we set up the portable DVD. However, the window sticker said it was wireless headphones compatible, and since the headphones are not available as an option, and another dealer says he does not even know how to order them, I am assuming they come with the car.

    As for the heated seats, it may be a type-o, but if you look in the options matrix it shows the heated seats standard on the 3.5SL Spec Ed package. the list to the right of the equipment in the 3.5sl Spec ed package does not list the heated seats.

    So far I do not understand why this van gets such bad reviews, it seems better in many ways to any other van we looked at, and the pure space is just super. why would anyone drive around in one of those overstuffed Toyotas?

    Still have not heard form anyone about whether oil changes have to be done at the dealer...someone out there has to know.
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    It would be very rare that any warranty would ever require basic (or any) maintainance to be performed at the dealer. However, warranty service may require proof that you have been maintaining the vehicle properly. If you get oil change or other work elsewhere, be certain to maintain receipts/proof of work to provide if needed. I'd be surprised if your dealer doesn't have competitive rates for oil changes, however. Many typically meet/beat the quick lube prices and you have the benefit of having service records kept by the dealer.

    For instance, the dealer we just bought from has a $29.99 oil change special listed on their website. I called the local Jiffy Lube and was given a price of $34.99 and can easily find a $5 off coupon online, so services are priced the same.
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    I don't think you get the headphones unless you have the DVD. Also, looking at the 06 SL list of options, heated front seats are only available with the SL Leather/Bose pkg. You stated you had the special edition pkg which does not list heated seats. Hope this helps.

    Sounds like you are really enjoying your purchase, and I agree, the roominess is just great!
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    > This was my first lease as well...if there are others
    > that have greater experience and could comment on why
    > there may be such a spread, it would be appreciated.

    dslunceford, you leased? In your first post (#499), it looks like your talk about a price for buying and a lease deal, and it wasn't clear what you did.

    baxter3, you also leased, I see.

    I don't think $711 under invoice is the real price for someone who is buying cash. It must be a nominal value for setting the terms of the lease, and there must be something in the lease, such as residual, money factor, or interest, that is favorable for Nissan and allows them to state the $711 under invoice in the lease. (Or maybe there is some kind of regional manufacturer-to-dealer incentive where you are.)

    The reason is, I just don't see $711 under invoice in my market. Every dealer I've talked to starts to balk just before invoice, and goes to stone at invoice. Some won't go to invoice. One guy gave me a token under invoice.

    Can anybody confirm a non-financed (at least not by F&I at the dealership), no trade, purchase (not lease) deal on a 2007 Quest for less than invoice?

    BTW, dslunceford, you say in post #499:

    > Couldn't find holdback info for the 2007s yet, but it was
    > around $1000 for the 2006 SE's, so I'm figuring the
    > dealer still made $300+ on the sale of the vehicle (which
    > was in stock).

    But the things I've read say that a dealer wants/needs $1300 or $1400 gross profit to make his net profit, and the holdback is a primary source of that gross that he won't give up. So a dealer making $300 gross is dubious to me.

    Comments welcome.

    I'm not really for screwing dealers, even though they do screw customers frequently. If they treat me okay, and give me what I want at a price that I'm agreeable to, that's a good deal for me (and probably for them).

    The only problem is "a price that I'm agreeable to" depends on the market, and is very hard to know well because the dealers and manufacturers are always playing games with prices.
  • dslunceforddslunceford Member Posts: 26
    Yes, I leased. But I didn't go into the deal telling them that. That's none of the salesperson's concern, frankly. I made my best deal and was prepared to buy with an E-Loan check (already approved)/cash or their financing, if better, or their lease program. AFTER making the deal I had the financing guy work up both buy and lease scenarios. During the sale negotiation we never discussed whether I planned to lease or buy (it was never asked) just that I had no trade to deal with.

    It shouldn't matter to the dealer whether or not you buy or lease (unless they are able to offer lease specials, which they would then push -- there are no such specials I'm aware of currently).

    Since earlier post, I found holdback info for Nissan is 2% of Invoice (, so that would mean on my vehicle holdback would have been around $688.

    I don't know why they made the deal, necessarily, except it was stock on hand, was a holiday weekend, and Nissan wants to finally find some success in the minivan space?
  • biggitybiggity Member Posts: 25
    Yeah, it's a head scratcher. Maybe there was some sort of test marketing area or a special manufacturer-to-dealer incentive for getting the first ones out the door, or something.

    Funny, though, since you and baxter3 got the same deal, it must have been some circumstance common to both of your dealers.

    I guess some more information would be helpful, if anyone has something to share.
  • tjshantjshan Member Posts: 28
    I kindof figured that on the headphones but no one can tell me how to go about getting them, and since the car is supposed to have "dual media playback" how can you do that without the headphones? Has anyone used that feature yet?

    Also, not to be argumentative, but if you look in the options matrix it shows the heated seats standard on the 3.5 SL with the Spec Ed package (the little box has SL in it denoting the Spec Ed package not the L denoting the leather package). The packages list to the right of the equipment matrix for the 3.5SL Spec ed package does not list the heated seats so one or the other must be incorrect.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    Try an electronics store for the headphones. I remember seeing wireless headphones sold at Radio Shack.
  • hondakidhondakid Member Posts: 17
    Does anyone know what the invoice cost is for a Quest 3.5s in Toronto?

  • carolanddavidcarolanddavid Member Posts: 6
    Central Indiana, some local dealers have 5-10 07s on the lot. I have an internet sales guy immediately going to invoice price on an 07SE with options - AND 2000$ off from the offer letter sent to previous owners.
  • hondakidhondakid Member Posts: 17
    Do you mean $2000 off from invoice or $2000 off to bring it to invoice?

    P.S. and this offer is for the 07 Quest?
  • carolanddavidcarolanddavid Member Posts: 6
    Yes, for an 07 SE Quest, that's why I titled the post "2007 Quest pricing". And yes, 2000$ below invoice, that's why I put "AND" in all uppercase letters.
  • hondakidhondakid Member Posts: 17
    CarolandDavid ..... You do have a way with words .. don't you??!!

    May we NEVER talk again!


  • dslunceforddslunceford Member Posts: 26
    So $2k below invoice on an '07 if you are a previous Quest owner? Could you expand more on the "offer letter?"
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    I'm relatively new to the buying scene. Could someone give me an idea on what the best bargain is on an 06 Nissan Quest S SPecial Edition is? I don't need all the bells and whistles and I'm a single mom of 4 boys, so I have a strict budget.

    This is what I got out of my local dealer:
    The MSRP: 26775

    The discount: -1293.00(what that is for I dont know)

    Rebate: -3000.00

    Sale Price: 22482.00

    State & Local Taxes:1155.13

    License , Title, Reg. Fees: 80.00

    I'm wondering if it is still possible for them to come down some on the price. Any suggestions? :confuse:
  • carolanddavidcarolanddavid Member Posts: 6
    Letters were automatically sent to registered Quest owners from Nissan. We got one from corporate, and one labelled as from dealer, although they look so similar in format that you gotta figure it's from the same program. One referred to "VIP pricing" and 2000$ cash back, the other didn't really elaborate anything specific.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    You should be able to get a further discount on a 2006 Quest. They are trying to get rid of the 2006 for the 2007. Everythign else looks fine.

    Take a look on Edmunds for invoice pricing for the Quest S special edition. You may want to invest in a DVD player with 4 boys.
  • mrmcgivmrmcgiv Member Posts: 7
    We got a 06 nissan Quest s Spec Ed for 19,600. No dvd player. Only the standard extras (floor mats, upgraded upholstery, cargo cover) plus the Rear view with a compass which was a 230 extra. NOBODY we asked could match that deal. They said they lost 1,800 and I believe it. The other dealer also said can't match that they lost 1800. So I would think 19,600 plus 1,800 to get to 21,400 would be a good deal. We bought on memorial day. GL Mary
  • carolanddavidcarolanddavid Member Posts: 6
    We have 3 little ones so I was moved to respond to you. :)

    I follow all the online advice from Edmunds et al and refuse to deal from MSRP; I start with Invoice. This has worked for several years / vehicles / dealers for us.
    It's hard to comment on your price because an S-SP can still come with additional options and we can't tell from your MSRP what else is on that van. I can say the MSRP you typed is about 1300 higher than Edmunds base 06S SP MSRP (25450), so it probably has a couple options or dealer add-ons on it. Edmunds says invoice is 23537, so add that same 1300 to reach 24837 sale price. You have them nearly 2400 cheaper than that, which suggest to me you *might* be getting a decent price. There could be several other factors to look at. Discount could be because they need to move all the 2006s out now that 2007s are coming in. SOme of it could be that they had a local aftermarket guy put something on there and tried to mark it up 500. Dealers pay interest for every unit on their lot because they borrow money to buy them, so that's another reason they need to move them, especially older ones. The longer they have that van, the more its price will drop. Rebate is from Nissan, that's yours no matter what. They still make money in other ways (i.e. holdback) you won't even see.

    You might want to consider looking at the new Hyundai Entourage. I am - even though I'm a Nissan lover and have 2 2004 Quests now. I had to look because they offered virtually all the same options at thousands less. They have incredible warranty coverage, which should be all the more important to single moms of many on a budget. The worst difference for me is the CD stereo power difference, which I'd bet won't matter to you like it does me. The spare is inconvenient, but they give you some years of free roadside assistance anyway..
    Food for thought, hope this helps and good luck! Let us know what you do. :)
  • nhonickmannhonickman Member Posts: 5
    I am looking to purchase a pretty loaded Vehicle but noticed the SL can not be equipeed with VDC without the Nav/Pax package(like another $3200)

    What I want:
    2007 SL
    SL Prem. package
    Skyview w/ Sirius
    SL upgrade
    Seat package
    MSRP $36415 but no VDC
    invoice $33132

    ...they have offered this Quest w/ misc options(they have 6 in FL region w/ MSRP of $36855..must have floor mats or whatever also...started "$400 over invoice" $33950 supposedly non-negoitable)

    But the 2007 SE with VDC and DVD/tech package list out $38055 w/o misc crappy addons...that should be included ie floor mats...I figure same price of $400 invoice so car would be $1500 more to get VDC

    Long winded the Nissan VDC(vehicle Dynamic control) worth that much
  • rprossilrprossil Member Posts: 62
    Did anyone else get one of these letters yet for an '07? Just curious, I haven't received anything yet and our lease is up at the end of Feb.
  • hondakidhondakid Member Posts: 17
    Howdy everyone .. I am looking for Dealer Invoice Price on the 2007 Quest S.

    If anyone in the Toronto Ont area has this info, would you please post it.

    Thanks In Advance,

  • stuartlongstuartlong Member Posts: 17
    I have a purchasing strategy which may or may not be sound. I am interested in purchasing a 2006 minivan at what I hope to be a significant savings from what I have read on the forums and have been quoted. I am starting with information that a friend purchased a 2006 Honda Odyssey EXL RES from the dealership in Goldsboro, NC for $28,900 before taxes, tags, and fees. The OTD price was about $30,300, I think. I am also interested in the Nissan Quest as well as the Toyota Sienna. My plan is to take this purchase price to dealers of these 3 vehicles and see who is willing to beat this price by the most, on a comparably equiped van. I know the resale on Sienna and Odyssey is slightly better than the Quest, but they seem to be selling for about the same value when new. We looked at a Nissan Quest that was MSRP at about $37,000 and hoped this may fall into this range of the EXL RES. What is anyone's opinion on this strategy. After test driving all three vehicles, I ranked the handling in the order of Quest/Sienna/Odyssey. The problem with the Sienna is that the Toyota dealership we spoke with takes the LE and then does a dealer install of Leather Seats and DVD player. Negotiating with them seems to be a high risk since they will add these items, which would give us the vehicle we want, but would probably result in our paying the same price for the Odyssey EXL RES, which has many more features. The safest bet will be to attempt to purchase the same vehicle at the same price from the same dealer as my friend. However, they would need to transfer a vehicle from another dealership since they are sold out of the 2006 Odyssey EXL RES. I am not sure if any transfer fees would be added on or if I could negotiate the removal of those fees.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    I'm not sure your strategy is sound since you will likely have to take what the dealer has on his/her lot. Also by not having a clear favorite vehicle or a clear price, you will be doing a lot of back and forth with saleman.

    It will be hard to get an apples to apples comparison this late int eh model year. I would sit down and decide what is the closest I can get in each vehicle, determine what options are the most important (ones you must have and the ones that you can do without) and negotiate the best price for each van. All three manufacturers want to clear out their 2006 since 2007 will be on the lots next month. I know Nissan is giving the Quest a makeover for 2007 and are aggressively selling the Quest. The Sienna and Odyssey will be a tougher negotiation but you shoudl be able to get a decent deal. I doubt your friend's saleman will give you the same price if they have to deal with another dealership.
  • nhonickmannhonickman Member Posts: 5
    before you buy an 2006 Quest look at the improvements in the 2007. My wife said an '06 would be fine but drove the 2007 and liked it much better....improved the fold down seats big plus over Honda/Toyota for my wife...improved the dash as well..

    She also felt the 2007 drove better

    The Toyota on the Limited has few options unavailable on even Top lIne Quest

    My wife loves here new 2007 Quest 3.5 SE with SE Tech/ SIrius and DVD (she moved from 2001 ML320).. except Nav/Pax package(only option we did not get)

    Also, I disagree if the vehicle is on a lot fairly close it will cause zero issues IMHO...our 2007 was 200miles away
  • stuartlongstuartlong Member Posts: 17
    I have a price offer from Southern States Nissan in Raleigh, NC. There are 2 other Nissan dealers in the immeidate area (and several within an hour)who I have not yet checked. Here is the price quote:

    Wholesale/ Retail
    Base Price: $30769/ $33650
    Destination: 650/ 650
    19" Run Flat Tire
    (VDC): 738
    Splash Guards: 113
    Seat Upgrade: 690
    Mats: 119
    Dual DVD screen: 1648
    Cargo Cover: 44
    Nav System: 1561
    Final: $36287/ $39925

    Dealer pirce: $36637
    Minus Rebate $33637
    plus tax/tags

    This is $6288 under MSRP. I have read that $8-10k under MSRP is what you can expect. I have no need for the Nav System, which I cannot avoid with this package. Without the Nav system, I am paying $32066, which is $7849 under MSRP. I would probably be comfortable if they accepted the offer of 32066, but it still seems to be more than what others say they are paying. If we dropped it to wholesale, I would net the $350 above invoice and would be 8199 under MSRP at $31716. How does this price compare with others' experiences?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    Also make sure you want the Run Flat Tires as well. they are pretty expensive to replace. You can check Tire Rack to get a sense of what they cost.

    The $31,716 gets you in the $8k-$10k range. Start negotiating at $31,5k and see what happens. If you are sold on the Quest, you should get quotes from th other dealerships in your town. You should casually mention that you have visted the other dealerships as well.
  • justin714justin714 Member Posts: 10
    Just got my new '07 Quest SE. Below are the options and OTD price.

    Color: Nordic White Pearl

    OTD price: $35,200

    I thought it was a good price but wanted to know if anyone has gotten a better deal.
  • dslunceforddslunceford Member Posts: 26
    Start at post 497 or so, that's when the first 07 purchases are discussed. I think you are around $1,500 more than the best deals obtained
  • justin714justin714 Member Posts: 10
    Thanks dslunceford. I'd tried negotiating $14,500.00 OTD but they wouldn't budge 'til I got to $15,200.00. There was only one Nordic White available in California so that may have been one of the factors.
  • f1236089f1236089 Member Posts: 25
    $15200 for 07??!! Sign me up, please :)
  • vinhphucvinhphuc Member Posts: 44

    I believe the number "$15200" is a typo. Look up a few earlier posts you'll see that's actually $35200. Sorry to have your heartbeat going up for nothing! :)
  • tsu670tsu670 Member Posts: 293
    It appears Nissan has configured the Quest SL & SE options packages in such a way that it is almost impossible to get popular options without also having to buy the DVD/Navigation system and, therefore, run flat tires at the same time. Got this from Build a Quest and "Specs & Options" on Nissan's website. For example, if you want leather seats you also have to order the DVD system. If you want the towing package, you have to get the DVD system. And with the DVD/Navigation system comes run flat tires, something we definitely do not want (determined from "specs & options" page). Any word if this packaging will be changing for 2008 models?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
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  • dhishidhishi Member Posts: 4
    I can get the 07 Quest SL with the same options but for the DVD Dual Screen for $22,000 OTD.
  • sunilk_14sunilk_14 Member Posts: 19

    I am looking to buy 2007 Model Minivan either Odyssey or Quest.

    I haven't made much research on Quest till now. I am thinking of buying Odyssey all the time.

    They best price I got on Odyssey EX-L with DVD system is 27,200.

    Today, I came to know, I will get better options and Skyview in Quest for less than the above amount.

    Can you tell me the best price I can get 3.5 SL Quest Model with SkyView & DVD System?

    Thank you
  • brookwood1brookwood1 Member Posts: 1
    I live in Houston area. I was trying to buy a 2008 Quest last week and got this offer.

    3.5 SL
    Packages and Options
    Splash Guards
    Fold-Away Seat Package
    3.5 SL Panasonic® DVD Entertainment System
    3.5 SL Leather Package
    Rear view monitor
    No Skyview.

    Cargo Organizer
    Floor Mats, Carpeted
    Roof Rack Crossbars
    Retratable Cargo Cover
    Total MSRP:$34,560.00

    The dealer offer $28,000 not including TTL.

    I didn't buy it because there's 400 mile on the meter. Should I buy it? or how much more I can negotiate?

    Thank you.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    Price sounds good. You may want to check what rebates are available. Based on the price you got from the dealer, there must be.

    The 400 miles on the van shouldn't be too much of an issue. The problem you run into now is the dealer will give you a great price but normally only for car already on the lot. They have their end of year numbers to worry about.
  • cclcalcclcal Member Posts: 20
    that's a great price, where are you located?

    i'm in socal and the best i got so far is $24xxx for a 2008 3.5S with driver's package. no leather, no skyview...

    not so many write ups about purchases here. 100s for odyssey/sienna.

    no one like the quest? prob cuz the 2009 is coming out in a new body style this fall.

  • marcogallo1986marcogallo1986 Member Posts: 1,164
    no dealer seames to have a 2008 Nissan Quest in stock can sumone pleas let me no. Or is nissan just cumming out with a new 2009 Quest thanks so mutch vmarco.
  • plashenickplashenick Member Posts: 165
    I have seen lots of 2008's. They are giving $3,500 rebate. I was looking at an 08 SL dual DVD, Seat package, cloth, floor,mats, and splash gaurds for $28,000 - This was when they were giving $2,000 back
  • js76js76 Member Posts: 4
    I have a 2004 Nissan Quest SL for sale by owner, cloth interior, floor mats, DVD system, rear sensors, automatic sliding doors, 59000 miles, white exterior, beige interior. Any reason dealers trade in value is ridiculous??? Nothing wrong with the van....NOTHING but Nissan dealers are 2-3K under trade :confuse: in value price on Has anyone else experienced this? Do you just roll the negative equity into your new one???? :mad:
  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    KBB, NADA, Edmunds, etc are just guides and in this market are not very accurate. When trading in a car, the dealer will only give you what they feel they can get at auction. It is not just Nissan but all dealerships. Take a look at this forum on Edmunds
  • rssdrssd Member Posts: 7
    I'm in the maket right now for a used van. I'm located in SoCal. How about yourself?
  • zgrrrlzgrrrl Member Posts: 147
    I am trying to help my sister research & purchase a new Minivan.

    How much would you take in to consideration for a "never titled" demo depreciation?

    The Nissan dealer had a 2007 Quest SE demo on the lot w/ 4k miles on it. The only other options added were the Nav & entertainment systems. Edmunds TMV for this vehicle used is 30k. The dealer wanted to sell it for 35k.

    Is "never titled" worth 5k?

    I am not sure what the total value added should be. Any help on how to research this would be helpful. Thanks!
  • nhonickmannhonickman Member Posts: 5
    here is my 2 cents...we own 07 SE with DVD entertainment, no NAV..nice van, but gas mileage sucks

    In this economy, the demo is used in my mind...and no title is not worth $ need to find out out what a low mile 2007 Quest SE goes at auction, then you know the bottom price..I would offer $30K and see what they say....
  • zgrrrlzgrrrl Member Posts: 147
    Thanks for the response, nhonickman. Yeah, I think we've decided that unless we can get the actual USED bb value for the '07 then a new '08 w/ rebate is the way to go.

    However, what kind of gas mileage are you getting? What was the expectation?
  • nhonickmannhonickman Member Posts: 5
    We are getting about 16mpg...I figured at least 18mpg
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
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  • dodgehappydodgehappy Member Posts: 118
    A dealer a couple of hours away from me is offering top dollar for our trade- which I cant come close to around here. He emailed me with the following vehicle and I am curious what I should be expecting the low end price to be for such a demo vehicle. Any help would be appreciated! Also, should I shy away from Demo vehicles?
    Dealer Email:
    One Quest we have retails at $35,810.00. It is an SL model, with Silver exterior, Sunroof package, dvd system, and the SL leather group. We ordered this vehicle, and tried to order as close to a SE (the top model) as possible. It is a demonstrator and has 5,400 miles. There is also a $3,500.00 reduction from a factory rebate. There is no in-service date yet, so the factory warranty would start from the date of your purchase, and mileage from 0 miles, through 36,000. Also there is a 5 years or 60,000 mile warranty on powertrain components and labor.
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