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    Thank you!! Actually I just finalized my deal today and this forum has been so helpful. I HATE this car buying experience and although I have an engineering degree from a top university I feel so dumb negotiating.

    I ended up getting a 2012 Nissan Quest LE with everything extra - roof rails, splash guards, dual moon roof, etc. and my final price before tax and tag was $37,000. I have a VERY beat up 2006 Honda I traded in and they gave me $5,000 which is more than I thought I would get - the ac is broken, almost every seat has a rip, etc. The dealer tried to add his $599 Dealer Fee unto the contract after we had agreed on $32,000 but I wouldn't budge. I hope this was a good deal but I love my new van and am
    this is over!! Thanks for all the help!
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    I'm delighted to have found my new car, a Quest LE. However, I'm less than thrilled with the 7 shades of gray that are offered as colors. In addition it seems to be very difficult to see them all. The dealers in my area have one or two Quests on the lot and some have none. Naturally the color I would prefer is not available in my area or the western half of the United States. As a result I am likely to order one. But here is the problem. Dealers don't want to order one and guarantee the price at time of delivery, despite wanting a non-refundable deposit. There is one locally in the bluish gray that is very dirty inside, stained leather and a lump in the leather on the front seat. Seems like alot of wear for less than 50miles and being a new car. So after that semi-rant here are my questions:

    Does the beige leather interior get dirty easily? Every single one I've looked at has had dirt streaks or dirty blotches.

    Is the gray interior better? I guess this is a general question about the quality and finish of the leather.

    What colors have people bought and what do they like and dislike about them?

    Has anyone ordered one and how was that experience?

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    I purchased 2013 Nissan Quest LE May 2013 with roof pkg and other miscellaneous items. Paid 41.5 including tax and tag.
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    Hi Jay,

    What was your price before tax and tag? Also what options are on it?
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    I have a 2011 Quest LE with beige leather (white pearl exterior) and it still looks fantastic - even with the wear of 3 kids, carpool and a large dog after almost 40K miles. We were nervous about the beige interior, but would absolutely do it again. The car looks and feel extremely luxurious - exactly how a $44K minivan should. The only item that can rapidly show wear is the tan carpet floormats. I highly recommend using the Nissan all weather mats on all 3 rows to keep the van looking great. You will love the Quest LE. It's a unique, practical, reliable, and exceedingly luxurious van.
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    Thanks! That is really good to hear. I decided to take the plunge and have one on order. It is Titanium Beige with the beige interior. Do you put the all weather mats over the carpet or in place of the carpet mats?

    I got the LE with the carpet mats, tow package, illuminated door kick plates and the splash guards. The dealer just called today and said my order would be in around July 2nd. This is a big move up from the original prediction of mid August.

    Thanks for posting!
  • mic111mic111 Member Posts: 9
    I did order an LE. I got a call that they were redirecting one from someone else's order so it would be here early and had everything on it just like I ordered. So I went to buy it today. Now I'm not so sure. Here is what I found:
    - Dirty leather driver's seat
    - Dirty steering wheel
    - Scratched up drivers side door
    - Deep gouges in the door well where the dealer installed the illuminated kick plates. They were not factory installed but instead installed by the dealer.
    - Scratches on the passenger side
    - Dirty carpet under the drivers left foot
    - Layer of dirt/dust in the cup holders
    - Paper scraps and misc. other things that look like residue from people using it under the floor mats
    - Chrome in back might have the beginnings of a rust spot
    - Manufactured in 10/12 according to the door sticker. Not just from the factory as I had been told

    Somehow this had 9 miles on it?

    That is the part I can't figure out. Is Nissan able to use these cars in Japan and then reset the odometer and sell them here? What I saw doesn't make sense to me as a new car. If I walk away I only lose the $500 deposit.

    I wanted factory installation of my options and the dealer redirected a basic LE and then added my options on. Given the state of the car when I went to pick it up they don't seem to be very good at quality control so I'm not sure that I trust them having the options put on correctly. My options were the tow package, illuminated kick plates, splash guards and carpeted floor mats. They couldn't even put the floor mats in with any type of quality control because they just put them over trash and didn't even vacuum first. :(
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    I have bought my Titanium Beige LE. I loved the car so I reset my view and decided to view it not as an ordered car but one on the lot. The dealer also cleaned and polished it up really well.

    MSRP 2013 LE = $45,210
    Negotiated price = $37,000
    Dealer handling charge = $549.75 (so the car price for people who's dealers don't charge this is equivalent to $37,549.75.)
    + local taxes = Out the door price of $40,693.66

    Accessories included:
    Roof Rail Crossbars
    Splash Guards (2-piece)
    Tow Package, Class II
    Carpeted Floor Mats
    Illuminated Kick Plates (2-piece set)
    Rear Bumper Protector
    Chrome Fog Light Trim
    Full-length Vinyl Cargo Protector

    Other inclusions:
    2 years of oil changes
    7 yr/100K miles limited powertrain warranty

    I did not order the dual panel moonroof package. Somehow I assumed the regular moonroof was standard and the second one was the package. I didn't really think the second one added value so didn't order it. I think if I knew it didn't have a moonroof at all without the package I probably would have ordered it. But since I don't use the moonroof that I have now I'm not sure if I would have gotten any value from it. I decided walking from the deal because of my mistake would have made me feel like heel as the Quests aren't popular in our area and the dealer likely would have not been able to sell the vehicle. On the good side I got the color and options I really wanted for what I felt was a fair and reasonable price.
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    How is your 2012 LE? We are being offered several right now for about $31k since the model is now nearly 2 years old .
  • ribeyesteakribeyesteak Member Posts: 1
    What are the options are on the 2012 LE that is being offered at $31K? Do you have that approximate MSRP of the vehicles offered? Any financing deal with that price or is it a cash deal? Thanks for the info.
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    The car was pretty loaded but it also had 280 miles on it and some rear bumper cover damage. When I went back to Antwerpen Nissan to make the deal they raised the price about $4k, and I walked. I ended up with a Chevy Traverse.
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    Has anyone noticed that the front doors are missing the wood trim around the switch gear? The sliding doors have the trim. When looking at right hand drive models they have front door trim.
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    12/31: traded in 2011 Chevy Traverse for 2013 Quest SL w/Bose, Entertainment and Dual Moon roof packages. Excluding the trade, Quest OTD price was $32,841, nearly 14% under invoice.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Traverse, but Quest is a little more family friendly for service!

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    This is a formal complaint to the tires/wheels that Nissan has selected for placement on the 2012 Nissan Quest.The Toyo A22 235/55/18 tires are completely worn at 26,000 miles.We did not discover the issue with the tires until a third party inspected the vehicle.The vehicle will not pass inspection.All service has occurred at a Nissan authorized dealer at the recommended intervals.The service groups at Sheehy Nissan and Grapevine Nissan did not alert us to the dangers.I have spoken with Nissan Regional Consumer Affairs and alerted them to the concern and issues surrounding the rapid wear.It is our belief that the Nissan Quest is to heavy for the tires that were selected on the vehicle, and/or the tire is defective. Nissan Regional Consumer Affairs has decided not to intervene, or assist on our behalf.According to Nissan Employee Leslee #457231,Nissan does not have information on the Toyo A22 tire,or knowledge of weight characteristics&what constitutes abnormal wear. According to Toyo the A22 235/55/18 tire is a custom part manufactured to Nissan specs.After conducting an internet search there are many mentions of Nissan Quest tires wearing early.My belief is that the TOYO tire does not match the vehicle weight, or the tire is defective. The rapid wear experienced with these tires can jeopardize the safety of the passengers&motorists. An additional complaint to Nissan is being filed stating that the tire is not robust enough for the vehicle weight it is handling. My wife has experienced difficulty in wet conditions when handling the vehicle, I believe this is due to the abnormal tread wear (not her driving, which I originally believed). Toyo has offered a 35% wear warranty on the tires. Nissan has denied any warranty claim or assistance for the installation of the tires. This situation reminds me of the tire recalls surrounding the Ford Explorer in 2000. It is my (speculative) belief that TOYO or Nissan have not notified the NHTSA of these consumer complaints. The tires must be replaced.

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