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Nissan Quest Prices Paid



  • LDegrelleLDegrelle Posts: 74
    Hahaha! At first I didnt notice the author - Hi Lumbar! Hmmm, Maryland isnt that bad considering that awesome price. Does that include destination charge too I wonder?

    Now I have to figure whether to go with the $2k rebate and find my own financing or use their 3% and take the $500 rebate.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    It includes the destination charge according to the website--prices are posted-- but I'd get more e-mail commitment before I made the trek down 95. Sometimes strange things happen at the dealership when the dealer knows you've come aways. I'm sure it also incudes the 2K, so you probably have to add 1500 if you went with the finance deal.
  • LDegrelleLDegrelle Posts: 74
    WOW - destination charge included is nice price! They even have the color we would like. I sent them email - we'l see how eager they are to get back to me. I wonder if they'd actually give me anythign for my Chrysler 5th Avenue? :P
  • keyur75keyur75 Posts: 14
    I am looking for a Quest S with seat package. Can anyone suggest good dealers offering good deals in this area. Is the $2000 rebate off the MSRP or the Invoice ?
  • strstr Posts: 64
    Hey tamu2002,
    I am looking at maybe buying a Quest and after the deal I was quoted yesterday I am seriously considering it. Yesterday I spoke to a salesman at Hudiberg Nissan in OKC and told him what I was wanting, for instance, leather heated seats, power front seats and liftgate (actually, power everything), dual power sliding doors, sky view, memory driver seat, single dvd, cd player and some other things. I don't want a new one because once you drive it off the lot you own a used car that is worth a few thousand less. It makes more sense to me to buy slightly used and knock off about 6,000 on the price. Anyway I did not want more than 25,000 miles on it but he told me he can get a 2005 with 28,000 miles SL package with sky view and everything I mentioned for 22,000.00, it sounded reasonable to me, what do you think? I know you have been researching this for a while and I would appreciate your input. I have also been looking at the Siennas but I can't get a deal like this one with the features I want.
  • strstr Posts: 64
    I am a little concerned about the location of the instrument panel on the Quest. It seems dangerous to me.

    I have been researching any changes Nissan may have in store for the panel and I found an article at claiming that "Nissan Motor Co. plans to change the controversial instrument panel on the Quest minivan." The redesigned panel is scheduled to debut in 2007, this article also states that Nissan is "not happy with the performance of the Quest" as quoted by Patric Pelata, executive vice president for business planning at Nissan. They say that "in addition to complaints of squeaks and rattles, Pelata said many consumers did not like the instrument panel." They say they are "trying to fix a mistake with the design. The quality issues have been fixed."

    Does anyone who is currently driving a Quest have a complaint about the instrument panel? Does it's placement bother you when driving? This is the only reason I would decide not to buy one. I will want the redesigned panel when it comes out, it just looks wrong to me the way it is. Maybe leasing one until the redesign comes out and then buying is the way to go for me, I don't know, anyone have a comment? :confuse:
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    I posted a response to your question on the Nissan Quest 2004+ forum.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Hi there, I just saw your post. I looked at used too, but the problem was availability was limited, and the prices weren't that much better than the new ones. The used ones tend to be loaded versions, which end up selling for about the same price of a basic model, for example the 3.5 S model. For the same money, I'd rather get a new van with zero miles and fewer gadgets, than a loaded one with higher miles. Plus the interest rate is lower although not by much nowadays. But that's just me.

    $22K sounds like a very good price for a Quest with pretty much every option. I say go for it if you think it's in good shape. I wish the mileage were lower but 28K miles is not that bad, probably all highway miles anyway. One of the dealerships I worked with had an 05 base model with nothing but the seat package (an Enterprise rental car) with ~15K miles, and they wanted $22K for it. And get this--they offered me ~$20,500 for a NEW 05 base 3.5 :confuse:

    Good luck and let us know what you end up getting :)
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    We've only driven the van for a few days. So far the center panel hasn't appeared to be too distractive yet. My wife seems to be totally fine with it. It looks so cool that I don't think I'll mind that much ;)
  • sh86894sh86894 Posts: 4

    Just a few short years ago I distinctly remember saying "I WILL NEVER BUY A MINIVAN". Now that we have four kids my wife and I finally caved and went looking. We loved the new Nissan Quests because of its looks inside and out (including the wacky instrument panel) and because of how powerful it was.

    So we bought ours just two weeks ago. Of course I bought mine used so hopefully I don't get dirty looks but we are extremely happy with it. They only complaint that we had was that for whatever reason Nissan chose to put horrible OEM tires on the vehicle. We just bought new tires tonight (alternate size of course) so even that little problem is solved.

  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    That's a very good price for a S model. We paid $21,750 for our new 05 S. I would've definitely considered a used one at that price. Does yours have power door, hatch, rear window and parking sonar?
  • sh86894sh86894 Posts: 4

    Thanks... and no, it doesn't have power doors/hatch or parking sonar... just the standard "S" options. I would have paid extra for those options but I was buying privately and the used inventory from private sellers within 100 miles was exactly two [2]!

    So I bought the one with the lowest miles. I figured that if I bought a car with only 13.5K on it there wasn't too much that could have gone wrong.

    After getting it home I found all of the guys maintenance receipts in the glovebox it looks like there were about a dozen recall items that he had fixed (all the stuff listed on the problems forum). So in the end I saved some money and some hassle.

    We've already taken it on a 2000 mile road trip and it did great. I just set the cruise and sailed down the freeway.

  • LDegrelleLDegrelle Posts: 74
    Remember, it's a 2004, so the options weren't standard (or even available). But nice price on the van regardless!
  • famof3kidsfamof3kids Posts: 160
    We too wondered about the center instrument panel, but, we love it. The best advantage is most realized at night. The panel lights aren't under your eyes and allow a clearer view with no glares.
    Automotive News had a picture a few weeks ago of a new seating system, that just happened to be in a Quest. Was a totally flat floor without removing seats. I suspect Nissan will not change the exterior, but, will 'standardize' the dash layout as they believe that's why sales haven't hit their goal.

    2004 Quest SE
  • heehawheehaw Posts: 8
    I am in the process of finalizing a New Nissan Quest 3.5S for about 21.5K. I might be interested in the extended warranty (and I am sure that the dealer will push). What warranty packages are generally available, what is the cost and how much lower can we expect to negotiate with the dealer? Any help/inputs will be greatly appreciated.

  • Woolyb,
    I just bought a Jade Quest SE from Advantage Nissan in Bremerton at $3000 below invoice. Pretty much a stock SE with sat radio and tow pkg. We wanted the jade. Dealership very easy to work with, the MOST pleasant vehicle purchase I have done. Current rebates are $2500 for the SL and SE. Paid 32K out the door, bought the NW protection package which added about $700.00 to the cost.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Wow, you really did it! Congrats! It was a long drive from Idaho but it was apparantly worth it. The folks at Advantage are indeed nice to work with. Enjoy your new van! :)
  • gixxerjimgixxerjim Posts: 1
    My wife and I were shopping for a used van to replace our midsize SUV since we have 2 kids under 4 yrs and a baby on the way. She left a good paying professional position to be a stay at home mom about a year ago, so money is a little tight. We were looking to spend around $16k-$18k. The best prospect for us was a 2002 Oddysey EXL for $19k with 50k miles.

    Then I did some more research on the Quest since we love our Maxima. Originally the quality issues scared me off, but when I dug into the details it seemed the new plant opening caused some problems that had since been resolved. Then we drove the Quest and for $4k more got the LS with just a cabin filter, seat package, floor mats, mudflaps and a cargo cover for $23k after rebate. We are really excited about this purchase, I can't believe how well it drove and handled. The reviews I had read were inaccurate in many respects. At this point I think Nissan has hit a home run. If anyone has any tips on accessories or warranty issues, etc please let us know...
  • psm0110psm0110 Posts: 4
    Paid $23,900, before rebates, including destination. Some dealers said this was $300 under invoice, our dealer showed it to be only $100 -- probably could have done better; but the price was right for me. Included seat package, mats, cargo cover, splash guards, and microfilter. Opted for the $500 cash and 2% financing (@$!% Greenspan!). Dealer tried the same old tired routines, but I just stopped them midstream and firmly said no. Overall a decent experience. Why does it always take two hours to buy a car?
  • That on Nissan's Canadian website, that if you estimate payments on a Quest SL that the finance payments are less then the lease payments for the same amount of time. Also, its less then financing a S by $200. Is that a glitch of the site or what. Would a dealer have to honor that price. If they did, I'd buy it without driving it. :)
  • cdawn98cdawn98 Posts: 3
    I just bought my Nissan Quest...haven't picked it up yet though. Don't feel you have to hold honest...did I get a "good" deal?

    Quest S - all the standard S options +
    DVD Entertainment System
    Splash guards
    Seat package
    Cargo Cover

    $22,900 (after cash to dealer rebate and dealer discount) + ttl

    My only regret is that it doesn't have Aluminum has steel with covers :(

    Thoughts all???
  • ustadustad Posts: 1
    It is a used 2004 SE model with only 7,500 miles. Van also has a single DVD entertainment system. I am happy to get it for $24850 off road with everything included. So far, the van has impressed me. I just got it last sunday, so wil know more later.
  • cdawn98:

    Where do you buy the car? sounds a very good deal.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    We paid $21750 (before TTL) for our 05 S with the same options (plus cargo organizer) except for the DVD. Our price was $600 below invoice. I guess the question is if the DVD is worth $1200. Sounds like a great price though. Congrats. Let us know how it turns out.
  • cdawn98cdawn98 Posts: 3
    We bought the van at Luther Kia/Nissan in Inver Grove Heights. This is the first new vehicle I have ever purchased...and with the two small exceptions regarding the Sales Manager and the Business Manager's tone over the phone...the experience was a good one. Edmunds has this car buying thing down to a "T". The power play stuff was very evident...even though this was an Internet deal. I was able to get them down from $23,000 to 22,900 by comparing there vehicle to a regular 3.5L with the DVD. At 22,900, they are $532 below invoice, according to Edmunds here.

    As for the is a MUST. I have four little ones, ages 7, 5, and twins 3. Anything longer than 45 minutes in the van...the DVD is a life saver...theirs...not mine :)

    And the room in this thing...for the love of gawd...I am 6-5 and 275lbs...not a small dude. I have PLENTY of room to spare in any seat I choose to sit in. Once the Playstation goes in...I'll call a midrow captains chair!!! :)

    We are coming from a '97 Grand Caravan...the transmission fell apart...literally fell apart, at 108,000.

    We'll see how the next few years fair with this Quest...but 500 miles and I love it so far.

    This is a great site with great people...thanks for the comparision prices.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Yeah, a DVD would be nice, but personally I wouldn't pay $1K for it. Maybe a cheap portable if we decide we really need one---we're cheap ;) What I really liked was the skyview windows.
  • I just had dissuessions with Nissan dealer and Made a deal to BuyMy Nissan quest.
    Dealer gave me follwoing two options ... Don't feel you have to hold honest...did I get a "good" deal? / made a good decision??

    First option--
    Quest S - all the standard S options +
    DVD Entertainment System
    Splash guards
    Seat package
    Cargo Cover

    $23, 500 (after all rebates and discounts)

    Second option : 3.5 SL with all avove options except DVD - $22,900

    I'm leaning toward 3.5 SL with a fact that i can instal dvd later . .. Is the right decison and right price??Please share ur Thoughts and advise me which one would have been right decison and the price???
  • I'd go for the SL just for the 5 speed automatic transmission instead of 4 speed.
  • Don't know what extras the SL has, but we paid $21,750 for our S with the same options as the one you were quoted on, except for the DVD. $23,500 sounds too expensive.
  • I am in market for Quest as well and new to forum, the price you paid is that with taxes ?
    T :) hanks
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