Buick Regal help please

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I have a 99 Buick regal and I was driving and when I turn in the bank it cut off and now it won't start I changed the fuel pump,ignition control module,and the ignition switch and still nothing what else could be wrong


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    Could be many things, did you get it scanned for codes that might give you some clues?
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    yes, codes...and if that doesn't tell you anything, then it's the old step X step----measure fuel pressure (if any) with a pressure gauge, then use a simple spark tester--if those check out, try a NOID light to see if the injectors are even opening when you crank.
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    No lights on at all I replaced the fuel pump ,crankshaft position sensor and the ignition control module and still notthing
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    There can still be codes stored, even without any lights on.
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    You've replaced a lot of things. Have you checked fuses for one that's blown? Look in owner glovebox manual and see if there's a fuse for ignition and one for fuel injectors.

    Does it crank over when you turn the key to CRANK? Does the engine crank at the normal speed, assuming the battery is being recharged?

    Then, do you have spark? TAke a spare spark plug and lay it on the metal of the engine with a spark plug wire attached to it instead of the car's plug. Look for a nice blue spark while someone cranks the engine.

    Do you have fuel pressure? When you turn the key to ON, do you hear the fuel pump in the tank run for a short time, a couple seconds, and then turn off?

    If 'yes,' and if you have spark, then is the pressure good and that would require borrowing a fuel pressure tester from one of the box stores that does lending. E.g., the local OReilly Auto (Checkers) had one but others don't.

    If you have fuel pressure, is the injector being fire to squirt fuel? Do you smell raw fuel out the exhaust after cranking? OR use a small 194 type bulb that just has little wires on it and put those wires into one of the connectors for an injector while someone cranks.

    For an idiopathic no start when cranking for that engine (3800?) I would have said start with crankshaft position sensor.

    Good luck.

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