DIY fix/rust prevention for cracking paint area

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Please excuse my ignorance, total novice with this stuff. Just bought an 05 Caravan and want to protect the places it has chips/scrapes from rust. This area is kind of like where mud dries. The paint and primer are peeled away from the body completely although there does not seem to be a dent or anything there to cause it. Any fairly simple DIY suggestions to stop this from being an eyesore and rust magnet?

I guess there is sanding and sandblasting and touching up but is it possible to do that as a novice without it looking like crap? Maybe a stupid question but is there kind of sealant you can just put over it and other (normal) scrapes so that water doesn't make it rust?


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  • mysoulishomemysoulishome Member Posts: 2
    Thank you both for your detailed answers, I appreciate being informed about this.
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