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Jeep Liberty Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Incentives are down for December. Is is possible they will increase before month end?
  • Just purchased an '05 Liberty Sport 4x4, C Package, moon roof, and 6-disc changer. Paid $21,300. This included $1000 rebate, $1000 Bonus cash for financing through Chrysler, $500 Holiday Cash, and a College Graduate Rebate.
  • I just purchased an '05 Liberty Limited with heated leather, 6CD, Sirius satellite radio, full time/part time 4WD, etc. List was $28,415. I paid $23,200 + title & reg. No tax here in Oregon. Dealt with Timberline Dodge in Portland. Relatively painless despite typical salesmanship. I knew what I wanted and what I was willing to pay. So I made my offer and stuck to it. They ended up accepting it. $5,000 off MSRP seems pretty standard.
  • caylancaylan Posts: 19
    Wow, Congrats! that's a good price.

    I am assuming you got the rebates that went along with the Daimler Chrysler financing?

    Did you get a sunroof & ABS also?
  • Just purchased one on Saturday.27,500 Limited, 28g package, heated front seats 4wd....23400 out the door including tax title registration and 0% financing. I traded my 2002 NIssan Altima. Never owned a Jeep but I have relatives and freinds that drive them so I thought I would try one. Now I own no foriegn vehicles. I hope this goes well.

  • Just bought a 2005 Renegade. X package. Paid $383 X 60 month's. Good or bad deal?
  • You done good! I done my homework to and bought my 04 rocky mountain edition with the bells & whistles, no leather for $376.18 X 60. That was with green slip, $2000.00 rebate, $500.00 VA, and 0% X 60 D C financing!
  • ollie416ollie416 Posts: 11
    I ordered my 05 Renegade 4x4 from the factory on 2/24: Black, 6-speed manual, D package, sunroof. MSRP was $25,735, Invoive $24509. I was able to use Daimler Chrysler's "Extra Credit 05" program (for recent college grads...check it out at that guaranteed me a price 1% below factory invoice with no haggling involved. I also got $2500 in rebates and qualified for the 0% 60 month financing. My total price after tax, title and fees was $21,839. (Not too bad, IMO, considering I ordered it, not off the lot.)

    I went through Randolph Chrysler Jeep in Randolph, MA. I had a great experience with the sales staff there, no pressure (and maybe more importantly, no BS!), genuinely nice people, great prices to begin with, and kinda like a small "Mom & Pop dealership" type of atmosphere.
  • ziggy2ziggy2 Posts: 2
    So, OLLIE......what did you monthly payment end up being? Thanks!
  • ollie416ollie416 Posts: 11
    My payments haven't been determined yet, as the paperwork is still "open", so to speak, until I accept delivery and finalize the financing paper work, but after giving the dealership the $1000 deposit to place the order, I'll be adding another $4000 for a $5000 down payment. This will make my estimated payments (with the 0% financing) somewhere in the neighborhood of $260 - $265 a month.
  • dave33dave33 Posts: 2
    I just bought a Liberty Sport with an MSRP of $24,555. The salesman had a buddy that sponsored me for an employee discount and this reduced the selling price to $22,277. I also got a $2500 rebate and the 0% interest for 5 years. The total price was $20,838 out-the-door. They also gave me a high trade for my old Jeep.

    Question: The whole process seemed too easy. Where did I get screwed or is this a good deal?
    In the past, I would have to work multiple dealers to get a deal remotely close to this.

    Thank you
  • paul182paul182 Posts: 4
    What state do you live in? Last weekend, the papers here in Minnesota were advertising Liberty sports 4*4s for 18-20 thousand dollars.
  • dave33dave33 Posts: 2

    Newspaper articles aren't usually a great source on determining what you will pay for a vehicle. They usually advertise a very low price that only a few people qualify for.

    Thank you for your help however.
  • gollumgollum Posts: 7
    okay after seeing some prices paid on 05's I'm wondering how I did.
    I just ordered a renegade 4x4 automatic,with ABS, selec-trac, sunroof, sirius, the 28D pkg, off road pkg, and the dark khaki that cost $150.00 the total came to $24,900. that's with 0%x60 months and $2000 cash back. I havent picked it up yet.

    Am I paying too much?
  • goh00sgoh00s Posts: 3
    Yes. If my math is correct, you are paying $1000 OVER invoice price ($26,900 less the $2,000 rebate). If that $24,900 includes taxes and fees, then you are a little closer to invoice. But you probably can do a little better. Good luck.
  • I have a quote for a Jeep Liberty Sport. Basic package with single cd, abs, cruise. The price offered is 17,295. Is this a good deal? It's a fairly basic package, couldn't tell from the listings here what the basic ones go for.

  • Forgot to add, it's a 4 speed automatic and the MSRP was 22,795 with a 2500 rebate, or 2000 rebate if you take advantage of the 0% over 60 months financing option. Any input would be great. Currently test driving it right now for a 24 hour period.
  • goh00sgoh00s Posts: 3
    That sounds like a good deal. Roughly $2,000 difference between MSRP and invoice on the Liberty. So that puts you in the $20,750 range, less your rebate to $18,750. So you are well below the invoice minus rebate price. That sounds like a good deal to me!!
  • tomasnctomasnc Posts: 8
    I wanted to add my $.02 worth.

    I have been hunting a CRD Limited. I printed Edmunds TMV pricing and faxed three dealers.

    Two of the three agreed to the pricing and easily agreed to the TMV price.

    The third would not budge and kept saying that CRD's were difficult to come by, etc.

    They even went so far as to say that the $200.00 margin the other dealers were making was too little. The dealer I traded with said that DC would pay him $500.00/ car if he met his monthly quota.

    Bottom line, the $9.95 I spent with Edmunds saved me $1,050.00-$1,232.00 depending on how I break the numbers down!

    Thanks Edmunds,

    TP in N.C.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    tomasnc, congratulations! I'm so glad you found the information on this site helpful, and that you got a great deal on the Liberty. It's nice that the dealer was so upfront with you as well.

    I'm sure other owners would love to hear from you in our regular Jeep Liberty discussion. That's where members are talking about their ownership experiences.

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  • robrobrobrob Posts: 1
    Question for those of you who have taken advantage of the 0.0% financing.

    Is there a pre-payment penalty ?
  • dawnrdawnr Posts: 5
    Limited prices with heated seats, tow, sunroof, chrome wheels is about 29500. Rebate right now is 2K. Dealer is saying 25K after rebate. Can I do better? I don't want the wheels or tow anyway, which adds about 1200 to my cost, but although there are many for sale at dealers in NE, I can't find one with just what I want. Most don't have ABS option either, and i don't know how much of an issue that is.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    After reading what some say they paid, I was somewhat confused if I got a good deal or not. Now reading your deal I think what I got was pretty good. My 2005 Limited has a base of $25035. I have noticed that the base has gone up to I believe 25295. With the 28G option $1570., antilock brakes $600. Power Sunroof $700., Hearted seats $250. Destination 610. the MSRP was 28765. after rebates the final price was $25,298. Someone has to pay for the light bill, sales person and the flowers for my wife, and the cookies they sent to us as a thank you. I wish I could say we got it for say $23,000. but what I state is real and I like the Liberty. In our area the dealer sells about four a week, and they come to him about every two or three weeks.

    Mine did not come with a hitch, but the dealer told me that it is true that Liberty's come from the factory ready for towing, except for the wiring and the hitch. U Haul wants $196 for a hitch, wire, and instalation for a class 3. The dealer says close to $375. Both told me it was avery tight fit, and about 1 and 1/2 hours to do.

    I personally really like the ABS, and the heated seats are really nice in the cold. The way mine came is just what I would have ordered, except I would have added the hitch. Hope this paints a real honest picture for you.
  • dawnrdawnr Posts: 5
    Bought the Limited today with base price of 25225, 28G (leather), antilock brakes, side airbags, heated seats, sunroof. Total MSRP 29445. Paid 27300, then less 2k rebates so final cost of 25300. (not counting sales tax, title, registration of course).
  • rikkirikki Posts: 2
    Just bought a new Inferno Red Liberty Sport with C package, V6, Auto & Moonroof. Extra's I wasn't planning on but love now are the Security package and 6-disc CD player. List price was $25,195. Bought for $21,500 using the $2,000 rebate and 0% financing for 60 months. This does not reflect sales tax etc. I purchased the extended warranty for $1,250 to extend me to 7 years. I felt it was worth it since I don't even buy a $500 TV from Best Buy without spending the $99 for the additional warranty. I did get slightly better prices from different dealers but felt it was worth a little extra to buy from a friendly dealer with a great service department. I also received a follow up call today :) from my salesman to see how I liked the Jeep. Prior to owning the Jeep I had a BMW 325 and never got a call, nothing after buying the vehicle. Go figure. I didn't get flowers or cookies yet and I doubt I will but I am happy. I live in Chicago there are dozens of dealers and for example one dealer I went to sold 48 Liberty's in less than a week with this rebate & 0% deal going on. My advice get what you pay for. Buy from a cheesy dealer and get cheesy salemen and cheesy service. Keep in mind you always get better service from the dealer you buy from as well. Hope this helps!
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    wow great job!!!
    so whats Mi. your getting so far?
    can anyone else give me their inpute,
    thanks. :)
  • dawnrdawnr Posts: 5
    I only picked it up on 10th! Drove it home from dealer, and only put another 30 miles so i have just driven 75 or so! (I have a lease car ending in a week, so i will put the miles on that until it goes).
  • rheerhee Posts: 2
    I was originally planning to buy a 4X4 Limited Liberty after the summer. But recently I saw that $1750 rebate is garunteed in CT these days.

    How good is this? I mean, should I hurry buying this, or can I wait as I planned, and try to look for another good deal after this summer?

    I wouldn't mind getting an old model ( I mean, 2005). Thanks.

    - Smith Rhee
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    hi,in North Jersey(NJ) by me they are offering 2500.+ 0 % If I'm right, so if i was you I would hold out and plus the end of Aug. they will pushing them out since the 2006 will beging made or even on the lots by
    Oct. if they are quick about,I"m thinking about the CRD,not sure yet I have too test drive it. If you want I can Chex it out for you ?

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