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Jeep Liberty Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Last night I bought a Dark Khaki Liberty Sport 4x2 with the 'C' Package of options, no other add-ons. Used Edmunds and was quoted $21,500 from Serramonte Jeep (Bay Area, CA) -- $500 below invoice. Got $,1500 back via Customer Cash and I qualified for an additional $500 back and 0% financing! I'm pinching myself, because it all seems too good to be true.

    With all the taxes & fees, the total came to $21,532.21 out the door at 0% financing. I put $5,500 down and my payments will be $267.20 per month over 60 months.

    Dealt with the fleet dealer and it was a totally painless experience. I've had more trouble buying TVs. Thank you, Edmunds, for all your help!!! :D
  • Just bought a new 05 Liberty 4 x 2 with Rocky Mountain package for $20,800 out the door. Dealers list price was $24,260 and after dealer discount, rebate & Chrysler financing rebate reduced price to $20,800; includes CD & sunroof. Decided on a new one after looking at used 03's & 04's ranging $19,000 to $24,000. Good deal?
  • ccarter2ccarter2 Posts: 1
    I also just purchased a patriot blue liberty. I had a trade in 98 toyota corolla which they gave me $4,500.00 for the trade in value (they paid off a $3,000 lien) My bottom line with 4.9% financing through chrysler was $19,500.00. Did I get a good deal? The sticker was 22 and some change.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    I just wanted to know how the liberty 2005's are running ,
    1.How is the ride?
    2.How good is the pick up on a stand still.
    3.Are the seats nice and comfy. you feel High up on the 17In wheels.
    5.whats it like in the rain/mud.
    6.Do you feel the gas is good or could be better?

    Thanks ,Guys and Girls ,any info would be great by all.
  • ashugayevashugayev Posts: 2
    Here's what happened -
    I was getting 2005 Jeep Sport 4WD V6 AT with side airbags and ABS.
    After the usual dog and pony show we came up with $21,500 grand total (tax, reg. etc) and then, what a surprise, they figured out that they didn't have the car after all.
    After another hour or so they found Limited (vs. Sport) for $1000 more.
    I did like the options on Limited and was well aware I was most likely being squeezed for and extra grand which I didn't mind given that it was still a not such a bad deal and the sup. side bags and ABS were there.
    I drove the car back to home and after 1/2 hr. of examination realized that the very features I was buying this particular Limited for (side airbags and ABS) were not there at all despite of three sales reps telling me otherwise.
    Calling next morning didn't help much - one of the reps suggested that if the features are mentioned in the manual they must be on the vehicle to which I asked for the sun roof location other than over ones head - mine didn't have one.
    Another guy interpreted front bags as also being side bags because they do go big and get to the sides if fully inflated.
    Anyway, I drove the vehicle back where they admitted it was "a screw up on our part" and promised to find the car I want or void the sale.
    Question I have is if it looks like they deliberately lied to me to move the vehicle of the lot hoping I wouldn't ever know I don't have airbags and ABS or things like this do happen every now and then.
    What will most likely happen - 2005 are not being put together anymore so they wouldn't be able to order a custom-made one - do I just get the money back and miss on $2000 rebate? That would be a shame...
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I get the idea they thought you were just of the turnip truck. I think I would look for another dealer! Once things start of bad they usually eend up the same. The price of 21,500 for a Limited seems to good to be true. So watch your back something just is not right.

    As for Limited's as you want there are many use the dealer search on I would encourage you to read the owners book section on side windo air bags. We almost bought a sport with them. After reading not to lean, or have children next to them, I was no longer convienced I wanted them. We got the 2005 Limited with every bell and whistle except Nav systen. List was 29,090 got it with 1,500 rebate and 500. retired military discount. came to 25,300. We could have got 1000 more if we went through Chrysler financial. Went to a bank and in the long run we believe came out better. I would spend some more time locating a 5 Star dealer that wants you business and is willing to earn it with honesty. This web site we are on I think can help you as well. Goodluck.
  • ashugayevashugayev Posts: 2
    I'm not happy with them at all but they did take it back as promised and replaced with Sport version with ABS and side airbags. The limited was 22,500 with later found to be absent airbags and ABS which, as you said, turned out to be too good to be true. Sport V6 AT with airbags and ABS ended up being around 21,500 (after tax and all) to drive off the lot - below sticker if my numbers are right.
    My kids are rather big now and the car goes to the older one in four years so I'd prefer it to be as safe as possible. Also, insurance discount for having side bags and ABS I believe is going to pay for the features in a long run.
    I have bad aftertaste but at this point I believe they are just spoiled by faceless, gullibe mass drifting by their joint and leaving extra hundreds and thousands on regular basis so they don't even bother to know their inventory, packages, options, or even vehicle specs.
    Thanx for your advice and support,
  • libodryvrlibodryvr Posts: 3
    Shopping for a vehicle is not our favorite pasttime. We spent Sat. looking at Escapes and other comparable vehicles. Finally, we went to the Jeep dealership. Unfortunately for us and them all they wanted to do was put us in a lease. Well, I said no my wife said no and we left. Not to be disappointed by not purchasing I surfed the net and found an 04 sport 4X4, sunroof, deep tint glass, comfy seats etc. Internet ad priced at 16,998. The very next day and after a long talk on the phone with the internet manager we visited the dealership. We were able to reduce the price by 300 and the dealer gave us 700 over kbb for our trade which was an 04 Vibe that we outgrew. Anyway, out the door for 17000.00 I was pretty much pleased with the deal and the dealership we dealt with. So far we love it. Knock on wood it stays that way. :)
  • After getting the final lease cost I saw that they are charging me $700 for financing and $399 MV Fee (NJ). Does the NJ DMV fee sounds right? It looks like an odd number for a government agency fee. Any ideas?
  • jimlw2jimlw2 Posts: 122
    I'm picking up a 2005 Liberty 4x4 Renegade Rocky Mountain Edition tomorrow evening. Employee price I got was 4.5% under invoice before counting the rebate of military discount. Throw those discounts in and it comes to 14.3% under invoice! Pricing below:

    Liberty Renegade 4x4 = $22,144
    Trailer Tow Group = $329
    4-Speed Auto = $743
    Selec-Trac = $356
    Trac-Lok = $257
    SIRIUS Radio = $176
    Loyalty Mailing = $25
    5 gallons gas = $8
    Customer Preferred Package 28Y = $392
    Detroit Outstate DAA = $205
    Detroit Outer PPA/EB-PF = $210
    Destination = $660

    Total Invoice = $25,505

    Employee Price Before Rebates = $24,355

    Price After Rebates and Military Discount = $21,855

    Total Delivered Priced (incl. 6% MI Sales Tax on $24,355 and $23 title transfer)
    = $25,839.30

    Total Delivered Price After Rebates and Military Discount = $23,339.30
  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    Sounds about right, part of the revenue enhancers that Jimmy McGreevey signed while in office
  • I am in the process of attempting to determine the selling price for this vehicle.

    The dealers I have contacted have the same pricing schedule and state that this is the price they must have and that they are not making any profit on the vehicles , but are simply moving them out to get ready for the 2006 Models.

    The specific pricing for the Liberty Rocky Mountain 4X2 I am interested in is indicated below:

    Base Price $22,165
    Total Price with Accessories $24,280

    Dealers are Asking For This Price $20,095

    Does anyone have any experience with this method of dealing with the car dealers?
    They appear to be in lock step in this part of the State. (Madison, AL)

    Is this the lowest price that the dealer will sell this vehicle ?

    Thanks for any help you may have in this matter.
  • I just bought my Inferno Red Liberty Limited this week. It had 6 miles on it when I picked it up. I love it. I traded in my 98 Lexus ES300. I still owed $4000 more then the KBB value. The sticker price on the Liberty was $28,800..I ended up financing $28,300...and that was with the $4000 tacked on and only $500 down. That employee price cut is great! here's where pics are of my new Liberty...I love the 6 disk changer with the SIRIUS Radio.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,017
    Were you motivated to go car- or truck-shopping because of the employee discount deals? If so, a reporter wants to talk with you.
    Please respond to no later than Tuesday, August 9, 2005 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your experience.


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  • no not really. I just really wanted to trade in my other car. The employee discount deal was nice though. I really like my new Liberty Limited.
  • I looked at your site, the Jeep looks good. I am interested in purchasing an Inferno Red, 6-speed manual. I really wanted the Salsa Red, but they discontinued the color and I could only find a couple of auto transmission version (which I'm not interested in).

    I am definitely getting SIRIUS too. Hope you enjoy your Liberty!
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    MSRP $30,635 - paid $26,800.
  • Hello everyone, I'm retiring from motocross racing in November and after 195K on my 1-Ton E350 Power stroke I am now a diesel addict. I have found out that diesels are superior in every way to gasoline engines and I will not buy a vehicle without one. This leads me to the Jeep Liberty CRD, 4 wheel drive, suv, 24 plus mpg, we are all in heaven... I'm looking for a limited, leather with sunroof and want find out what everyone else has paid for a similar vehicle before I go into the hornets nest. any response is appreciated,thanks
  • meganbmeganb Posts: 14
    i was absolutely motivated to go look because of employee pricing. unfortunately, i was given the wrong info and was too late. needless to say, i didn't buy the Jeep Commander i wanted but if there is an employee discount in the month of december, i will buy.
  • I'm out shopping for a 2005 Liberty, hoping to get a Limited or Rocky Mtn edition fully loaded for the best deal possible. I'm doing a lot of internet shopping right now and only received one quote so far. It was for a fully loaded Limited 4X4, including GPS, 17X7 Aluminum Chrome Clad Wheels. Only thing it doesn't have is a SIRUS radio. MSRP is $31,615, quote was for $25,936. This is still more then I want to pay, especially for a 2005 in December. I'm sure there is more wiggle room. Anyone know if this is a good deal?
  • Don't know if you already purchased the car as it has been over a month since your post but I don't think the $25,936 you were quoted is very good. In July 05, We bought our 2005 Liberty Limited 4WD 3.7L Fully Loaded except the Navi for $24,000 out the door, GA tax and everything else included. Check it out at, have had it for 6 months, 6k miles and loving it. At this time, if you are able to find a Loaded 2005 Liberty Limited with Navi/Siriurs/Chrome Wheels, I don't think it should be anything over $24,000 + ttl. Good luck with your search.
  • neens_waneens_wa Posts: 1

    I've decided to purchase the Jeep Liberty CRD, Limited. Specifically the 22G package. While I've located one (en route to the dealership), I've not yet made any commitments because I am furiously doing my homework.

    I need a bit of help... I am a member of the Chyrsler Affiliates program - this is a new benefit for me which I've enver used before (my company was a recent acquisition by a larger company, so none of my coworkers have any experience either). According to my internal employee website, I should ask the dealer to see the actual invoice, as there will be a line item that specifically states "Affiliate Price - - - xxx.xx" to ensure I get the actual affiliate price.

    So, while shopping, I tell the sales staff exactly what I'm after, and what I want: Make/Model vehicle, to see that line item on teh invoice.

    It's getting tougher, as a woman, to shop for a vehicle. I would expect less of a "little lady" attitude these days. I'm frustrated since some dealers, after me asking about the affiliate price line on the invoice, have looked at the sky, and said things like: "Ohhhh figure about 1400.00 off the price on that window sticker, that'll be YOUR affiliate price..." (I looked at that sky... I didn't see any magical calculation... ;o( ) I had one fleet manager raise his eyebrows when I specifically stated I wanted the diesel... and he said "What do YOU need a diesel for, why do you want that????" When I spouted the towing capability, HP, torque, etc. he quickly backed down and said "OH, well, i have to see if we're members of this affiliates program..."
    When I explained to another dealership that I was shopping for a good dealership as well as an auto, the salesman grinned and said "Well, you get the best thing here, you get me as your salesman!" OMG... I'm wilting.

    This behavior is making me realize my internal website suggestion to look for that specific line item on teh DEALER paperwork was given to us for a very important reason .

    Now, when searching for factory invoice pricing online, I come across a passle of differing things, e.g. dealer invoice, etc.

    Does anyone "out there" have any experience with purchasing a vehicle using the affiliates program OR knowledge of what to expect on the REAL factory invoice price?

    The jeep I'm looking at is a Limited CRD, and has an MSRP of about 32k.

    All input will be greatly appreciated!!!!!


  • swanneeswannee Posts: 4
    After one solid week of intense car shopping & internet searching at night, finally scored a deal! Nina, the whole attitude towards a woman purchasing a car is frightening. In fact, me experience at a Toyota dealer left me so pissed off, I sent a 2 page typed letter to the owner of dealership plus the CEO of North American Toyota. There should be flames shooting out of the envelope!
    Anyway - here's my scoop - just got the car 2 days ago. Sticker price for Ltd package & all the upgrades - $29,465 (no taxes, doc fees). I paid $24,759 which $3123 UNDER what Edmunds says "others are paying". I never negotiated, I just said "I'm not buying a car tonight". They say, whoever says the number first is the one who loses. Well, I never said anything. I think I got a killer deal! Love to hear from others!
  • We were planning on buying a small SUV in a few months, but recent catastrophic failure of my wife's '96 Camero pushed that decision up to this past Monday.

    First off we live in Houston, TX and we went to Carmax since I had a great experience there buying my car. We knew we wanted a small SUV and after test driving a bunch my wife fell in love with the Liberty. So we found a 2005 Liberty Sport 4x4 with ~12,500 miles on it for $17,000 +ttl. After all the paperwork and trading in her car (they gave us blue book for it even though it needed some hefty engine work) we ended up paying a little less that $20K for the Jeep with a 5yr comprehensive warranty.

    Its the kakhi color with cloth interior, V6, and a few extras.

    So far its driving great, I can't get my wife out of it.
  • steve05steve05 Posts: 52
    3 weeks ago I nabbed an 05 Sport CRD for $20000 out the door. It stickered at 25,830. This was in Southfield Michigan. I had searched 35 dealers on Jeep's website and called 8 of them to find the best deal - two different salesmen at the same dealer in the end, to get the best price. One dealer in Flint (VG) I had visited back in October to see a CRD had never heard of biodiesel. I left, but returned in February to see his one remaining CRD. Price posted on the vehicle was about $22000, but "you can't have that price beacuse it's a military special." I was told I could not have the price clearly posted on the vehicle, even though the little sign mentioned no restrictions. This is NOT a five star dealer BTW. I did end up buying from a much much larger dealership in Southfield and am quite happy with the purchase. Also, out of convience, I went back to the dealership (VG) I started at (it's only a mile from my house) to get a few goodies out of the accessories catalog, quickly found out, they stock NOTHING in the catalog, and everything I wanted had to be pre-paid and ordered with a two to three day wait. Left there again and found me a 5 star dealer about 10 miles away (Fenton, Michigan) with much better inventory. I guess the lesson here for me was the bigger dealers had the stock and were interested in moving it, whereas the little local dealer was the least knowlegeable, and much less willing to deal. Good luck in all your hunting, just be willing to walk out.
  • swanneeswannee Posts: 4
    When I bought mine ('06 Liberty V6, 4 x 4 loaded), the sign on the window was $28,000 - just the price in red lettering like a sale sign, list price approx $31,500. When it came down to talk turkey on the vehicle, the guy mentioned that $28,000 was the military price. I questioned him as we really don't have any military around - "oh yes, people that fought in Iraq, ..." Anyway, I kind of rolled my eyes because it didn't say on the sign "military price". I never mentioned a price, he started it all. Long story short - I got it for about $25,000. Apparently they must teach "military price" as a sales technique in Jeep Sales School!
  • xkmailxkmail Posts: 36
    The Jeep LIberty ahs absoluteley horrible resale value. I mean like 50% devalue + in one year.
    Don't buy one, or buy one used.
    I bought my 2005 for $24K, now 16 months later the honda dealer offered me $11K, and the dodge dealer where I bought it offered me $9000!
    Thats 67.5% devalue.
  • joe233joe233 Posts: 43
    what's the current situation with buying a CRD model? Are they in limited supply and do they qualify for all the same incentives & specials?
    Also, are you able to still get a good deal if dealer doesn't have one in stock and has to transport a vehicle you want to their lot?
  • Did you ever get a response to your message? I live in Taos NM and actually ordered a 2006 Liberty Diesel...they are trying to charge me ALOT of money, over 25,000.00 after the rebate and employee pricing etc. Do you know what anyone has paid for this vehicle recently...with tow pkg and 4wd, the 22c pkg I believe.
    Thanks for any advice on do I get the price down?
    Lisa in Taos
  • joe233joe233 Posts: 43
    haven't seen anything new.
    Did you factory order a 2006 CRD to be built or are they transporting an exisiting vehicle to your dealership?
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