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Chrysler Town & Country Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    I'd welcome any suggestion on how to improve the deal.

    You can look up the invoice on Edmunds. Then subtract 1% off that price to get the approximate Friends discount price. Any rebates or other price incentives are further subtracted from that for even greater savings.

    If you find that the price is significantly lower than the deal you have going then post a request on some of the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep forums for a Friends discount number. Many Chrysler employees are also car enthusiasts who visit the forums often.

    Do a Google search for some of the popular forums. There are many more than just here on Edmunds.
  • That's a great suggestion. This forum has been a big help in our car buying process. I continue to get a quality education and many good tips. Once again, we are looking to purchase this weekend and we will use your suggestion - a Friends code would be still be great though!
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Anyone looking for a Friend's discount and are having a hard time finding a number might want to try this from a member named slaphappy.

    Friends Discount

    The Friend's discount price is listed next to the PP (Preferred Pricing) code on the invoice.
  • tlmhgtlmhg Posts: 3
    I love the new van. The Mygig entertainment center is more than I thought it would be. Like the touch screen.

    I purchased at touring K pkg and Swivel and go seats

    -$2750 in rebates
    Total before warranty and taxes =$25,424

    I bought a warranty separately at the dealer. Once we figured the powertrain warranty was going to get this van to an old age, we figured the rest may need one too. Maybe this is where they make their money.
    7/100,000 warranty $1755 ( taxed additional$114)

    I read about a "donkey kick" technique listed on here in Feb. Basically, get a number of dealers to contact you all thru email and don't give them your phone number until you get where you want price wise. I never had dealers calling me.

    Good luck to those of you out there still looking and buying. I am so glad to be done with it.
  • xenuxenu Posts: 4
    Hey guys, i just got an EC code from another forum (in yahoo) but i think he is messing with me. I dont want to post it but the code is 9 numbers long (no letters). Does this sound right? I thought it would be as long as a vin#!
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    friends control numbers are 7 digit and alphanumeric. Looks like a hoax
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    your price isnt that bad...only about $100-200 above the friends price.
  • xenuxenu Posts: 4
    Thanks! Something did not sound right. I am supposed to do the deal today, does anyone have any advice? Will they give me the deal without the number?
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Hey guys, i just got an EC code from another forum (in yahoo) but i think he is messing with me.

    Also, the EC program ended on January 2. The Employee Purchase and Friends programs are still going, unlike what you may have read by someone on here two weeks ago.

    And unless you gave him all the info listed below to register you for the program there's no way he could have generated a number for you.

    1. First and last name
    2. Full street address, including city, state and zip
    3. 10-digit phone number
    4. Date of birth
    5. Buyer’s SSN (last 4 digits only)
    6. Email address you’d like the control number sent to
    7. Vehicle model you’re interested in purchasing/leasing
  • xenuxenu Posts: 4
    I did not give him any of that. Do you think the dealer will still give me the deal? T&C touring signature w\25l package. Invoice is $31579. EP = $30118 - $1500 rebate. Can they still give me that price?
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Unless you are a close relative of a Chrysler employee I doubt the dealer would sell it to you for the EP price. However, it never hurts to try. I posted the link from someone who apparently bought one at the Friends discount price when they didn't even have a number.

    Sales are slow everywhere - give it a try.
  • mommydebmommydeb Posts: 9
    Buying very soon (next couple weeks) 2008 T&C Touring M.
    Please help with a friends and family discount code if you can.
    Thank you,
  • I am getting a town & country touring 25L, with dvd & nav, does anyone know the lowest possible negotiable price I can get them down to? I have a friends code, but I feel like they've been trying to take me since I started this whole process. I have a trade in so I qualify for the 750 cash rebate, and the 1500 rebate thats going on now too, I think list price is around 35,000 before rebates. What can I get it for. Going in soon to negotiate- any suggestions? Plus I am a girl going in alone with all guys working there-who may think I will just fall for anything. I don't want to come across as mean, but I don't want to be ripped off. Any suggestions?
  • Are the Friends and Supplier prices identical?

    I have an offer for an additional $500 off for suppliers. Is this discount being offered to friends as well?

  • not sure, but we do get $500 off for military too.
  • I thought the Friends code was supposed to take the hassle out of the negotiation process. :confuse:

    My suggestion would be to NOT do any negotiations in person. Tell them you are not setting foot in the door until you have agreed upon the price in writing. After agreement, then you go in and make the deal. [Also, if you were not using a Friends code, but instead just negotiating on price, you could easily shop their best deal to competing dealers to lower the price (see how far into their holdback they will go to make the deal) - e.g. DonkeyPunch method]
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    I have a friends code, but I feel like they've been trying to take me since I started this whole process.

    What are they doing to make you feel this way? The Friends discount price is listed right on the invoice. Look for the "PP" (Preferred Pricing) code on the sheet. You can ask to see the invoice if you have a Friends discount with you.

    Any current rebates or other price incentives are subtracted from that price for even greater savings. Other than TTL (in some states) the only thing they can add to the price is up to $75 for a documentation fee. If they start talking about dealer prep fees, marketing fees or other things run out the door to another dealer. Dealer add-ons, such as tinted glass or stripes, are additional costs also.

    If you have a trade-in, THAT'S where you have to be careful. A dealer isn't making near as much profit off someone with a Friend's discount and sometimes they will try to make that up on your trade. ;)
  • joejr303joejr303 Posts: 3
    Looking for a spare friends discount code for my mom that is a handicap. She will be buying a Town & Country LX with running boards with in the next several days.
    It will be the H package and the power group for the power drivers seat.
    Any help would be greatful.
  • Hi - I am negotiating a T&C Limited with Options: Swivel N' Go
    Dual DVD Player Entertainment Group #3
    MyGig Infotainment with Navigation
    3rd Row Power Seat
    Power Moonroof
    MSRP $41,705
    Both the Invoice and the Costco Quote $38,500
    - $2000 current incentives
    = $36,500
    Do you think I should be able to take them lower on this? Any thoughts?? Thanks so much!!
  • eriley99eriley99 Posts: 5
    I have a question about April 08 incentives. Edmunds shows the $1500 or financing deal as well as a $1000 conquest or loyalty bonus (we have a 99 Quest) but the Chrysler site only shows the $1500/;financing promo. I used my zip code on both sites. Does anyone know if the add'l $1000 is legit? We get a supplier discount so that helps, too. Although we'll have to go out and get the tires replaced w/ Goodyears.

    After a toyota, a VW and 2 nissans, this will be my first domestic purchase. I learned to drive on a Vega so understandably I'm a bit leery, but man, I LOVED the interior of the T&C. It had me at the clock- that cute analog clock!
  • fredm6fredm6 Posts: 51
    First let me say that rebates and incentives are really difficult to find. I would suggest that you call the Chrysler Rebate Center at this number: 1-800-227-0757. They will ask your state or zip code since the rebates and incentives are different in the various regions. When I got my T&C in March there was an Auto Show Bonus Cash of $500. The show was in Cleveland even though I am 200 miles from there it was counted in the Great Lakes Region. After you have all the rebates then hang up and call back and get a second opinion. I had two different answers on the $750 conquest cash.

    Also ask your salesman to show you the sheet with the current rebates and incentives. The new one came out April 1. Do not rely on the various websites for reliable rebate information. Even Edmunds does not list all of them. Some sites I visited even said that there were no current Chrysler T&C rebates. In March there was a $1500 rebate and $500 bonus cash. I believe that the bonus cash now is only $250. I got $1000 owner loyalty because I had been leasing a T&C. Good luck.
  • jwmiiijwmiii Posts: 1
    Am in the market to buy either a 2008 Chrysler T&C Touring or a Dodge Grand Caravan SXT? I've been reading these threads and people discussing getting a Friends discount code.

    If anyone is in the "giving" would I go about obtaining a Friend's discount code. You can email me at my Carspace email

    Thank you to anyone who responds...I'd like to buy tomorrow, 4/5/2008, if anyone is quick.
  • avonmegavonmeg Posts: 1
    I went to buy a magnum - or considering a pacifica or another town and country if not a magnum - as they are really hard to find in AWD up here -
    Anyway - Our employee site indicates that we get 1% below invoice - at certain dealerships - all we have to do is show our badge and maybe a recent pay stub - so I had myself all excited - well when I went to buy - they said I can't get that discount without a code - as I'm reading here I see what they are referring to. Well I called my employer HR - who is where they said gives them out - they don't - they said just show your badge -
    So - now I'm all pumped - we had found a magnum that I loved - but I can't afford it without that discount - Anyone else run across this before ?
    I'm so sad that I won't be able to get my dreamy magnum - unless I can solve this mystery -
    Thanks in advance all -
  • eriley99eriley99 Posts: 5
    thank you. I went to another dealer today and he looked on his sheet and sure enough there's a $1000 conquest/ownder loyalty bonus. Unfortunately, they didn't have a Sig Series w/ the swivel and go. I looked at the Limited which was nice, but not sure it's worth the add'l $5000.
  • fredm6fredm6 Posts: 51
    Glad you found that $1000 conquest cash. I would hold out for a signature INew Day) edition. It has a lot of nice features and the $1525 discount. Go on Chrysler"s website and check the dealer inventory in your area. I most cases you can bring up the window sticker. If you find one that doesn't mean it hasn't been sold, but it is a help.
  • pmwalkerpmwalker Posts: 8
    So what's the deal with the conquest cash? Is it available for any customer who does not currently own a Chrysler product or is it only valid if you currently own a competitor mini van. Anyone know?

  • I was told that it was only valid if it was for a competitive vehicle. There were a couple of minivans they mentioned and I think a couple of other competitive vehicles. I am "fighting" with the dealer now to try and give me this regardless, since I don't currently have the competitive van. My logic is if they don't then I will go buy a competitive van! They are not really budging so I guess I need to walk away.
  • mommydebmommydeb Posts: 9
    I called the Rebate Center # today. The woman I spoke to said that it is only for owners of other minivans. She looked up my MDX and said I don't qualify for it and I would have to have a minivan. I would call the number posted above and confirm that, since there is always a chance she was wrong. However, the person I was speaking to seemed like she knew what she was talking about.
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    maybe borrow a buddy's minivan for 2 hours, and say you arent trading it in. i guess they need to physically see the minivan to give the discount?
  • avonmeg said: I called my employer HR - who is where they said gives them out - they don't - they said just show your badge

    If your company qualifies as a Chrysler supplier, you may get your supplier discount code from

    You will need your company number from the HR department. If HR doesn't know the number, there is a phone number at the above website you can call and they may be able to look up your supplier code by name.

    Your HR department needs to register with the Affiliate Rewards program for this to work. If they do, they should be getting regular e-mails and employee communication posters from Chrysler explaining how the program works. (I oversee HR for an auto supplier, so I am familiar) If your HR department is unaware of this, they may call the Affiliate Rewards hotline anytime and register your company for the program.

    Even if HR isn't aware, go to the website and call the service number anyway. Someone may have set up your company long ago who has since left its employ.

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